Thursday, September 20, 2012


ok, here we go again: I know that the HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH / SIDETRACKED split 6" is sold out cause COWABUNGA's CEO Nick told me that the 2 copies I got together with the 7" test press of this split were his last 2 copies. truth be told I'm not so much into SIDETRACKED. they aren't bad and they know how to handle their instruments but it just doesn't click you know. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH on the other side are one of my favorite bands around. they are fucking awesome! 5 new hits from Boise's # 1 band! click the cover to download. password = mean  

Sunday, September 2, 2012


if you're a frequent reader of this blog you should have heard the label NORTHCORE here and there. in case you aren't familiar with the word let me tell you that NORTHCORE was a name used for a couple of bands from the north of Germany including LEBENSREFORM, LINSAY, LOXIRAN, CHISPA and others that have been around in the 90ies. most of them only did a couple of 7"es before they called it a day and without having been able to release everything they had recorded. well in case of LEBENSREFORM, LINSAY and LOXIRAN that has now changed cause their discographies are now at least available as digital downloads. click the pic to get them.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


ok, after mediafire deleted my account I opened up a new one. most of the files I've uploaded there are rips from records I released on my label, meaning stuff I own the rights to. in spite of that someone I sent a link told me that the link wouldn't work cause mediafire has blocked it due to copyright infringement. I tought that would be a mistake and e-mailed them that I own the rights of that file and it therefore would be perfectly legal for me to upload it. this is their reply: In order for a user to download a file from Mediafire, another user must first upload the file and provide this second user with the download link for the file. This is the only way for links to be made. Mediafire does not upload files to the site nor do we have links for the files. The user that uploaded the file must provide the links for download. Thank you.
When a file is removed, suspended, from a suspended account or taken down for violation, it means that the user or file was violating our terms of service and we were forced to remove the file. These files may have been removed for a number of reasons, one of which may be due to copyright infringements. These are very serious violations and the files will not be restored.