Sunday, July 15, 2012


you need to know that I write my posts piece by piece normally depending on a) how much time I have and b) in what mood I am while I'm writing the post. as why I post whatever I post here obviously is nearly always "cause I fucking like it" even a longer break between to pieces hasn't really been a big deal in nearly all cases till now. the original plan was to do a post about the HOAX demo, which I found online, and downloaded  cause I had ordered their debut 7" together with all 4 versions of the 1st  LOW PLACES 7" and 1 or 2 more 7"es to get the most out of the costs for shipping without having even heard their name before I placed said order. to my surprise, the assumptions I based on their demo lead me to think that the description of HOAX and how they'd sound music-wise that made me pick their 7" could really be right on the fucking money, well, life got in the way again therefore the HOAX 7" surfaced before I could finish my post about their demo and when I finally had the time to continue that post I figured out that their 7" had sold out already in the meantime. so I decided to upload the demo and the 7" but life got in the way again and it took ages till I found the time to continue this post. actually, their 1st 7" is already sold out and they've released 2 other 7"es and a split flexi I think. well, as their 7"es are posted everywhere you are most likely familiar with HOAX anyway. if not you should download their demo and their 1st 7" now and check out their primitive, angry music! click the covers to download! password = mean