Thursday, May 28, 2009


someone requested USE YOUR STRENGTH and Count Yorga at once stepped up and delivered the goods. so here`s USE YOUR STRENGTH's ZODIAC 12" YOUTH-CREW sound from the east of Germany! click the pic below!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


THE SWARM's brilliant 7" is re-upped! click the cover!


so here's the last post in the 625 THRASHCORE special: the HATRED SURGE 7" is not only one of the best 625 7"es it's one of best GRINDCORE 7"es ever! period! it's like a fucking tsunami pressed on vinyl! 9 tracks of raging, furious, GRINDCORE! 8 tracks of their own and a cover of DESPISE YOU's HAND ME DOWN EXISTNCIA! download this!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


the 625 THRASHCORE special is coming near it's end. the 2nd to last record to be posted in it is the LORDS OF LIGHT 7". 8 tracks of UFC and wrestling influenced spastic HARDCORE. I don't know why but I somehow always thought they'd be from Nippon until I recently realized they're from Portland, Or. which is home to some of the best HARDCORE bands to ever come out of the U.S.!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


more noise from South-East Asia! Indonesia's EDÖRA rip through 8 tracks on their debut 7" that was released in 2001. when this 7" came out they put a lot of "established" bands to shame. where the "established" bands just bored me EDÖRA showed that you can beat a dead horse a.k.a. FASTCORE without bore the listeners to death!


what have KNUCKLE SCRAPPER, MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS, TERRORIZER, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, etc. in common? they all shared members with 50/50 and ENDLESS DEMISE! do I have to write more?


OK, here we go again - the next chapter in the 625 THRASHCORE special: on their self-titled debut 7" Arizona's GET DESTROYED deliver 10 tracks of full-throttle NO COMMENT styled POWER VIOLENCE that destroys everything in it's path and takes no prisoners! musical brutality to the max!


as I'm in a hurry I'll keep it short: another winner from 625 THRASH would be the XBRÄNIAX / NO COMPLY split 7". XBRÄNIAX take the cake in my ears with 10 tracks of their own and a LACK OF INTEREST cover that's not listed anywhere.


truth be told - I don't know more about NINE CURVE than what Max wrote on the 625 THRASH site: "this is a the final culmination of Nine Curve (who broke up in 2002)....totally fast thrash metal inspired Japanese hardcore. I am really happy with these songs and glad that they got something out to document this rad band. Members went onto to form WE MUST BURN." I might add that I agree with him NINE CURVE were a rad band! d/l and hear for yourself!


one of my favorite 625 THRASH releases would be SECRET 7's one-sided 11 track 7" called PLAY FAST LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW! SECRET 7 are from Singapore and were the 1st band from there I've heard. in my book having 11 tracks on a 7" side is a good sign you know but that alone doesn't make a good record as that's just not enough but SECRET 7 don't have any problems adding what's needed to not only make it a good record they make it a brilliant record! fuck, those guys are impressive! they are not only fast they are faster and while they are faster they're still powerful which is the part where a lot of other hyper-fast bands fail!

Friday, May 15, 2009


there was the EVOLVED TO OBLITERATION / NO LE$$ split 7". as that was 625 THRASHCORE # 1 I perhaps should have started the ongoing one week of THRASH with this 7". anyway, in the discography section of the 625 website Max tells you: "The very first 625 release. Although I put out releases before this (976/Plutocracy split EP, etc), this was the first release as a label. The whole idea behind this was to document the explosion of brutal hardcore from the local West Bay scene. This split took tracks from both the ETO and NO LESS demos. I only made about 700 (because I was low on cash) but I think the original purpose worked. People heard these bands, and some people liked em enough to ask em to do future projects." well, while I think that EVOLVED TO OBLITERATION are quite cool NO LE$$ don't do anything for me! as their tracks are linked with samples and whatnot, that can't prevent that they really fucking bore me, I left it that way (meaning their side is one track). in my opinion just the 6 EVOLVED TO OBLITERATION tracks are worth a listen but download and decide for yourself!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


here's a re-up that isn't a re-up! how that works? the 1st time the KNUCKLE SCRAPER 7" was posted it was contributed by Mitchel and didn't include the artwork. now it does include the artwork and was ripped with 320 k/bits!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'll kick off the one week of 625 THRASH with... STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (= when a hostage is attracted to / falls in love with it's kidnapper) which were another band that had Max 625 himself within it's ranks. if I'm not mistaken it took this 7" 2 years to see the light of day and it came out just a very short time before they disbanded. it's a fucking shame - I'd love to hear more of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME's blend of distorted THRASH but I think the 6 songs here is all they left!


the next 6 posts will all be 625 THRASH related. starting with STOCKHOLM SYNDROME tomorrow (or maybe even later this evening) and continuing from there!


another nice 7" compilation featuring AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, VILENTLY ILL, WADGE, ENEMY SOIL, FORCED EXPRESSION and MAISIE. my copy came on purple vinyl but I think there are other colors around too! no matter what color the GRINDCORE / DRUMCOMPUTERGRIND mayhem is the same on all copies! another exception to the rule that 7" compilations have to suck! click the pic below!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


delivering the goodies it seems! someone asked for MINE's 7" which I don't have and as soon as I said that Count Yorga stepped up and sent me a rip of it including all the artwork! b.t.w. you should pay the man an extra thanks cause every time he contribute's something he does what I do and scans the artwork which you don't get on most other blogs! anyway, this 6 track 7" from MINE was released in 1994, they were a Swiss band and the 1st band listed on their thanks list is ABC DIABOLO which is also the band that came to my mind after listening to MINE that somehow flew always under my radar before for the 1st time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I finally gave the new one-sided INSECT WARFARE 12" a spin today... and I'm sorry to say that it's a complete let-down in my ears! fuck, am I disapointed! I knew that it was a NOISE kind of thing but truth be told ANb did stuff like this way better years ago! the non-music side, which isn't realy blank but hasn't anything pressed on it (at least nothing I could have heard) has better chances to make it on my turntable in the near future than the side that actually is suposed to be played! after PIG DESTROYER's NATASHA that's the 2nd record I didn't download and check before I ordered it and once again I regret that I haven't checked it before! if you really think you need this you better hurry up cause it's ltd. to 1000 copies if I'm not mistaken!

in my disappointment I somehow recognized that I hadn't posted INSECT WARFARE's AT WAR WITH GRINDCORE 7"... so here you go! I'm well aware of the fact that it has already been posted on 10000 other blogs but so what? this 8 track 7" was released in 2005 and is a fucking whirlwind! brilliant GRINDCORE with top notch production! it's a pitty that they didn't provide lyrics cause I'd be curious what the exact lyrics FREEBASE DIARRHEA and AMPHETAMINE PSYCHOSIS are! anyway, click the pic below to d/l!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


one of the million INFEST bootlegs that are around today would be the NOT OVER YET 7". it delivers 6 tracks and the FLEX site is happy to tell you this:"More early demo tracks, sound quality is above average (still not very good). Sounds like these songs are even older than those on the other bootleg, not as powerful and compact as the other demo, good hardcore but quite garage-y." well, still not very good is slightly understated in some cases here and as this are demo recordings INFEST are far from being as tight and as brutal as they'd be later in their career but as it's INFEST you should d/l it by clicking the pic below. b.t.w. the 7" has white labels the INFEST logo was put there by me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I just bought DISRUPT's split 7" with DISDAIN a few weeks ago cause I could get it cheap otherwise I wouldn't have bought it as DISDAIN were the weakest band on the PROTOTYPE compilation and do nothing for me (besides boring me to death) here either and the 4 DISRUPT tracks are featured on that sweet DISRUPT box-set released by RELAPSE a little while ago and on most of their other "discography" CDs that one could buy. actually I never bought one cause every single one of them I've seen before that sweet & neat box (which is called DISRUPT/DEAD b.t.w.) was released sucked in my opinion! I decided to post it even if I think this isn't DISRUPT's best stuff and that DISDAIN suck cause normally you won't be able to find it as cheap as I did and you might regret your purchase if you haven't heard it before. so in case you want to spend some bucks on this 7" better check it out before by clicking on either of the covers!

and talking of that box... it was released by RELAPSE and as I already told you it's called DISRUPT / DEAD and as you can see on the pic above that box (made of solid thick cardboard) contains 3 CDs with all 108 songs DISRUPT recorded (among are some unreleased live- and demotracks), a glossy thick lyric booklet and a DVD with 4 complete live sets. the only thing I don't like about this box, besides that it's not available on vinyl, is the price. I don't know how expensive it's sold in the U.S. but over here you've to pay more than 30 € and that's fucking expensive if you take a look at todays CD manufacturing prices!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


the title of the post sums up everything one can say about Nippon's CURTAINRAIL and the 9 songs on this 7" pretty accurate in 2 words. it's fast HC a.k.a. FASTCORE and this is their 1st 7" that was released on NAT RECORDS which is also Nippon based. I've posted their TO BE WITH YOU 12" (which takes the cake in my opinion) and their split 7" with JOHN BROWNS ARMY before in case you'd like to hear more.


REJUVENATE's 6 track 7" released on FREE SPIRIT RECORDS in 1992 I think (actually I'm not really 100% sure about the year). anyway, no matter what year it was released - it's good! very powerful mid-paced N.Y.H.C. that you should check out in case you don't know them yet. I admit I prefer their later (and faster) stuff above this 7" but that doesn't mean this E.P. wouldn't be good as I told you before!