Saturday, November 27, 2010


after years of trying to hunt down a copy of this I finally scored a copy of DROPDEAD's split 8" with RUPTURE! as you can see my copy is on black vinyl but there's a pressing on multi-col. vinyl too (sell me one!). actually as far as record collecting is concerned the last month was one of the most successful in my whole career and I was able to get a lot of records I was desperately hunting for ages - something you'll recognize in my postings here even though I admit a lot is nerdy shit like a 2nd press copy of CITIZENS ARREST's COLOSSUS 12" on red vinyl. but back to the 8" here: 14 DROPDEAD songs and 10 RUPTURE songs is what you get. the DROPDEAD tracks all appear on their discography 11" (or 12" depending on which pressing you got) and you should therefore be familiar with them. as I never cared for the Aussies I can't tell you much about them but music-wise these songs are from their most interesting period when they were fast and still could kick some ass before they became the lame and sad joke they are now. click on either cover to d/l and check for yourself!

Monday, November 1, 2010