Sunday, June 29, 2008


Germany just lost final game in the European Championships a few minutes ago and now people like my girlfriend - depressed, sad and dead drunken football fans filled with hatred and a lust for violence roam our cities streets. what better soundtrack could there be as MADBALL? ok, I admit it ALONE IN A CROWD´s WHEN TIGERS FIGHT might be a better soundtrack but as I´m fullfilling a request from NUCLEAR FARMED FUCK FROGS´ Bernard with this post and Bernard requested MADBALL´s DROPPIN MANY SUCKERS 7" from 1992 and not the ALONE IN A CROWD 7" (that is posted here anyway) what can I do? the 2nd MADBALL 7" has 6 tracks of which some of those appear on their 1st full length - SET IT OFF - too! but as I think that the remaining 2 tracks are the better tracks of the 6 I end up playing this 7" from time to time! the only not so nice thing about this 7" is that it was recorded by Don Fury but has the worst sound I´ve heared on anything he did till now! in my opinion the vocals lack power! they are somehow flat and so there can be no discussion which 7" is the better of the 2! can´t!
ah, yeah...HARDCORE PRIDE! don`t forget!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


E V I L ! that´s how you can sum up how Arizona´s UNRUH sound in one word! MISERY STRENGTHENED FAITH is their 1st full length released in 1998. UNRUH put the METAL in METALCORE! don´t get me wrong! they don´t sound like any of the clownbands you may think of when you hear METALCORE but as a matter of fact UNRUH´s music would do that title justice! fierce, blasting HARDCORE and hard hitting THRASH with crawling, sludgy parts thrown in here and there! brilliant! if I tell you that an UNRUH related band would be STRUCTURE OF LIES you probably get my point! one of the most underrated bands ever! I believed that they took the German word UNRUH as a name quite some time till I found out they took their name from "spree murderer" Howard Unruh.


CRYSTAL LAKE LEGACY the 3rd record of Britain´s finest VOORHEES! after their brutally disappointing 2nd full length called 13, which was a letdown from start to finish (to be honest I just have listened to 13 twice, once when I bought it and once again cause I couldn´t believe how bad I found it) , VOORHEES somehow managed to write new songs that continued where SPILLING BLOOD WITHOUT REASON stopped! and I´m not talking about the re-recording of their song called VOORHEES that was on their Flexi 7" and was re-recorded for the 1st 12". I guess 3 times is enough! if you aren´t familiar with VOORHEES go here or here! b.t.w. their incredible 1st 12" will be posted here soon!


VAE VICTIS was born from the ashes of EVERSKWELCH. VAE VICTIS was active from 1997 until 2001 in their short time VAE VICTIS put out 3 records: a split 7" with AHRIMAN this 12" here and a 2nd 12" called UGLY REFLECTION. they were one of the more underrated bands of the time. members of VAE VICTIS concurrently played in, or went on to play in such bands as GEHENNA, IRON LUNG, ARTIMUS PYLE, CRUCIAL ATTACK, COLD SWEAT, THE JENNIFER ECHO and more.

Monday, June 23, 2008


finally, the M.V.D. / EBOLA split 12"! yeah, I know I promised this quite some time ago! well, no apologies here from my side as life´s not just blogging! 2 times raging CRUST from Berlin! EBOLA win this competition as they got a female singer and I´ve a weakness for that! get yourself a dose of anti-society here!


sometimes there´s nothing more entertaining than X-tians!

Anonymous said...

just so you know, the LIGHT is not satan. how would you know? It is Christ, he was brought into the world by God as a Light for men. Before Christ, men dwelt in darkness. They feared the light, of course they did that´s why there were cults that worshiped the sun everywhere! and rightly so as we are all sinners. We hide from the light. There is only one God of Israel, I´ll say it once again for you: ISis-RA-EL 3 different deities! the one true living God, the God that will judge all of us the same when we die. Not sure where you got your info from. Perhaps you are confusing idols the only one confused is you! that were worshiped by some of the Jews that God blotted out when he laid down his ten commandments. I am sheep, that´s the only point where I could agree as you seem to be a sheep! I´m not and I never wanted to be one! and my sheppard is Christ. I am proud to be in his flock, literally, because with Christ on my side, nothing that any human says can hurt me or sink my foundation. Take care guys!

Justin, "Christianity" in its self may not be unified, but belief in Christ and the word of God (ie the Bible) is not Christianity, Christianity is a word that we use to describe our religion, which 99% of the time gets it wrong by not teaching God's true doctrine.

As for your analysis of the bible not making sense, I suggest you read up on it. You see, the Jews, could not follow God's rules, wrong! they never cared for your god! why should they follow his rules? they made laws, God sent his son Jesus THE Christ maybe one day someone will tell you what it means to be the christ to free the Jews of their legalism (much like organized religion as become today). Jesus was not preaching against Judiasim, but telling the Jews that they had it all wrong. God realized that his chosen people, as much as he tried to get them to follow his commandments were just not capable. As we are not today. So Jesus THE Christ died for all our sins, mine and yours. Like a down payment so that we could get into heaven if we believe in him, spread his gospel, and confess him to men.

As per your lost book of Peter, I am confident in saying that the reason that this book is not part of the Holy Bible is because it never was to begin with. It has been agreed upon that there were only to be 5 gospels. by whom? I didn´t agree on anything! This perhaps was part of Gnosticism which was false teaching in the time of Christ, and carried on for some time after Christ, but was brought to light for what it was, false doctrine. In the bible it says, that if anyone comes with new revelation, or new "books" or "gospels" they claim where at one time part of the bible they are not true, remember what I said about Constantine? do something you normally don´t do and think about it! there might be a reason for that! that is why they are false. This is why the Mormon doctrine is completely false, The book of Revelation in the bible is the "Final revelation of Jesus Christ" This is why Islam is also not a true religion. Pretty neat huh? pretty crap! the got a holy book, a deity to worship, believers,... I´d say it is a true religion! at least not falser than yours! ok, there are differences as they worship a moongod, but...

Take care guys, still praying for you! snort some coke instead, maybe it´ll help you learn to get a life of your own!

to the members of "the flock": please, keep on entertaining me! more comments like this!


if you don´t know both bands it might be a hint you´re on the wrong blog! MONSTER X / CAPITALI$T CASUALTIES 7 song split 7" on HATER OF GOD records! brilliant!


this is the remastered edition of CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION´s IN SILICIO 12". brilliant, fierce HARDCORE/GRINDCORE!


this 7" comp. was released on AREA 51 rec. which was done by by someone from GEHENNA. it has 4 bands to offer: CATHARSIS, INTEGRITY, BACKLASH and CONGRESS. I bought this cause of the INTEGRITY track which is taken from their demo and is of such worse quality that I just can´t listen to it. way back then I was really disappointed but as I discovered CATHARSIS through this comp. I could have been worse!


this is the 1st RAZORS 7" which was self-released by the band in 1979! this is one of the cheapest rarities I ever bought as I bought it for 5 bucks. the reason why I got it so cheap was that the cover is so fucked up...well, yes that´s true but as I put the record on the turntable and not the cover...who gives a fuck?


FLEX discography of U.S. PUNK & HARDCORE says about GANG GREEN´s SELFISH 7": Great compilation with all the fast hardcore tracks from SOLD OUT 7" and the BOSTON NOT L.A. and UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED compilations. Sound quality is a little worse than the originals'. 500 (?) made. GERMANY: TERROR EYES Records. # 1 / 11 tracks / 1991 (bootleg). it´s not to hard to file this bootleg under Germany as the bootlegers put a "disclaimer" next to the songtitle KILL A COMMIE saying "WE THE BOOTLEGERS STAY AWAY FROM THIS SONGTITLE" and that sentence sounds like it was translated word for word from German to English but doesn´t make sense in both languages somehow! if I don´t want to spread something or support something I won´t get it dublicated, saying I don´t want to spread this but spreading it anyway! sounds retarded in my ears!



if you´ve got a soft spot for female fronted bands like me then you should check out this blog called STAY FEMALE! PUNK / HARDCORE / METAL / ROCK / etc. bands each and everyone with female members! they´ve some real gems there like QUESTION (Saira´s new band) or LUDICRA (one of COSMIC HEARSE Aesop´s bands) and many more!


the CHEERLEADERS OF THE APOCALYPSE 7" was supposed to be released on SATAN`S PIMP as a 6" but as SATAN`S PIMP had no money it was released as a 7" on FLOWER VIOLENCE. Florian one of their members is an awesome artist. his Pushead style drawings are quite well known nowadays through his work for AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and others! the music lives up to the drawings too! fierce, ripping HARDCORE with a METAL/GRIND edge here and there and 2 singers!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


54 comments on the last post! maybe I should hassle christians more often as it seems to draw some attention? if you read those comments you might recognize that the christians hadn´t anything real to say! if I don´t need to check anything as god´s on my side is your only argument don´t be surprised when people just laugh at you and think you´re a retard!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


...some phony piece of shit crying about something pointless and pretending to be something he´s not while trying to hide he´s just a fucking clown! go here! and if you got some spare time maybe you could spell it out for the retard that christian HARDCORE is an oxymoron!


here, the KINGS OF PUNK serve you a 6 song picture 10". I don´t where/from whom I got as I don´t listen to it much! in my eyes this is one of POISON IDEA´s weaker releases! sure, their G.I.S.M. cover DEATH, AGONY & SCREAMS (here in a live version) is cool and SAY GOODBYE (live) is a nice song but in 99,99% of the cases are live recordings something no one needs, like it these ones and the other 4 tracks aren´t among the best they ever did! b.t.w. I´m well aware of the fact that POISON IDEA´s DUTCH COURAGE live record is among the exceptions! anyway, it´s POISON IDEA so it can´t be bad (sad but true it can be far from brilliant though) and you got some pics to watch if the music bores you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I´ve forgotten whom I promised to rip the CHALLENGER CREW demo but I haven´t that I promised to rip it so here you get their 10 song demo from 1986.
CHALLENGER CREW were one of Germany´s 1st HARDCORE bands and their singer Michael "Moses" Arndt was one of the German scene bigshots till the end of the 90ies. he was the publisher of ZAP which was something like the German version of M.R.R. after this tape they released a split 12" with EVERYTHING FALLS APART and appeared on a[t least one] comp. before they split up!


as the QUATTRO STAGIONI / IRON LUNG split 5" wasn´t tagged properly and just ripped with 128 k/Bits I re-upped it! this time with correct tags and in better quality! I really like what IRON LUNG have to offer musicwise but here I prefer the QUATTRO STAGIONI tracks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I dare say that you know the HARDCORE band in which one of these young gentlemen was singing before he discovered corpsepaint! I admit I wouldn´t recognize him myself!

and as Mike Cheese of GEHENNA said "possibly the best band in history is this band MALLEUS MALEFICARUM!" I want to hear their demo!!!!!!


New York´s BLACK ARMY JACKET with their 1st 7". we were waiting for this little rager here since a friend brought back their demotape from a trip to New York. in my ears the demo and this 7" are their best stuff (their 12" is the worst as the production lacks the brutality needed for this kind of music!). if you like fierce HARDCORE give them a try!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


go here and listen to Rodrigo´s great internet radioshow!


a short time after the LEBENSREFORM / KINDLE split 7" was released LEBENSREFORM (who had changed their name to [LEI]) finally disbanded. maybe that´s the name why they used their old name on the cover? this 7" is one of the ugliest records that have been released ever! even the white wax in combination with the white & blue labels looks ugly. the the music however is no(t really a) let down. 2 tracks from LEBENSREFORM, one being a cover of BLACK FLAG´s WASTED in their typical style and one track from KINDLE leaning more towards MOSH/HARDCORE.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I´m not sure at the moment if this flexi 7" was VOORHEES` 1st release! actually it´s their demo pressed on a flexi and released by ARMED WITH ANGER rec. which released their 1st "real 7" too and it might be that the 7" was released before the flexi. this flexi would be the shit if the pressing plant wouldn´t have fucked up the whole printrun but that´s what happened and the flexi ended up on the wrong speed! that means if you don´t have a record player where you can adjust the speed manually you probably can´t listen to it at all! which would be really bad luck as this 14 tracks rip! I still wonder once in a while how VOORHEES managed to get away with lyrics like P.S.Y.S. (stands for PUNK SLUT YOU SUCK) without getting harrased by the PUNKPOLICE but as they had a lot of "jock/tough guy" lyrics too maybe the PUNKPOLICE just didn´t dare?

Sunday, June 8, 2008


TASTE OF FEAR / DISRUPT 6 track (3 tracks from each band) killer split 7" from 1992! one of my all time faves! this CRUST / GRINDCORE gem came with a nice lyric poster. the 3 TASTE OF FEAR tracks were on their 12" too.


a short time ago Chris Crustcracker has posted CWILL´s TROTZ ALLEM 12" which is a good record on one hand and on the other hand reminded me that their 1st 10" from 1994 still sounds a little better in my ears. so I decided that to post it. I already posted their 7" on my blog but as that was quite some time or in case you missed that post let me tell you that CWILL are from Switzerland and play raw HARDCORE including a VIOLIN which makes them sound quite unique as you might have guessed! some CWILL members are very active in the Swiss HARDCORE/PUNK scene too! click the pic below!