Saturday, June 12, 2010


FUCK EVERYTHING! it's been a while since my last post... well, during the last weeks I had to face so much bullshit on one hand and such a shitload of work in my job at the other that I neither had the time nor the mood for blogging like in writing new posts (that's why the "new" posts are more ore less just re-written old posts) or to just even take care of the blog (and a lot of other things I should have taken care of truth be told) by e.g. responding to comments or whatever cause in the little spare time I had I was too busy with listening to GEHENNA, HAMMERHEAD (the German ones of course), HARM'S WAY, and GRAVEHILL's PRACTITIONERS OF FELL SORCERY demo (I guess that's a hint for some) while getting fucked up. you could also say life got in the way or whatever! I actually wouldn't even mention it here but as one of the things I should have taken care of but didn't was replying to e-mails there's a ton of people out there that are waiting for a response from me for ages (I'm thinking especially about you: Mahlon, Sven, Keke & Tony but also some others) and so I thought that this post would be quicker to do than anything else. right now I'm in the process of catching up but I'm still mercilessly slow at replying/writing e-mails as I'm a) still drowning in work and b) also have some issues with my fucking internet access since 4 weeks cause my router takes fuck everything very seriously and is well aware of the fact that everything includes me and my nerves too! it will take me most likely another 2 weeks to get back to everybody on my list but the above mentioned will be first.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


here's the totally awesome 2nd 7" called FULL WOLF MOON of the band that, as I told you already when they appeared here for the 1st time will "bite you in the face and crawl under your skin" a.k.a. HERDS. the last song is called HORSE-BREAKING but should be called neck-breaking instead! 5 tracks of ferocious and angry HARDCORE just as you'd expect a band with ex-members of CHARLES BRONSON, THREATENER, GET RAD, 14 OR FIGHT, KUNG FU RICK and SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA to sound. the artwork is also top notch as well as the packaging!


DeKalb's SICK/TIRED have released their 1st full-length on TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS (it was supposed to be released on COALITION RECORDS but COALITION has gone belly up). as I was a little bit involved in putting out their debut split 7" my opinion could be seen as a bit prejudiced... anyway, believe it or not the 12", which is called HIGH LIFE is a fucking ripper! I knew that already before I got a physical copy of the record cause the tracks were all recorded in the same session than the 4 tracks on the split 7" and Kirk had sent the whole session my way quite some time ago and which lead to their appearance in the MAD BLASTS OF CHAOS series. the 12" is available in 3 different colors: black, red (ltd. to 100 copies) and gray (ltd. to 22 copies). as you can see on the pics below Kirk was kind enough to send me one of the 22 gray copies. as I haven't seen a physical copy on red I don't know if the red ones also come with a certificate like that you can see below which came with my gray one. the artwork of the cover and the inlay is also totally rad! seriously, in my opinion SICK/TIRED are one of the best bands around right now and if you like your HARDCORE fast and furious you should do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of HIGH LIFE! you can check out one track here.


as this is isn't the 1st time EXTORTION from Down Under appear on this blog you might be familiar with them by now already. if you aren't familiar with them what are you doing here anyway? the recording on TERMINAL CANCER is a little bit rawer than on most of their other releases which suits them well in my opinion! click the cover to download!