Thursday, November 15, 2012


let me start this with mentioning that most RUPTURE stuff doesn't do much for me. I actually think that their newer stuff is pretty weak to be honest and doesn't do anything for me but most of their older material doesn't do much more for me neither with a few exceptions including the 7 songs on this split 7" here. thinking about it as one of the tracks is NIHILISM NOT IDEALISM this split 7" even has one of my fave RUPTURE songs on it. anyway, the real reason you should give it a try is called SLAVESTATE! SLAVESTATE were a short-lived POWER VIOLENCE band from NY (which later changed their name to PNEUMATIC VALUES and then to AVULSION) that really smoked! they only did a demo, this split and another split 7" with LACK OF INTEREST plus some comp. tracks before they changed their name. they continued releasing records under the new names but nothing they released later could hold a candle to the SLAVESTATE material - sad but true! click the cover to download. password = mean