Thursday, March 8, 2012


when I was in Berlin to meet Ivan from FUCK YOGA REC. and see IRON LUNG play @ Koma-F CANCER CLAN played there as well as you can see on the pic at the bottom.. I didn't know them before and hadn't even heard the name but Ivan said he was told that CANCER CLAN would not only be a good they'd be a really good band (Ivan doesn't like the demo though) and when I saw their drummer I was immediatley very sure that he also plays in CYNESS. when CANCER CLAN put up their gear as 2nd band on the bill I also realized that one of the dudes was not really a dude but a girl which still is such a rare thing to see sad but true. right after CANCER CLAN had finished their 1st song I told Ivan that he was right CANCER CLAN are a very, very good band! excellent drumming, nice riffs plus great vocals - what more can you ask for? they just released their 1st 7" a little while ago which you might want to check out if you like the 7 tracks from their 3" demo CD-R from 2010 which you can download if you click the cover above. the password is mean.