Saturday, November 29, 2008


Anyone who hasn't heard SHANK yet, hasn't heard truly lip-splitting power violence. This 12" is on the semi-discography CD the "THE CURSE OF SHANK." (Actually the "curse of SHANK" is an inside joke about how everything associated with the band falls apart) SHANK is one of those select bands that was not part of the first-wave of POWER VIOLENCE, but is good enough that they sound like they were. Besides, when a band is this willing to use their intellect as well as their instruments, they deserve praise. The bountiful liner notes in the lyric booklet (called a "User's Manual") explain each track and are the main reason I posted the 12" even though all music was posted here before!

SHANK's semi-discography THE CURSE OF SHANK was re-upped! click on the cover!

Friday, November 28, 2008


a long time I had Vol. I & II of the WATCH OUT VIDEO ZINE and a short time ago I stumbled over Vol. I by accident (I'm quite sure I borrowed Vol. II to somebody who committed suicide just a few days later) - so here's the DOOM / EXCREMENT OF WAR part for you! I had uploaded the video to YouTube too but it got deleted from it for being too long????

Monday, November 24, 2008


as it seems that a lot of people liked the re-up of GOMORRHA's AS GOOD AS DEAD CD I decided I should also re-up their split 7" with HELLCHILD (link = split 7" cover). and as there's just one track of their complete discography missing, which was on the THE SEED OF THE NEXT SEASON 12" comp. I uploaded that track too.


this one was re-upped too! just click on the cover...


if you follow the link below you can download MISERY INDEX live (ripped from a DVD) - it's not the same video as shown on YouTube!


another pretty solid 7" I've re-upped! click on the cover!


the DISCLOSE / HAKUCHI split 12" is an all Japanese thing once again. one doesn't have to be a genius to predict what a band with the name DISCLOSE and ONCE THE WAR STARTED as a title on their side of the split 12" will sound like! in case you don't know DISCLOSE yet, you probably think they're just another DISCHARGE clone? if so, let me tell you: you're wrong! they are not another DISCHARGE clone - they are the DISCHARGE clone! the one and only DISCHARGE clone you need! the tracks on this record here were released on their 1st 7" before (5oo made) and are re-issued here together with HAKUCHI's 3rd demo I think. HAKUCHI are a pre-AGE band and music-wise they aren't so far apart from each other - mostly mid-paced CRUST with a metal edge!


this is the split 7" of California's RUIDO and Nippon's FUCK ON THE BEACH. each band with 3 tracks (and an outro in FUCK ON THE BEACH's case) of fast, furious and angry HARDCORE or FASTCORE as it's called nowadays. and as usual no lyrics from FUCK ON THE BEACH. RUIDO, who sing in Spanish would have provided English translations to their lyrics but they are printed in such a way that I can't read neither! as their singer Gen visits my blog sometimes maybe he can tell us something about it!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


in case you still feel the need to be part of a church I'd suggest you join the CHURCH OF EUTHANASIA which has just the One Commandment: "THOU SHALT NOT PROCREATE" and is based on the 4 pillars SUICIDE, ABORTION, CANNIBALISM & SODOMY!
sounds interesting? here you got some more information:

1. What is the Church of Euthanasia?
2. Where can I find the Church on-line?
3. How do I order stickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc.?
4. How do I become a member?
5. Do I have to kill myself?
6. I've already procreated. Can I still join?
7. How can I help?
8. What's the best way for me to kill myself?
9. Why haven't you killed yourself yet?
10. How many members are there?
11. Can I distribute or reprint articles from the Church archives?

1. What is the Church of Euthanasia?

The Church of Euthanasia is a non-profit educational foundation devoted to restoring balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth. We believe this can only be accomplished by a massive voluntary population reduction, which will require a leap in Human consciousness to a new species awareness.

The Human population is increasing by one million every four days. This is a net increase of 95 million per year, the current population of Mexico. Even major wars or epidemics hardly dent this rate of growth, and modern wars also have tremendous environmental consequences. It is for these practical reasons, as well as moral ones, that we support only voluntary forms of population reduction.

The Church has only one commandment, and it is "Thou Shalt Not Procreate." In addition, we have four "pillars" or principles, which are Suicide, Abortion, Cannibalism and Sodomy.

Note that cannibalism is only required for those who insist on eating flesh, and is strictly limited to consumption of the already dead. Also note that sodomy is defined as any sexual act not intended for procreation: fellatio, cunnilingus, and anal sex are all forms of sodomy and are still illegal in some parts of the United States.

2. Where can I find the Church on-line?

a. world-wide web site

The web site contains everything the Church has ever released, including all issues of Snuff It (complete with color photos and graphics), the complete e-sermons, a resources page with links to Church-approved sites, and an on-line catalog with an order form. This is the best way to experience the Church on-line, particularly if your browser supports graphics. The web site URL is

b. ftp archive

If you don't have access to the web, or if you want plain text rather than HTML, try the University of Michigan's ETEXT archive:

ftp: /pub/Zines/Snuffit

3. How do I order stickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc.?

The Church of Euthanasia merchandise is no longer available. It was a very successful form of outreach for almost 10 years, but eventually the product line aged, national distributors lost interest, and the merchandise was no longer self-sustaining. Plus we got sick of packing boxes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

4. How do I become a member?

If you choose to not procreate, you're a member already, but why not make it official? Membership includes a life-time subscription to the printed version of Snuff It, a 28-page e-sermon booklet, and a lovely embossed certificate suitable for framing, all for only $10. Make checks payable to:

The Church of Euthanasia
P.O.Box 261
Somerville, MA 02143

We take our one commandment very seriously. Membership implies a lifetime vow to not procreate. Procreation means guaranteed excommunication. There are no exceptions; abortion will be required, period. Of course, such difficulties can be avoided by faithful adherence to the fourth pillar (sodomy).

5. Do I have to kill myself?

Of course you don't have to kill yourself! If you really want to, though, wait until after you've joined the Church. That way, you automatically become a saint, without any additional paperwork. Don't forget to leave a note thanking and/or blaming the Church, and feel free to will us your estate, if you have one.

6. I've already procreated. Can I still join?

Absolutely! So long as you don't have any more. We have a number of members with children, and we even have a member whose son joined too. What's done is done. What matters is your commitment now.

7. How can I help?

The most important way you can help is by not procreating. If you feel comfortable taking the lifetime vow, then you should consider officially joining the Church. It would also very helpful if you could manage to abstain from eating non-human flesh.

You could also make a tax-deductible donation. The Church is exempt from federal income tax under 501(a) and 501(c)(3), EIN 04-324-9910.

Finally, you can help by spreading the word. Talk to people. Proselytize shamelessly. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Get on the radio or TV. Be a nuisance. Cause trouble. Piss people off, especially your breeding friends. Carpe diem.

8. What's the best way for me to kill myself?

Please consult the website.

9. Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

I'll kill myself when I feel like it. Suicide is OPTIONAL, remember? Maybe if people stopped having so many babies, we could build a compassionate, sustainable future, and I wouldn't want to kill myself anymore. Just kidding!

10. How many members are there?

The Church currently has hundreds of card-carrying members who've taken the vow, plus clergy, directors, and thousands of "e-members" on the Internet. We have members as far away as Italy and Latvia, though the majority are still in the USA.

11. Can I distribute or reprint Church propaganda?

All material on the Church of Euthanasia web site is yours to use, in any way you like, with the following important exception: Rev. Chris Korda's music is copyrighted and owned by various record labels. You are permitted to download the MP3 files for your own personal use, but distributing Rev. Chris Korda's music in any other way, without permission from the appropriate record label, is a violation of applicable laws.


The Office of Population Research at Princeton University maintains an emergency contraception world-wide web site and toll-free number. Both allow you to get information on the "morning after" pill and other forms of emergency contraception, and then find the clinics, hospitals or doctors nearest you that will prescribe them. Call 1-800-584-9911 or access right away. Don't "wait and see what happens." You have 72 hours!

Friday, November 21, 2008


as blogger tried to get on my nerves by not doing what I told them to do I deleted the original GOMORRHA post as I had it re-upped, including the artwork this time anyway so here you go GOMORRHA - brutal old school GRIND with 2 singers [guess what? one growls, one screams] from Germany! this is the AS GOOD AS DEAD CD which includes the songs from the split 7" with TUMULT [sound is way better than on the 7"] but lacks the songs from their split 7" with HELLCHILD and their track from the SEED OF THE NEW SEASON comp. 12"! the cover above is the CD cover the cover on the right side is the 12" cover!


well, basically I hate all of them! someone on another blog said: "Milhouse. Artie Philie and Rachel from Indecision. Fast slightly weird old school New York hardcore." and that's a pretty good description! their 2 songs are just Pt. I & Pt. II of the same track so I didn't split it. CR are harder and more chaotic. John Lisa of SERPICO introduced me and some friends to them and I think he was involved in releasing either this 7" or their full length! the do a cover of TEAM DRESCH's HATE THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT here!


TUMULT a.k.a. Germany's kings of KUNG FU HARDCORE were re-upped! hm, as Kung Fu translates to hard work I guess that fits!


Count Yorga sent me the rip of this 7" comp. that's called FOOLING WITH DEATH and features LACERATION, CRIPPLE BASTARD, ARGUE DAMNATION, HARSH, CAPITALI$T CASUALTIES, GLOBAL HOLOCAUST and HATED PRINCIPLES quite some time ago but I somehow nearly forgot about it! would have been a shame if I'd have really forgotten to post it as it's quite good with the exception of CRIPPLE BASTARD who suck as usual! oh, I've to mention the brilliant artwork - it looks great, really!

AARON'S BACK! (the 2nd)

a friend of mine bought PAINDRIVER's great THIS HAS NO END full-length on CD and I made a new 320 kbits rip from his CD!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


on a request from Chris, who is one half of MOSH EISLEY, you can get the 1st SMASH THE STATE comp. 12" here. this comp. was released by NO EXIT records and was the follow up to a Canadian PUNK discography book with the same title. it's the re-issue of 6 old (read: unable to get without being very lucky or robbing a bank) Canadian PUNKROCK 7"es. I haven't played this record for I don't know how many years and when I ripped it for Chris I wasn't really excited by any of the bands. it's not really bad but it's way too much ROCK('N'ROLL) for me. most of you probably haven't even heard the names of ARSON, THE FITS, HOT NASTIES, ROCK'N'ROLL BITCHES, DRY HEAVES or STURGEONS neither did I, with the exception of THE FITS, before this comp. was released. if '77 PUNKROCK with a little bit of ROCK'N'ROLL is yours than you might ejoy this comp. more than I do! as you might have guessed from the title there's a vol. II (maybe even a vol. III) which might follow...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AS I TOLD YOU...(the 2nd)


a one-sided 6" comp. that's called WEAPONS OF THRASH DESTRUCTION featuring BRODY`S MILITIA, VÖETSEK and WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED with 2 tracks of each band. well, I love the 6" format but I'm not so sure if the world needs a one-sided 6". ok, this was released for a tour the did together but... music-wise there's no let down every song is fast, furious and short as you'd expect! only VÖETSEK could have had a better production and it's to expensive for the amount of music you get!


I've re-upped SAYYADINA's crushing 1st 7" called SOLACE DENIED! this time ripped with 320 kbits! click the cover!

Monday, November 17, 2008


as I'm very busy at the moment once again not much posts from me. but as I found the Darby Crash biography movie on the web... click the cover!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008


I've the problem that my scanner doesn't work anymore for whatever reason but when I did some online research about PHOBIA's DESTROYING THE MASSES 10" I found a complete scan of the CD version's artwork. this was originally released on PESSIMISSER REC. in 1999 and is sold out in the 10" version for ages and all re-issues were just on CD. as I think that CDs suck, that doesn't count! one thing that stick's out is the brilliant, brutal sound that these recordings have! in my book this record is among the 10 best recorded (maybe not only among the 10 best recorded) GRINDCORE records ever! PHOBIA rage through 10 songs of the fierce and vicious GRINDCORE they are famous for! as they say IN GRIND WE CRUST! yes, indeed!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


the MK-ULTRA / LOS CRUDOS split 7" has been re-upped with 320 kbits, etc... just klick the cover!


on a request you get AMBUSH's AMARCORD 10" from 1995. well how do I describe this? AMBUSH are an intense mix of heavy sounds. Imagine combing 2 parts BLACK SABBATH, 2 parts NEUROSIS, 1 part ACME (they manage to create the same feeling of despair) and 1 part (late) BLACK FLAG and a spoon of SPAZZ once in a while. as you would expect, this is gloomy, powerful, sludgy intense stuff. mostly on the slow side of things, it just rumbles along, but occasionally speeds up which is the point where ACME and SPAZZ come into play. there are lots of changes from really quiet passages to really intense, angry, agonizing passages with feedback, etc., heavy riffs all over their songs. sometimes they even include a cello, a didgeridoo (however that's spelled),... [I know they did even though I don't hear it] on their debut 2 x 12" female vocals appeared in several parts which I couldn't hear on the 10". some ambient, spacy overtones add to that gloomy feeling of this band! I expect Aesop of COSMIC HEARSE to like this band!


the brilliant was re-upped (with 320 kbits & with scans of the complete artwork)! klick the cover!


I bought RYDEEN's YOU ARE NOT ME 7" while I was in London to see SYSTEMATIC DEATH. this 7" was sold at their gig as RYDEEN is the 2nd band of the SYSTEMATIC DEATH drumer and Hr. Burgher said they are good and play BURNING SPIRIT HARDCORE. music-wise Slobo's description of BURNING SPIRIT HARDCORE is correct and he was also right when he said they are good so what's wrong with this 7"? I'll tell you: the 3 tracks on the 7" are 3 times the same track once with Japanese lyrics, once with English lyrics and as icing on the gravy in a karaoke version! who the fuck needs shit like that?