Sunday, February 28, 2010


RORSCHACH's NEEDLE PACK 7" might be my favorite RORSCHACH release cause it's somehow like the best of both worlds. while the tracks have the same power and brutality as REMAIN SEDATE they aren't as weird as the PROTESTANT stuff even though they clearly point in that direction. 3 tracks (and an intro) of hard-hitting and aggressive HARDCORE but more diverse than on their 1st 12". plus the 7" comes in a neat looking gate-fold cover. if I'm not mistaken not all tracks of this 7" made it on their "discography" CD. b.t.w. both full-lengths REMAIN SEDATE and PROTESTANT have been reissued as a 2 x 12" just recently. click the cover o d/l.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


a while ago, when I posted HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH's 1st 7" I said that I might post their split 10" with CHAINSAW TO THE FACE as well and here it is. I know that it has been posted on a few other blogs before but I love HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH and as I got the permission of Mr. Lovro who runs COWABUNGA RECORDS to post all his out of print releases with the exception of WEEKEND NACHOS' TORTURE 7" (cause it will be repressed soon) I thought I should post it anyway. as you can see on the pics below I was lucky enough to snatch one of the 170 copies that came on purple marbled wax . as you should be familiar with HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH music-wise by now I'll keep this one rather short and just tell you that they just deliver 6 tracks on their side which is way less than I'd have expected but the quality makes up for that. CHAINSAW TO THE FACE offer you 15 tracks on their side and are no let-down either! they are fast, they are vicious, they are brutal but most of all they are good! check them out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


has not only handled the vocals in some great bands but will also release NIGHTBRINGER's debut 7" on his label HIGH ANXIETY RECORDS which you should definitely grab as soon as it is out cause NIGHTBRINGER totally rule and this 7" will be great! believe me I have already heard the 1st mix!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

B R O K E N . . .

I admit that the IRON LUNG / HATRED SURGE collaboration 7" has already been posted on more than one blog but as it's on pretty heavy rotation here for quite some time now I decided to post it anyway. 8 tracks that sound like the bastard son of, you guessed it, IRON LUNG and HATRED SURGE (big surprise, huh?).

Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm still waiting for my fucking download to finish and have killed some time by giving the new ABORTED CHRISTIANS recordings a try together with Chabo! if you're into old school GRINDCORE you should click on the pic above and hit the guys up via their myspace page and try to get your hands on a copy of the demo CD-R as soon as it is officially released cause it slays! period! Chabo is totally into these dudes from N.Z. and their blistering furious musical assault on our ears and trying to clean his fur as fast as they play! the pic below shows a shirt design that should also be available in late February!


the fucking weather here is putting me in a lazy mood. it's still all snow, ice and chaos outside my 4 walls. so while I wait that my download of an episode of "DER BULLE VON TÖLZ" is finished I thought I could make a quick post. and as I've just posted the EXALTED 2 track 7" a few days ago I'll continue with another great 2 track 7" that was also released by DEER HEALER: HERDS' SPRING b/w KATMAI 7". HERDS play HARDCORE that will "bite you in the face and crawl under your skin" according to SHORT,FAST + LOUD and I pretty much agree on that! click on the cover!

Friday, February 5, 2010


if you'd ask me if the world really needs a one-sided 2 track HARMS WAY 7" featuring 2 tracks that also appear on their REALITY APPROACHES 12" I'd most likely say : "not really!" but as the screen printed non-music side looks fucking rad and I'm a collector nerd I bought it nevertheless. that said I don't really know what there would be more to say about this little gem? so in case you didn't get it before: 2 tracks of fast & furious HARDCORE by one of the best bands around that came in rad packaging but that you already know if you know the 12". click the last pic!


have you ever heard of a guy called Azog? no? hm, you shouldn't be so sure about that cause you most likely have heard about him. even though you most likely know him under his other moniker Kirk MK-U or just as the MK-ULTRA's bassist who now plays in SICK/TIRED. if I'm not mistaken EXALTED was formed 2 or 3 years after MK-ULTRA called it a day by Kirk a.k.a. Azog, Arend a.k.a. Jon who used to be in CHARLES BRONSON and 2 other guys that were called Baazigar and Hecubus. now, why would someone exchange a name like Kirk or Jon for a name like Azog, Arend or (my personal fave) Baazigar? you guessed it - cause he plays in a BLACK METAL band now or to be more precise he plays in what he or most other HARDCORE kids believe to be a BLACK METAL band cause there aren't many of those bands out there that are able to really hide their roots which is totally OK for me cause I prefer those bands above nearly all "pure" BLACK METAL bands in most cases anyway. before this 7" EXALTED already released a full-length called WE ARE THE GRIM THRONG that's also worth a listen. the 2 tracks on this 7" were recorded together with 3 other tracks. Kirk was kind enough to send me all 5 tracks and had tagged them as HEARTLESS TREMOLO so I guess that was the title of the planned 12" that was abandoned cause Jon who handled the vocals together with Kirk decided to not like his vocals anymore and so the 12" became a 2 song 7". even though I also like Kirk's vocals more than those of the other guy it's not like Jon's vocals would be totally unlikeable.