Friday, August 31, 2012


ok, I just figured out those asscandles fucked up and have deleted all the files I had upped there cause some French bastard filed some copyright violation claims against me. as the external HD with most of my music also recently died probably 95% of my rips have vanished into thin air just like that. if you now think that I'll quit you are wrong! I'll the 1st thing I'll do is to figure out which of my rips I still have on my PC, my laptop and the external HDs that are still working so I can re-up them. that buys me some time that I'll use to think about the next step. unfortunately I don't have much time for blogging these days but that clown from France, whose parents are brother and sister btw, pissed me off way too much to let him win! to proof that this ain't over yet I've already re-upped the SEA OF SHIT 7" and SICK/TIRED's THE LIFETAKER 7"! if you want anything re-upped really bad drop me a line!
edit: I re-upped some stuff I still had on my HDs or on my PC and therefore the posts on page 1 should all work again. I decided to protect my uploads with a password this time and that password will be: mean