Saturday, December 25, 2010


just got the split 7" Nippon's SLANG share with MIND ERASER from the U.S. a short time ago but as I believe it to be sold out I thought I'd post it anyway. there are only 3 tracks on this 7" one from SLANG and 2 from MIND ERASER and none is a let down even though I don't think that the SLANG track is as good as anything on their THE IMMORTAL SOUL 12" (which you should buy as soon as possible if you haven't bought it yet!) it's a solid song no doubt about it. MIND ERASER's 2 tracks are better than the stuff on their last 12" - 2 sweet little ragers! the only thing I still dislike about them is that their vocalist is into that ridiculous Krishna bullshit which I find totally embarrassing read John Joseph's biography "Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon" and you'll agree most likely! luckily it doesn't come through in his lyrics. click the cover to d/l!


one band that's around since 2002 but always flew under my radar till 2010 is KNIFE FIGHT which totally surprised me with their ISOLATED 7" on PAIN KILLER REC. that is so good I bought their other two 7"es and their 12" within 4 weeks after having heard them for the 1st time. this is their self-titled 11 song debut 7" on MY WAR REC. from 2003. even though it's not as good as their later stuff it's still a great 7" and already gives you a hint on the potential KNIFE FIGHT have and offers you some vicious raging HARDCORE - what more can you ask for? click the cover to d/l! password = mean.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


after years of trying to hunt down a copy of this I finally scored a copy of DROPDEAD's split 8" with RUPTURE! as you can see my copy is on black vinyl but there's a pressing on multi-col. vinyl too (sell me one!). actually as far as record collecting is concerned the last month was one of the most successful in my whole career and I was able to get a lot of records I was desperately hunting for ages - something you'll recognize in my postings here even though I admit a lot is nerdy shit like a 2nd press copy of CITIZENS ARREST's COLOSSUS 12" on red vinyl. but back to the 8" here: 14 DROPDEAD songs and 10 RUPTURE songs is what you get. the DROPDEAD tracks all appear on their discography 11" (or 12" depending on which pressing you got) and you should therefore be familiar with them. as I never cared for the Aussies I can't tell you much about them but music-wise these songs are from their most interesting period when they were fast and still could kick some ass before they became the lame and sad joke they are now. click on either cover to d/l and check for yourself!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010


remember my post about CAPITALI$T CASUALTIES' PLANNED COMMUNITY 6" and the not included artwork? for whatever reason I also didn't include the artwork when I posted their DARK CIRCLE 5" neither which is a shame as it's a neat look picture disc housed in a gate-fold cover and comes with a poster as lyric sheet. the only 5" picture disc I have in my collection if I'm not mistaken. the 5" isn't divided into side a and b but into a side "Dead Kurds" with 3 tracks and a side "Nuclear Worker" with only the title track. click the pic of the poster down below to d/l!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


a few days ago the OFF THE DISC box surfaced at my place. the box was done by Thomas Mölch who now runs DEAD END RECORDS but used to do a zine called MEGAWIMP and OFF THE DISC RECORDS together with my "special friend" Erich Keller and brought you stuff like INFEST's SLAVE 12" and MORBID ANGEL's THY KINGDOM COME 7". as I have been stupid enough to sell my original copy of the MORBID ANGEL 7" more than 10 years ago I was really stoked to get the re-mastered re-release in my hands. truth is the box contains 5 other 7"es. 4 x re-releases from the 7"es of DEMISE, ABC DIABOLO, SLEEP and RUPTURE plus a comp. 7" which didn't make it back in the day and does NOT suck that features a track from DISRUPT, MINDROT, BATTLE OF DISARM, MONUMENT and DEFORMED CONSCIENCE called LOST IN TIME... ARMAGEDDON IS HERE besides the (re-mastered) MORBID ANGEL 7", some stickers, an INFEST poster and in case you were lucky enough to score one of the 100 pre-order copies also an INFEST shirt but I only bought it cause of the MORBID ANGEL 7" even though the DEMISE 7" and RUPTURE's RIGHTEOUS FUCK 7" are also called classics nowadays and the ABC DIABOLO 7" or the comp. 7" are no let down either! I wouldn't need the SLEEP 7" cause they suck in my book and I most likely will never play that 7" again and I guess I also could live without the INFEST shirt cause the "WHERE'S THE UNITY" pack-print kind of spoils it for me somehow. I couldn't care less about unity you know! not that anybody else would care though... well, at least the INFEST poster and sticker for which the original layout from way back in the days was used still look good today. as the box was ltd. to 400 only copies of which 100 served as the pre-order edition incl. the shirt (pre-order edition is sold out) you should hurry up tracking down a copy of the box if you don't want to buy it from someone for an arm and a leg on ebay later.

back to MORBID ANGEL's THY KINGDOM COME 7": if my memory serves me right the re-mastering makes it sound a little bit cleaner than the original pressing but it still sounds raw as fuck and it didn't take away anything from the brutality of the 2 songs! as far as I'm concerned this 7" blows anything they released later out of the water. seriously, it's on heavy rotation here since it's arrival! you best bet would be to contact Thomas himself I guess. he can be reached via:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I guess if IRON LUNG would smoke heavy doses of crack and do some meth on top of it they'd sound like SFN which stands for STUPID FUCKING NAME or STANDS FOR NOTHING. totally awesome fierce POWER VIOLENCE with lots of blastbeats! this is the vinyl version of their FOULED NESTS demo (that was released on 625 THRASH in a ltd. edition of 300 copies on green wax I think) and therefore the recordings are raw which really suits them well! now, as much as I like the 7" music-wise I'm annoyed by the packaging! it's a poor joke - period! just a cardboard sheet that not even gives you a track-list which is even more annoying as one song isn't mentioned anywhere. well, technically 2 titles are missing as what I tagged as outro also has a title that I just don't remember right now but as you should delete that cause it's just some noise that sucks anyway that's no drama. click the button below to d/l!


this is one of the records I got as a birthday present from me a while ago (I like getting presents from myself cause somehow it's always something I really like!) and it's also one of the records it took me ages to track down even though it isn't so rare or hard to find usually. well, one of the nice things that come with the release of any discography is that usually a short time after the discography was released one can get the original pressings of the incl. releases quite easy. when i saw the MK-ULTRA design on the right posted on Facebook by Kirk that came to mind, I did a spontaneous ebay search and finally got a copy of MK-ULTRA's 1st 7" that's also referred to as STICK-FIGURE 7" sometimes. if you've done your homework you know that the red cover means 1st press (2nd pess had a green cover) which is always nice but way nicer is the fact that my copy not only incl. the complete inlays (booklet + sticker) but hardly has been played more than 1 or 2 times if it has been played at all. as the tracks on this 7" are among the best stuff MK-ULTRA have ever released I'm more than happy that I finally scored a copy and even happier I scored a copy that's in such great shape! also incl. is a scan of the booklet that came with the 7"! the only question that still remains unanswered is who is the dude on the label? no, not King Diamond the other one?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


this is the vinyl version of EXTORTION's demo tape + 2 extra tracks released on COFFIN CUT RECORDS in a ltd. white label edition of 500 copies. the cover above is the regular cover the cover below is the cover of a special edition called LAUNCH that was ltd. to 100 copies and sold at a show only. when I ordered 2 copies from the label I got both versions and a letter that said: "Sorry, dude I ran out of regular covers so I send you one copy with a Launch-cover!" nothing to complain about, right? well, in theory that's true but in reality it doesn't really matter when both 7" surface so wrapped they can hardly be played at all cause they are only sent in an envelope without any cardboard to back them up. seriously if you run a label you should know how to pack your stuff! if you have any doubts how to do that properly I suggest you order something from VEDA VU and take a close look at the parcel you receive (a look at the packaging of their releases won't hurt either! trust me on that!). while the regular version comes in a white dust-sleeve and only has stamped "SIDE A" on the label of, you guessed it, side A the LAUNCH version comes in a red dust sleeve and has EXTORTION stamped on the label of side B and the inlay is not only a xeroxed piece of paper but printed on glossy paper normally used for photos. the 10 tracks from their demo have been recoded on 4 tracks and therefore sound even rawer than the recordings on the TERMINAL CANCER 7" and also incl. a cover of BLACK FLAG's FIX ME. the rip sounds a little bit strange on some parts that's cause the records are wrapped, sorry! a better high quality rip would be highly appreciated here!



Friday, October 1, 2010


after neglecting this blog for quite a while I'm back again. things in my life way more important than blogging kept me pretty occupied (I even had a period of nearly 7 weeks in which I didn't buy any records cause I was too busy! that has never happened in the past 15+ years before!). I tried to post something a few times but never managed to finish the posts I had begun till now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I scored a stack of POISON IDEA 7"es just recently which put me on a POISON IDEA trip and therefore you'll get your share of POISON IDEA too. the 1st to be posted is the LEARNING TO SCREAM 7" on TAANG from 1998. it has 3/4 of the original line up back together but with Ian Miller instead of Pig Champion on guitar. 3 tracks that are more like their older stuff and less like the stuff they did on BLANK, BLACKOUT, VACANT meaning rawer and faster. no matter what it's still a great 7" in my book - click the cover to d/l!