Tuesday, February 14, 2012


hm, let me put it like this: the packaging of this 7" sucks at least as much as the music on this 7" rules! the 1st LOW PLACES 7" was released on RECESSION REC. in a ltd. edition of only 300 copies with 2 different covers and on 4 different vinyl colors - 50 on white vinyl (a.k.a. record release ed.) & 50 on hand-numbered clear vinyl with alternate cover plus 100 on mixed vinyl & 100 on black vinyl. besides all those differences all 4 versions also have something in comon, which unfortunately is the embarrassingly poor packaging! no lyrics, not even track titles - nothing! a little while ago some 7"es without covers surfaced that ended up in the hands of Dom / A389 REC. who printed his own covers with different artwork for them. click below to download! the password is mean.

the latest LOW PLACES output was a ltd. tape with just one weird track called HONOR THEE CULT. the track is 8 min something and actually sounds more like an audio collage than like a "real" track. click the pic. above to download! the password is mean.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


VEDAVU, one of my fave labels, strikes again! the HOT PURSUIT record, which is Volume III of VEDAVU's ORANGE ARCHIVE SERIES, is finally out in a ltd. edition of 21 copies. originally this should have been already released as a clear, square 8 track 7" lathe cut quite a while ago but the records have all been rejected. for the 2nd try the format was changed from an 8 track 7" to a 5 track 5" plus CD and the color was changed from clear to black. as expected from a VEDAVU release the packaging of HOT PURSUIT's 5", called D.F.F.L. which stands for DOPE FOREVER FOREVER LOADED, is top-notch once again! the 5" and the CD are both housed in a 6-sided folder and the 2 folders are held together by an obi-strip. HOT PURSUIT was a short lived band that only recorded two times: 8 tracks during the D.F.F.L. session and a demo in a session prior to that. HOT PURSUIT played fast & ugly HARDCORE. their songs were fucked up outbursts of THRASH usually around 45 seconds long that have been remastered in mono for this release. members of HOT PURSUIT moved on to play in bands like TAFKATA and SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP. as you might have guessed the 21 copies are all gone already but you are lucky cause I received an e-mail from Jeremy in which he gave me the permission to upload a rip of this little gem! so if you click the pic of the CD below and follow the link you can download a rip of the CD.
here's the inside artwork of the 2 cover folders:
the D.F.F.L. CD features the 5 tracks of the 5" plus 3 additional tracks, one of them being an alternate version of the 1st track on the 5"/CD called LOCT and their very 1st recordings as one track, which isn't listed on the insert cause those recodings have been considered lost and surfaced when the inserts had already been printed but have been included "for the hell of it" to make it complete. it also includes another insert that has the track list on one side and some more artwork on the other.

edit: in case you didn't know yet, let me tell you that there's one VEDAVU release that's still available at the moment through their Big Cartel shop. I strongly suggest that you click the pic below and buy it as long as you still have the chance!

Friday, February 10, 2012


with the permission of SICK/TIRED's bassist Kirk and COWABUNGA's CEO Nick here's SICK/TIRED's self-titled 1st 7". that 7" shows that SICK/TIRED have made a huge step forward as a band. the 7 tracks, which have been recorded by Andy Nelson from WEEKEND NACHOS @ BRICKTOP are way more brutal than anything they did before. FASTCORE as it was meant to be played by former members of MK-ULTRA, EXALTED, WEEKEND NACHOS and others. if you doubt my words listen to the re-recorded version of DEATH IN CALIFORNIA which originally appeard on their split 7" with COFFEE RAGE from NZ. if I'm not mistaken the white / black mixed vinyl is ltd. to 100 copies you can only get directly from COWABUNGA if you don't get it as a present from Kirk like I did - thanks for that once again - that is! if you like your HARDCORE fast and furious you should click the cover above to check out the 7" and if you like it you should buy it! there's a link to COWABUNGA's webstore below!

SICK/TIRED have also released a 2nd 7" called THE LIFETAKER on PRGNT RECORDS and IDONEUM BELLO RECORDS plus another split 7" with OXBAKER on SCHIZOPHRENIC RECORDS!


Thursday, February 2, 2012


I made a new 320 k/Bits rip of IRON LUNG's DEMONSTRATIONS IN PRESSURE AND VOLUME 7" and uploaded it once again. this time a scan of the artwork is included in the folders together with certain young too. click on the cover!


a while ago I was lucky enough to snatch the 3rd part of the WITCHES SABBATH series, on which PULLING TEETH do a cover of POISON IDEA's ALAN'S ON FIRE for just 6 U$D. when I found the 7" in my post box a few days later without the usual customs bullshit I suddenly had the strange thought that this was almost too much luck for one 7" which was absolutely the case as I figured out only minutes later cause the 7" arrived quite wraped and also has what's called a reversed groove (needle runs from the inside to the outside) and so can hardly be played. the 2 things together make the needle jump off of the 7" into the off. when I told the guy from which I bought the 7" about it's shape and attached a picture to proof my claim he was really cool and refunded me at once. lucky me, again, right?! so I tested my luck and thanks to my turntable and a little effort from me I really was not only able to play it at least once but could also record it. you'll get a rip of that recording when you click on the cover even though that's not the best sounding rip I ever made. the password is mean.