Saturday, May 31, 2008

IN CASE... dig what British POWER VIOLENCE has to offer at the moment you should go here and check out MEL GIMPSUIT! they are awesome! you can download their split with HANGOVER HEARTATTACK there too! and if you like HANGOVER HEARTATTACK you should go and visit the wonderful world of MOSH EISLEY to check out HANGOVER HEARTATTACK´s split 7" with DEAD SEA FUCKING SCROLLS which are a fast and furious band in their own right! but remember: only a stupid ignorant asshole would go there and download without leaving Chris and Rob a comment!


as promised quite some time ago here are Hamburgs SCREAMER. this band won´t ring a bell in most of your heads but while listening to the songs you´ll maybe recognize some tracks. why? cause SCREAMER were a band that shared people with SLIME, NAPALM, TARGETS, etc. and some SLIME hits are just recycled SCREAMER songs! they never released anything of their own with the exception of one track on the great PARANOIA IN DER STRASSENBAHN compilation till this discography 12" was released! sound quality could be better though!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I know that I lazy as fuck at the moment but who cares? ok, maybe you as I´m not posting as much as I could. well, for the last days I´m excused as I broke the edge (that I never had anyway)! I was visiting my parents as my dad had his 55 birthday and I was forced to drink 250 years old whiskey with my brother, my uncle and my dad. now I know again why I usually don´t drink! what has that to do with CITIZENS ARREST you may ask yourself? I´ll tell you: nothing! it´s just that while I was at my parents house I was checking my e-mails and Rob had written me a mail telling me that he had posted an interview with Daryl Kahan on his blog! as it´s interesting I suggest you go and read for yourself! as I don´t work today you might get some posts later (if you´re lucky)!

Friday, May 23, 2008


this 7" was my introduction to both bands and won me over with ease! KUNG FU RICK was one of the best GRINDCORE bands to ever exist and BAD ACID TRIP are nearly as good as KUNG FU RICK on this little gem here that has 4 KUNG FU RICK tracks and an outro and 6 grenades from BAD ACID TRIP! the only negative thing I can say about this record, which is a split 7" and a split release from 2 different labels (BLATHERSKYTE NOISE and WAR ON WANKERS) at the same time, is that both label names are printed on the cover! I know it´s pretty common nowadays but that shit has ruined the beauty of more than one cover! why can´t they be printed inside?

THE KRAUTS VS.... (the 2nd)

someone told me that the files from the MÖRSER / THE SWARM split 7" are fucked up so I re-upped it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


this 8" compilation that was released on AX/CTION rec. nearly completely sucks! GONKULATOR, MALICIOUS HATE, DISJOIN, PSYCHO, BOBBY, DECEASED and BASTARD NOISE play either bad METAL or NOISE and/or their recordings have such a bad quality that you won´t listen to them very often! now you´ll ask: if it sucks that much why did you buy and/or post it anyway? I´ll tell you: cause there´s one more band on this compilation and that´s ULCER with 2 songs that are just on this 8" and were even excluded from their discography cd which is a shame as ULCER on this comp. rip as much as they always do!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Count Yorga provided me with COMBAT NOT CONFORM´s LOVE 12" from 1986! they were one of Germany´s first HARDCORE bands and one of the first bands here to sing about skating! still sounds great after all this years!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Rodrigo was nice enough to send me this link of ANARKITRAN and this is what they say about themselves: ANARKITRAN, is born summer of the year 2001, the idea was simple, to do GRINDCORE, but with enough "pichanga" and mosh. With the passage of time to have a track list considerable that to do our first presentations in alive, where the response of the people was comforting enough. Since the scene GRINDCORE, in our region, was almost void. To measured of the year 2002 we record our promotional, demo "ACTITUD BIZARRA" who consists of 19 courts of chilean GRINDCORE!

Monday, May 12, 2008


RAZZIA are one of Germany´s bests and most well known PUNK bands ever. this is a tape that was released by the band and their record label themselves. this tape contains some strange tracks I´ve never seen anywhere else! hear for yourself!


this is an all German thing here! on one side you get 3 songs from SOMA, 2 of their own and a cover of D.Y.S.´s WOLFPACK. when not doing a cover song of an old Boston HARDCORE classic they are more what you would call new school MOSHCORE. not bad at all but not as good as D.Y.S.! on the flipside MEHR WUT (= more wrath) offer 8 tracks of fast and furious CRUST. musically they are way more up my alley! the 7" came with a very cool done little booklet!


I promised Mr. MY FATE TO HATE to upload this boot of the THIRD WORLD CHAOS 7". they were from the Philippines and offer you 4 tracks of catchy, melodic PUNK. all I know about them besides that is that they´ve at least released one full length too and that this bootleg was limited to 300 copies!


NASUM, YACÖPSAE, PRONE, ASSEL, DUDMAN, GRIDE, HEAD HITS CONCRETE, HOG, DEMISOR, FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARKSIDE, LEFT IN RUINS, TOURIST TRAP, REFORM CONTROL, VOMIT FOR BREAKFAST & PARKINSON thrash, rip, scream, rage, scream, shout and crawl their way through 23 songs on this 2 x 7" compilation that was released on SOUNDS OF BETRAYAL rec.! a double 7" compilation that doesn´t suck so to say!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was never that much into this 2 bands at all! I always found most of BORN AGAINST´s music boring and somehow MAN IS THE BASTARD couldn´t convince me either! the reason I still got this 8" is that there is a track on this record called ALBANY ACADEMY which is one of the few BORN AGAINST songs I consider really good! the 3 other BORN AGAINST tracks are like most of their songs - boring! at least in my ears. it´s a pity! they had one of the best names a band could have, good lyrics and put in a lot of effort but their music is overrated as fuck if you ask me. the flipside serves you 5 MAN IS THE BASTARD tunes that represent the worst they ever did! sounds like very bad MINIMAL HOUSE music at times!


some more Hamburg tape only recordings. this time most of the stuff was recorded live at a place called Krawall 2000 (translates to Riot 2000). the CORONERS recordings are from a tape I got from one of Hamburgs 1st PUNKS back in the early 90ies without a cover or a tracklist. other recordings are from a Krawall 2000 livetape comp. featuring CORONERS, BUTTOCKS, HANS-A-PLAST, RAZORS, etc. and as there was a track from MEINE SCHUPPEN and one from SPIEL 77 that were never released on vinyl as some kind of bonus on the tape without cover I included those 2 tracks too! I didn´t rip the whole Krawall 2000 livetape. the stuff I left out is the stuff of some Swedish bands and some German stuff. however, I included one track of HALT DIE SCHNAUZE so you might get a clue why I didn´t rip the rest of the german stuff! quality isn´t the best but as written in a previous post if you do care for soundquality on this kind of recordings you´re a fucking idiot anyway!


Hamburgs RAZORS were one of Germany´s 1st PUNK bands back in 1979. their official discography states 3 7"es, the BANNED PUNX 12" and their full length. however there are some tape only recordings like this 11 tracks that were recorded live in their rehearsal room in 1985 with a new singer (their original singer disappeared in the 80ies, so Lui from PUNKENSTEIN / NAPALM did the vocals on BANNED PUNX, but showed up again years later when RAZORS reformed and released a new 7"). the quality isn´t top notch but when you care about soundquality on recordings like this - you are a fucking idiot anyway! period and end of essay!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


as ROSE ROSE´s MOSH OF ASS 12" has been uploaded on some other blogs just a short time ago I´ll keep it short. just posted it as I had already ripped it and the other postings all had used a different cover. here you get the cover of the the IN YOUR FACE rec. pressing cover! b.t.w. no, I´m not ashamed of the cheap excuse!

THRASH & BURN (the 2nd)

the THRASH AND BURN 6" of Sweden´s D.S. - 13 is re-upped in better quality! 9 hits! all killers - no fillers!

Friday, May 9, 2008


MASSKONTROLL´s WILL YOU EVER LEARN 12" is their best record in my ears! dark CRUST with even darker lyrics heavy influenced by Swedish and Japanese HARDCORE! I guess I don´t have to say more as everybody knows them and everybody knows that people of you-know-who played in MASSKONTROLL!


one of my all time fave records is the DROP DEAD / CROSSED OUT split 5"! this 5" is packed with rage 110% no matter if it´s the 6 DROP DEAD tracks or the 4 CROSSED OUT tracks! all killers - no fillers! the only sad thing about this 5" (and most 5"es in general) is that it´s difficult to place the needle on the little fucker! that´s why there´s some awful noise on the beginning of the 1st DROP DEAD song!


Bernard asked me in a comment if I got anything from Berlin´s MALINHEADS, that was kind of funny as I was preparing some MALINHEADS for posting while he asked. this is their 1st 7" from 1983 on Berlin´s POGAR records (which did the V.K.J. 2 x 7" too). as there are some rumors that there were just 50 copies made with the cover you see above I did a little research on the web, but all I found out was that the above cover is the cover of the 1st press and the cover on the right is the cover of the 2nd press. if anybody can tell me more about this write a comment! musicwise MALINHEADS were faster then most other German bands from the same time and had English lyrics (but used German for the title of the 7") as they had heavy influences from DISCHARGE and other U.K. bands from that time! their influences are plain to see in the name of their songs ( WARGAMES), too! and in case you don´t know: the title of the 2nd song BECKS & SEX (or BEX & SEX on the 2nd press cover) relates to German Becksbier!


another one sided 7"...this time it´s a compilation called DRUM MACHINE MADNESS that was released by ROBOTIC EMPIRE records. this compilation serves you 5 tracks from 5 bands, which are WADGE, NEMO, PILGRIM FETUS, ALIEN CRUCIFIXION and AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, and comes in heavy, green marbled vinyl (my copy came with this childish doodling on the non-music side). the record lives up to it´s title pretty well. all bands here use drum machines instead of human drumers and are all fast as fuck but basicaly DRUM MACHINE GRIND is a love it or hate it thing! if you dig this kind of music like I do you´ll like this comp. if you don´t like this kind of music then you´ll hate this comp. and the bands on it for sure!


I found this 7" on someone´s blog a short time ago (sorry, can´t remember which blog it was) but after I downloading it I recognized it was just ripped with 128 k/Bits. as this is still one of my favorite 7"es I ripped it myself. so here you got HERESY´s WHOSE GENERATION? 7" ripped with 256 k/Bits! HERESY were one of the best bands that ever existed and the number of bands influenced by their music is legion! fast & furious U.K. HARDCORE the way it was meant to be! this 7" was released in 1989 by the legendary IN YOUR FACE rec. label that was done by HERESY´s bassist Kalv and came in a nice gatefold cover. as a bonus you get the one sided LIVE AT LEEDS 7". as the title says this is a one sided live 7". in 99,99% of the cases live records are something that no one needs and this is no exception! I would´ve never bought something like this but got it as a bonus while trading records. it was released by OPEN rec from the U.S. and has 3 tracks in decent quality on one and some scratched in "pictures" on the other side. I tried to make the pics visible for your entertainment!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


the best DEUTSCHPUNK comp. PARANOIA IN DER STRASSENBAHN (well it is at least the best DEUTSCHPUNK comp. in my ears) is ready to download here! as it features BUTTOCKS, COPSLAYERS (their only song ever released!), NAPALM, RAZORS, RAZZIA, SS ULTRABRUTAL, CORONERS, SLIME, PUNKENSTEIN, etc. I strongly advise you to do yourself a favor and download this gem if you don´t have the vinyl version as I do! or even better go buy the recently re-issued cd version so you got the great linernotes. b.t.w. an old friend of mine did a part of them!


once again it´s time for some Swedish noise! and this time it´s OPERATION´s turn. I saw them once together with DETESTATION and CRESS (you remember the story where I was harassing DOOM´s Bri for being sellout? that was the party after that show! see flyer!) and they were great! I´m a sucker when it comes down to female fronted CRUST/HARDCORE bands and OPERATION are among those! to make a long story short: OPERATION is hard hitting CRUST with female vocals! b.t.w. they released a 2nd 12" some years after FRIHET?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


as the post title says I got this from Count Yorga. well maybe I should change the name of the blog to ARE WE MEAN? and retire as I´m just using the links I got from other people? anyway KOBRA KAHN is a band I nearly know nothing about! I think they had a split 7" with ULTIMATE WARRIORS and maybe a 10". this is their 12 track demo including a I HATE YOU cover! I saw them live once and they really ripped!


this time Michel delivers you one of down under`s finest: Heist - blasting, fastcore from Perth, Austrailia. Members of Nailed Down and Rupture. you get 2 7"es here but as I don´t own them myself and couldn´t find the covers on the web the music will have do it!EDIT: Count Yorga scanned the covers and inlays so you won´t miss those neither! say thanks!


once again it´s time for something Mitchel was nice enough to contribute! he wrote: Knuckle Scraper - Beau from Insect Warfare, Alex from Hatred Surge and Mikey from 50/50 come together to form this ultimate trio that plays some of the best new-wave powerviolence!

edit: in the meantime I ripped my own copy with 320 k/bits
and scanned the artwork! thanks to Mitchel nevertheless!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Mitchel provided me with rips of FORCED EXPRESSION´s 7" and their split 7"es with AVULISON and APARTMENT 213. I´ve those 7"es myself and had them on my to do list as well but as I´m a lazy ass I´ll use Mitchel´s rips. FORCED EXPRESSION had Daryl of CITIZENS ARREST on voclas and guitar. if you expect HARDCORE like CITIZENS ARREST you are wrong! FORCED EXPRESSION are way rawer and more along the lines of GRIND than CITIZENS ARREST were! a great band in it´s own right!

AVULSION play full speed ahead old school GRINDCORE!

you should be familiar with APARTMENT 213 by now!