Saturday, October 8, 2011


I hate to say this but EXTORTION's last 5" called GET FUCKED is as close to a total let down as by any means possible! just 2 songs of which one is a boring sludgey 2 min something instrumental (in case you don't know yet let me tell you that instrumental is just another word for boring in most cases anyway) and the other is mediocre at best in spite of the fact that it has some nice drumming that brings old D.R.I. to mind. while I don't know why the 5" is hand-numbered and ltd. to 300 copies although there were 500 copies of the 5" pressed. as my source is Sandro from R.S.R. himself I got this straight from the horses mouth so too say but all I remember is that he said he did 500 cause the price for 300 copies is nearly the same as the price for 500 copies though. well, the same is also true for covers so that's not really an explanation either. thinking about it... perhaps he just released the 5" as a favor for someone even though he thought he wouldn't be able to sell more than 300 copies of it? hmmm.... click the cover if you don't believe me! password = mean

Friday, October 7, 2011


my scanner is finally running again and I've already ripped the stuff you can see on the pic above. so expect some new postings as soon as I find the time to scan the artwork!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


there's this guy from New Zealand called Sam who seems to play the guitar or sings in at least half the HC/PUNK bands that are located there. he was/is in SHORTLIVED, SCAB, ROGERNOMIX, METH DRINKER, POLICE LINEUP and most likely some others but as that's not enough to keep him busy he also runs a record-label that's called ALWAYS NEVER FUN on which he has released SHORTLIVED's debut 12" amongst other stuff. he's also released the 6 track debut 7" of his new band ROGERNOMIX in a ltd. edition of just 150 copies which sold out quick. while Sam only handled the vocals in SHORTLIVED he sings and plays guitar in ROGERNOMIX at the same time. ROGERNOMIX is a 4 piece that features Sarsha, SHORTLIVED's bassist on, you guessed it, bass, a drummer and another woman as 2nd vocalist. the dual male/female vox make ROGERNOMIX sound quite "crusty" but that suits them really well! check out ROGERNOMIX if you like your HARDCORE fast & pissed off! click the cover to download! the password is mean.