Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I've been told today that there will be a new release from those guys in 2010!


here you get down under's top notch thrashers EXTORTION sold out split 7" with JED WHITEY. I saw that on some other posts already but as I like it I decided to post it nevertheless. why does mine have 2 different covers you might ask? well, cause mine is one of the 150 that came exclusive with an issue of Australia's DISTORT zine to the subscribers. in case you don't know the zine let me suggest you check it out as it's one of the best zines around. music-wise you get 5 new slashers from EXTORTION incl. a cover of BLACK FLAG's FIX ME and 2 more PUNK sounding tracks from JED WHITEY.

Monday, December 21, 2009


music-wise Nippon's ICONOCLAST are a D-BEAT monster but lyric-wise they are a joke which makes it impossible for me to take them serious. really, why would anybody write lyrics in a language he doesn't know properly? even the spelling is horrible! however the music is powerful and they know how to handle their instruments.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


yesterday I was chatting with Ivan who runs FUCK YOGA! REC.and I asked him what the most embarrassing record in his collection would be and announced WARZONE's 1st 12" as the most embarrassing in mine (cause I traded their 3rd 12" years ago which is the most embarrassing HARDCORE record EVER!) but thinking about it I should have said FACE VALUE's THE PRICE OF MATURITY 12". what has that to do with GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS' brilliant 10" which is called POWER BOMB ANTHEMS VOL. I and was released by 625 THRASH you might ask? well, it also features Tony Erba on vocals (whom they forgot to mention on the inlay!) but here you get 12 fast, pissed off smash hits and not some of the most boring S.E. music ever released as in case of the FACE VALUE 12". one of my favorite 625 releases!
edit: sell/trade me their CHAIRSHOT POLITICS 7" now, goddammit!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


someone I know needs money and sells some records - some real gems among them! get them while you can!

Cro-Mags 10" 1st pressing (737/1500)
Integrity "in contrast of sin" 7" 1st pressing
Integrity "change/thaw"-Septic Death-Karaoke 7"
Integrity/Psywarfare Picture-7"
Integrity/Lockweld 7"
Integrity/Mayday 7" 1st pressing/white vinyl
Psywarfare "holocaust angel" 7"
Mayday "staplegun" 10" marble-blue vinyl
Mayday "the underdark" 7"
Mayday "lost in sabbath" 7"
Apartment 213 "vacancy" 7"
V/A "only the strong" 7" (w/ Integrity, Face Value, Confront, Meanstreak, Life Cycle, Insight) 1st pressing, blue vinyl
Face Value "coming of age" 7"
Ringworm/Terror 7" clear vinyl
Head First "back in control" 7"
Head First "intervention/black" 7"
Head First "intervention/come together" 7" (393/550)
Hard Stance "face reality" 7"
Alone i a crowd 7" 2nd pressing
Unbroken "absentee debate/crushed on you" 7"
Ink And Dagger "love is dead" 7" white vinyl
Verbal Assault "tiny giants/more than music" 7"
ABC diabolo 1st 7"
Luzifers Mob 7"
Golgatha 7"
Iron Skull/Born from Pain Split-7"

please get in contact by email:

YOU name what you are willing to pay first -
I'll tell you what I think about it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Winnipeg's NOOSE sent me a rip of their demo tape which was released in a quantity of 100 tapes by PEACE & QUIET RECORDINGS and asked if I would give it a try and post it here in case that I'd like them/their demo. today I finally found the time to give NOOSE (which have ties to WITHDRAWAL and FIRST STRIKE which I don't know either) a try. Ariel, who has sent me the demo was kind enough to also send me the lyrics to the 8 tracks on the demo. once in a while their lyrics make me wonder if I really got the message but they display such negativity that I don't doubt that who wrote them doesn't have the most positive outlook on life nevertheless. music-wise it's POWER VIOLENCE with some really nasty slower/sludgy parts thrown in for good measure. the sound quality of the recordings is rough and raw and while it's still decent a better recording could have made the difference. don't get me wrong it's a solid demo which could have been better than that. the PEACE & QUIET REC. blog tells you that NOOSE play "Power Violence made to ruin your life to". hm, their demo is a solid try no matter what and in the future they might be able to do so... anyway, check out the demo yourself. I had some trouble to burn the original m4a files as audio-CD therefore I also included an mp3 rip of my CD-R so you won't have to fuck up 3 CD-Rs like I did.