Monday, February 28, 2011


the AGE OF QUARREL 10" is one of the very few records that I didn't sell/trade in spite of the pro-Krishna consciousness attitude and therefore lyrics that cover the idiocy it brings with it. that said you now know probably everything negative that could be said about the CRO-MAGS 10" I guess? compared to the 12" with the same name it's like comparing a warm summer breeze to a hurricane! the hurricane being the 10" of course as this 10" is one of most aggressive HARDCORE records ever released. it's a shame it's just a bootleg that comes without lyrics etc. and it's also a shame the bootleggers used the bullshit Krishna-pic. as cover. if you've read John Joseph's biography EVOLUTION OF A CRO-MAGNON you can understand why he was easy prey for the Krishnas but why all the other people got involved is still beyond me. click the cover to d/l! password = mean.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


time for another dose of Darryl Kahan! this is FUNEBRARUM's DORMANT HALLUCINATION 7" that's ltd. to 2000 copies of which 1000 are on red vinyl and 1000 are on clear vinyl if I'm not mistaken. let's start with the packaging which is top notch! the 7" is housed in a full-color gatefold cover and has some additional inserts. you can see the brilliant drawing on the backside of one of the inserts on the right and as I don't really get what this drawing is supposed to mean perhaps anybody can spell it out to me? perhaps the sentence "NUKE THEIR ASS!!!" is confusing me? shouldn't that be "NUKE THEIR ASSES!!!"? just saying, not sure though so let's continue with the music on the 7" which is 2 songs plus an intro. honestly speaking I'm not really sure what to think about it. I bought this 7" cause I really like FUNEBRARUM's BENEATH THE COLUMNS OF ABANDONED GODS 12" and while this 7" isn't really bad it's far from being as good as said 12" in my ears even though I couldn't really say why. check it out and decide for yourself! click the cover to download! password = mean.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


here you get INSECT WARFARE's ENDLESS EXECUTION THRU VIOLENT RESTITUTION 7" that was released by 625 THRASH. I ripped this 7" quite a while ago but it somehow never made it to be posted till now for whatever reason. as INSECT WARFARE don't appear on this blog for the 1st time I guess you know the deal - it's time for some GULF COAST GRINDCORE! there are 7 tracks including a RAZOR cover on this 7" altogether and none is a let-down so I suggest you click the cover to d/l and give it a try!


I finally got my hands on a copy of HATRED SURGE's 2 track lathe cut 5" a while ago. a record I had on my want list not so much cause of the music but mainly cause of the size and the artwork. don't get me wrong the music is rad GRINDCORE as always but the sound, which I consider important for GRINDCORE on most lathe cuts isn't exactly brilliant and this one is no exception. you'll get 2 different rips one of the 5" and one of the 2 tracks that are on the 5" ripped from their 2005 -2007 CD so you can hear for yourself. I still really love the artwork! click on the pic on the bottom to d/l!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


in the MRR review of NUCLEAR CULT's HEIMSPIEL demo from 2009 the reviewer wrote "this is the fastest and angriest shit I've heard in a while" and I totally agree! Berlin's NUCLEAR CULT is SOLID DECLINE with a new vocalist if I'm not mistaken (but don't sound much like SOLID DECLINE in my opinion) which means they got ex-members of Y and PINK FLAMINGOS within their ranks. you'll get 9 tracks of sheer brutality that run between 10 seconds and 1.15 minutes and totally blew me away. the 9 tracks are including a cover of VIOLENT TUMOR's TOOLBOX by the way. as the tape is already sold out as far as I know and they are among the best German bands right now I thought I should post it here. click the picture below to download! password = mean.