Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I scored a stack of POISON IDEA 7"es just recently which put me on a POISON IDEA trip and therefore you'll get your share of POISON IDEA too. the 1st to be posted is the LEARNING TO SCREAM 7" on TAANG from 1998. it has 3/4 of the original line up back together but with Ian Miller instead of Pig Champion on guitar. 3 tracks that are more like their older stuff and less like the stuff they did on BLANK, BLACKOUT, VACANT meaning rawer and faster. no matter what it's still a great 7" in my book - click the cover to d/l!

Monday, September 27, 2010


this is the FUCKED UP / THINK I CARE live split 7" that came with the pre-orders of the TOWN OF HARDCORE ZINEOGRAPHY book (in case you don't already own it - buy it!) and was ltd. to something like 200 copies. don't quote me on that cause it seems like nobody knows for sure if there were 200, 300 or even 500 copies made but a print-run of 200 copies is what the majority of people seems to think of as accurate. I didn't even know this record exists until a few weeks ago and on a coincidence I could get my hands on a copy soon thereafter. FUCKED UP's side was recorded at CBGB's 29/05/2006 while THINK I CARE's side was recorded at SOUND & FURY 28/07/2006. both recordings are ok as far as quality is concerned but I like the THINK I CARE sound a little bit better. the packaging is more than minimalistic: a screen-printed blue dust sleeve and that's it! no song titles, nothing! the labels are also only black with hand-stamped band names on them. click the cover to d/l!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? or W.H.N.? in short don't really need a big introduction I think I'll skip it and just tell you the facts. BRUTIFUL FEARING is the 6 song 6" that was released on SIX WEEKS RECORDS in 2000 (I think). the 6 tracks are 5 thrashers of their own that sound just like they are supposed to sound and a great INDIGESTI cover that's no let-down either! click the pic on the bottom to d/l!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


the next post in the POISON IDEA series is most likely my most stupid record purchase in quite a while and is POISON IDEA's contribution to the SUB POP RECORDS singles club in 1990. the 7" has TAKEN BY SURPRISE and WE GOT THE BEAT and had a print-run of 4500 copies (3000 on green marbled vinyl & 1500 on black vinyl). as both tracks also appear on other records (and aren't exactly their best work) the only people that care about this 7" are most likely record collecting idiots like myself and even I only bought it cause of the cover drawing and cause it was cheap!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Nippon's SLANG popped up on my radar when they released their incredible THE IMMORTAL SIN 12" in 2008 on SCHIZOPHRENIC RECORDS after they managed to fly below my radar for ages. but it seems as if they not only popped up on my radar but also on most other people's radars too cause after that 12" they all of a sudden not only did a bunch of splits with well-known bands like MIND ERASER and WORLD BURNS TO DEATH but even have a German re-release of THE IMMORTAL SIN announced... this 7" is the one they share with E.N.T. and even though E.N.T. are way better on their 2 tracks than I expected them to be they are no match for SLANG although their 2 tracks aren't as good as the tracks on the 12" neither. as the split was ltd. to 500 copies and sold out fast you should click the cover to d/l it and decide for yourself!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


another POISON IDEA 7" from 1991 I could recently score for cheap. honestly speaking that I got it so cheap was the only reason I bought it cause I already had the 12" version of it which has an additional track and therefore I can't say I really needed this one too but like in many cases having it doesn't hurt neither. anyway on the 7" version you get 2 tracks from the BLANK, BLACKOUT, VACANT 12" area: PUNISH ME which is on said 12" and a total gem plus MARIO THE COP. originally released in an edition of 1000 copies on pink wax hand-numbered and autographed by the band and signed by the cover artist on AMERICAN LEATHER RECORDS. the re-release on VINYL SOLUTION differs from the U.S. version in that the front cover art has a border and the back cover is white on black as opposed to black on white, there are no autographs and it's on purple wax . Also the U.S. sleeve was fold-over. click the cover to d/l!