Sunday, March 30, 2008


I don´t know what the title VAD VET VI OM KRIGET? of D.S. - 13 1st 12" but I that they are one of my fave bands from Sweden! as there have been some posts from this band on my blog I think I said enough!


I find myself listening to a lot of DEUTSCHPUNK at the moment as Mark has a lot of cool old German stuff up on his DOWN UNDERGROUND blog. that´s another 7" in the classic sense: 2 songs, big middle hole & 45 rpm! OPERATION GOMORRHA were from Hamburg and that´s about all I know about them! I think this 7" is from 1984 but I´m not sure! oh, and they had a female singer!


DROWNING ROSES were the follow up band to NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES. as NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES were one of Germany´s best bands expect this to be good! fast, melodic PUNK on side a and more darker stuff on side b. sadly they started to use English lyrics here and on their 1st 12" there were no more German lyrics at all!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

JAMMERLAND (the 2nd)

there was a request to re-up something from P.S.R. a.k.a. PROJEKT SCHWARZ ROT my old friends from Munich. DEUTSCHPUNK like EA80.

Monday, March 24, 2008

DON`T STOP MY WAY (the 2nd)

on request from Hr. Burgher I´ve re-upped SYSTEMATIC DEATH´s discography! this time with 256 k/Bits that´s why it has 2 parts this time! you need this!

Friday, March 21, 2008


sometimes it takes a little while till I get to do what I say but here you finally got the CATHARSIS split with GEHENNA and as that split was released in South America as a split with NEWSPEAK you´ll find the NEWSPEAK songs here too! all done in 256 k/Bits and I split the CATHARSIS and GEHENNA stuff up in songs this time! the pics are GEHENNA pics as you might have guessed! I´m still waiting for GEHENNA´s early discography 2 x 12" which will be glued to one of my turntables as soon as I get it!



I´ve re-upped DESPISE YOU on a different site and as I had to rip it again anyway I ripped it with 224 k/Bits this time!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I finally got the PHOBIA / $KRUPEL split 7" and it fucking rocks! 5 new PHOBIA tracks that are more down with DESTROYING THE MASSES than SERENITY THROUGH PAIN! great stuff! on the flipside 8 new POWERVIOLENCE hits of Germany´s $KRUPEL that are no let down either! one of the best bands around here!
and I finally got the HATRED SURGE split 12" with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE and this one rocks even more! 19 new tracks (10 from THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 9 from HATRED SURGE) that take no prisoners and destroy everything!

Monday, March 17, 2008


then you should do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Sweden´s latest musical onslaught. RETALIATION´s long awaited new full length called THE COST OF REDEMPTION is finally out! 28 new grinding smashers that are fast, fierce, angry and full of hate GRINDCORE played by people who know how to handle their instruments!

and as we are talking of RETALIATION, their THE EXECUTION mcd was finally released on vinyl. this was one of my top ten GRINDCORE cds now it´has become one of my top ten GRINDCORE 12"es! the mcd version had 22 tracks of the same musical brutality as described above - the vinyl version has 29 tracks! that means the fine guys from FAST & FURIOUS RECORDS put on 7 unreleased bonus songs! sad but true that RETALIATION never include any lyrics...

Sunday, March 16, 2008


XCLAUDIOX sent me this link via-mail: RES GESTAE - Colombian HARDCORE straight outa Bogota! as I didn´t knew this band before and their myspace site didn´t feed me with much information either I´m sorry but I haven´t more to say!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


as many people asked for it: here you get the 1st GROWING MOVEMENT demo that was called PRIME CULTURE. to my shame I´ve to confess that I was wrong! I was convinced that the 6 tracks from the demo appeared on their later vinyl releases just in slightly different versions e.g. they corrected some of their lyrics for the re-recording of the demo stuff and so on but that´s not the whole truth as there are just 5 songs on the demo (the 1st one is an instumental / intro) and the demo versions are more then slightly different! as I lost the cover over the years no cover sorry! however I still have the lyric sheet but the quality is really bad!


nice 8 track split 7" from STRAIGHT TO HELL & BALANCE OF TERROR. 4 songs from each band. if you don´t know STRAIGHT TO HELL already what the fuck are you doing here? BALANCE OF TERROR don´t stray to far from their bedmates musicwise. raw HARDCORE!


finally I stumbled over the nearly impossible to get GRINDWORK comp. 3" cd while surfing in the web. NASUM, RETALIATION, VIVISECTION & C.S.S.O serve you 26 tracks of top notch GRINDCORE! my girlfriend hates this compilation already and I guess my neighbors too!


this comp. comes as a book and within the pages of this book are 3 split 7"es and a one sided 7". 7 bands (THE BLACK HAND / CATHARSIS / DAMAD /RUINATION / KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS / MK-ULTRA / UNRUH) taking care of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS (ENVY, LUST, GLUTTONY, WRATH, SLOTH, PRIDE & GREED) for HATER OF GOD rec. (BRILLIANT label name!) that has released a soon to be a classic comp. with this gem! b.t.w. the catholic church has modernized those sins in Europe as some people here are already so fucking dumb that they don´t know what they mean and therfore don´t know when they commit one of the seven sins! congratulations Europe!


as you´re all familiar with BEYOND DESCRIPTION cause of all the other postings of them I´ll just say that ROAD TO A BRILLIANT FUTURE is their 2nd and has 12 tracks!


WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE comp. 12" was re-upped!


as the COME FRIENDLY BOMBS 7" was limited to 1000 copies and is now sold out (at least that´s what I´ve been told) I´ll decided to post it in spite of the fact that this 7" is quite new! well, you might now THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE from an older post on this blog. in case that you aren´t familiar with this band it might be of interest that it´s one of bands that rose out of SHANK´s ash! but while SHANK have always been fast as fuck THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE has a broader variety in their songs ranging from sludgy parts to SHANK styled POWERVIOLENCE parts. 10 tracks that are no letdown (no wonder as they´ve titles like THERAPY THROUGH VIOLENCE)! in the meantime there was a repress with a different cover (the one you've to klick to download below) but the 2nd press was sold out pretty quick too!


this are the 7 tracks of the never released WUTENTBRANNT 7"! I know I had pasted this one already but the link is dead and my old pal Mikes had requested this one too! on this recordings WUTENTBRANNT had only one singer (Franz who was the drumer for REVENGE and now plays in DOOMTOWN and runs SABOTAGE rec.) as Emil, the 2nd singer decided to become a fulltime sect member. sad but true he was a great guy and good friend (and the only guy I´ve been on tour with who got me so mad that I threw chairs after him while trying to get my hands on him! in fact he succeeded in making me so mad 2 times) but cause of his membership I haven´t seen him in years! WUTENTBRANNT´s bassplayer played in REVOLTE and later went on to play in QUATTRO STAGIONI, DISSOAP and CRUSHED BY ALE (the drumer played there too) and the guitarplayer played in D.S.G.! with that in mind you might have a clue what WUTENTBRANNT is up to musicwise! if not go to the older posts and search!

Friday, March 14, 2008


just bought this cd as the 1st 7" of STRAIGHT TO HELL is impossible to find. at least it seems so to me! this cd is the discography from 2002 to 2004 and has the songs from the WE WILL BURY YOU 12" their 1st 7" their tracks from the split 7" with BALANCE OF TERROR (that one will be posted sooner or later too!) and a C.O.C. cover taken from a compilation! in case you don´t know STRAIGHT TO HELL has Aaron from ULCER on vocals and Ben from DROPDEAD on drums!


7" with a big middle hole and 4 songs of classic JAPPUNK! great melodies and choruses!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I found this 7" 2 days ago in a local record shop for 2 bucks! and as I knew END OF THE CENTURY PARTY from some comp. I bought this 7" that´s called SONGS, DANCES, DRUMS! good decision! fast, spastic HARDCORE that reminds me of COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN. even the lyricsheet reminds me of them! 8 tracks on this 7"(that was released on ENSLAVED) from these Florida dudes!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


as Billy a.k.a. Mr. 7INCH CRUST asked for it in a privat e-mail I took of the 2 posts concerning CRUSTPUNKPERU! as he approached me via my private E-mail account I´m not going into the whole thing any deeper here and now! say thank you to Billy! I´ll just add this: in my eyes you´re scum and if I get the chance I´ll keep my promise!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


RÖCKIN NÖIZ has their 7" SCROUNGING CIDER HIDDEN FLAGON has the 12" and here you got the 10" (their split 7" with VOORHEES is up somewhere here too). STALINGRAD is METAL with CRUST influences and one of the most brutal bands I´ve ever heared and seen!


ok, this one´s for Mark Underground who does the really great DOWN UNDERGROUND blog! he requested Armenian PUNK - he gets Armenian PUNK! this 7" was released by TIAN AN MEN 89 records which was done by Luk Haas who was working for the red cross an therefore had the chance to travel the whole world and look for PUNK / HARDCORE / METAL bands which would get the chance to do a 7" on his label or, if he found more then one decent band appear on a comp. musicwise NATO is like old U.K. PUNK with keyboards! not my cup of coffee and I didn´t play this for more then 10 years and just kept it for obscurity reasons!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


the following text was stolen here. I know that I had posted LIFE´S BLOOD before but the links were down and the demo was not included! the radio liveshow will be posted soon(er or later)! The late 80s were a strange time for the New York Hardcore scene. While there were a ton of great bands that came from this era (far too many to name), the scene itself was becoming a little too big for its britches. The shows and music were infested with large promoters, major labels, and plenty of violence. Straight Edge had become an enormous fad that was giving way to Krishna Consciousness, and the rest of the bands seemed to be "going Metal". In the middle of all of this, one band stepped up and loudly challenged the whole shit, and that was Life's Blood. With a sound that was an updated, slightly slowed down version of 1982 style NYHC, their ferocious brand of iconoclasm would lay the groundwork for what was to become the monster known as Born Against. This band never seemed that obscure to me, but damn near every person I know that likes Hardcore from that era has either never heard of them or has heard of them but never heard them. I think that's a damn shame, so that's the reason for this post - but also to hopefully get some things cleared up for myself. The details of this band are sketchy at best for me, so if anyone out there has any further details, please share.
Life's Blood got together in 1987, recording a demo in February of 1988 and playing a ton of shows in and around the city that year. At least two of the guys were also involved with a hilarious zine called Tubesteak Gazette that took to calling out scene "celebrities", record labels and so on (you can actually read an issue over at c-rap). Later in 1988 they recorded and released the "Defiance" 7" on Combined Effort Records, which promptly sold out. The band also appeared on the Blackout! Records compilation "NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are" released in 1989, though I was never clear as to whether or not those songs were from the same recording session as the EP (my guess is yes). And then I believe that they were gone by the Summer of 1989, as guitarist Adam Nathanson (who is listed as Adam Woodrow on this record for some reason, more confusion) was playing in Born Against by that time (he also went on to found The Young Pioneers). So posthumously, Vermiform Records released the song "Human Power" on the compilation 7" "Murders Among Us" in 1990, and that song was obviously from the same sessions as the EP. Radcore Records released a split 7" between Life's Blood and Sticks & Stones, both of which were songs recorded live on WFMU Radio out of New Jersey (LB's was 3/17/88). Vermiform then reissued "Defiance" in 1991 (selling out of 4 pressings), and also a discography CD in 1993 (long gone as well).
So what's sketchy for me? First of all, I'd like to know if Jason O'Toole, the singer on "Defiance", is the original vocalist or not. I used to think that they had a different singer at first since the vocals on the demo and the live tracks from that era sound incredibly different than the vocals on "Defiance" and the other songs from those sessions, but now I'm not sure. I've seen pictures with O'Toole singing that are labeled 1987, so these days I'm under the impression that he was indeed the original singer - some clarity would help. Second, I'd like to know whether or not O'Toole ever left and was replaced. Over the years I've heard people mention recordings of the band "without" or "after" Jason O'Toole, so my curiosity is working there too. A definitive time on their breakup would be nice as well. And of course, the whole Woodrow/Nathanson thing could use clarification. click the covers!


on request from my old pal Mikes who´s going to be the new STAGNATION`S END drummer b.t.w. here´s the WUTENTBRANNT split7" with SUBKUTAN. WUTENTBRANNT´s tracks were recorded in their rehearsal room with just 2 mics somewhere in the room so the quality is a little rough but still ok. musicwise you get fierce CRUST with dual vox. I´ll reup the complete tape and their never released 7" soon(er or later). SUBKUTAN were based on the other side of Germany. rough sound quality too! musicwise this is fast PUNK!

Friday, March 7, 2008


nice split 7". BEYOND DESCRIPTION give you what you expect: fierce JAPCORE! 3 tracks in the same style as all their stuff in older posts! ABSCONDED are way more melodic and give a somehow strange bedmate! reminds of old SKATEPUNK. not bad but not really what I prefer musicwise!


this COMES bootleg was made from someone in Germany I´d guess. backcover says that there were only 200 pressed so I think that moneymaking was a reason for this one. 8 songs (one being a live version of DEAD BODY) of great JAPPUNK with female vocals!


the IN OUR TIME comp. 12" was released by the CrimethINC. people. it's a 12" running on 45 rpm and has 8 songs from 7 bands namely CONGRESS, TIMEBOMB, SYSTRAL, FINAL EXIT, DAMAD, JESUIT and GEHENNA. while I know that the CONGRESS and SYSTRAL songs were taken from earlier releases of both bands I've no clue if the TIMEBOMB, FINAL EXIT, DAMAD and JESUIT tracks appeared on previous releases of those bands too. the GEHENNA stuff is a raw and gritty live-cut that sounds as bitter and grim as possible by any means. the comp. was released in 2 different colors - grey marbled and purple marbled and both versions came without labels as you can see on the pics. along with the comp. came 2 booklets of which I just included the lyric booklet! click on the cover to d/l!