Friday, June 7, 2013


there're 2 new LEFT FOR DEAD tracks up on SOUNDCLOUD called 1946 and COP TRAP plus there's some rumors about about 4 new LEFT FOR DEAD E.P.s. FUCK YES! in case you ask yourself what the fuck 500514 has to do with LEFT FOR DEAD let me tell you: nothing! I just figured out that while the counter on my blog (which I put up 2 years after I started or so) says 300000 something hits the google counter says 500514 hits. cool!


Lecky or "Shipwreck Leck" as he's called in the linernotes strikes again! this time as vocalist for WALK THE PLANK. honestly speaking I can't tell you much about them cause I haven't been able to find that much info about them. I can't tell you when this CD was released but what I can tell you is that this CD was released in 2005 and that the 7 tracks on this CD are taken from the 4 track demo CD-R and the self-titled 7" that were released in 2004. music-wise WALK THE PLANK are a little bit more melodic than Lecky's other bands were/are but basically it's still pissed off HARDCORE that has a pirate theme thing going on lyric-wise. click the cover to download!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


a compilation, actually 2 split 7"es, that features IRON LUNG, MIND ERASER, HATRED SURGE and SCAPEGOAT has to be good I guess but the BRUTAL SUPREMACY comp. is not just a good one it's a great one! IRON LUNG go first unleashing 3 tracks of the 2-men inferno they are known for which are all called BRUTAL SUPREMACY. MIND ERASER are next with 4 tracks of fucked up HC/POWER VIOLENCE that sound so mean enough to make up for the vocalist's affiliation with the Hare Krishna bullshit. then it's time for HATRED SURGE and their brand of punishing GRINDCORE. 3 new tracks that are all top notch! last but not least there are SCAPEGOAT which deliver 7 tracks of insane POWER VIOLENCE. totally pissed off and vicious tunes!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


you didn't really think I wouldn't post about the re-issue of GEHENNA's debut 12" NEGOTIUM PERAMBULANS IN TENEBRIS on A389 RECORDS, or did you? I'm aware that it's already out since February and therefore old news in these days but I have to post about it nevertheless. in 2000 I lived right next to Füxen who ran BAD INFLUENCE RECORDS and a distro. one afternoon Füxen came over to my place with a record and told me "I got 3 of these today and I know you want one of them!" I replied something like: "what makes you sure?" and Füxen said: "the fact that it's GEHENNA's 1st full length and the fact that it is a monster of a record!" GEHENNA already were one of my fave bands and I expected NEGOTIUM PERAMBULANS IN TENEBRIS to be a good record but I didn't expect what came out of my speakers when the needle hit the record. I was blown away! GEHENNA's music has always been ugly, violent, spiteful, mean and hateful but never as much as on this record. fast forward to 2013: 13 years later GEHENNA is not only one of my fave bands GEHENNA and CITIZENS ARREST are my fave bands and there's no other record I've played as often as GEHENNA's NEGOTIUM PERAMBULANS IN TENEBRIS 12". since I played this record for the first time till today it has been the record that has helped me fight my own demons the most. when I had to face my worst nightmares and struggled to keep my sanity this was the soundtrack to it. the re-issue on A389 RECORDS has remastered versions of the songs and comes with a slightly altered artwork. while the cover of the CRAWLSPACE pressing was all black with an embossed GEHENNA logo and the title NEGOTIUM PERAMBULANS IN TENEBRIS printed on it in white the re-issue comes in a gatefold cover that has the artwork of the CD version on the cover which was on the backside of the lyric sheet of the 1st press (although NEGOTIUM PERAMBULANS IN TENEBRIS is written in different fonts now) and the track list on the backcover has been moved to the bottom and the font color has been changed from white to red. the song SEVEN CROWNS is now listed as THE SEVEN CROWNS while THE CHOKING SANDS is now listed as CHOKING SANDS only. as you can see below the re-issue also has printed labels instead of the black labels of the 1st press. the included poster of the cover atrwort scores extra points! I already mentioned that the tracks have been remastered for the re-issue. that was done at AUDIOSIEGE by Brad Boatright the guitarist of FROM ASHES RISE who did a good job! the sound is much cleaner, you can hear the single instruments better while they still sound thight and Mike's vocals sound even more demonic. the only thing I'm not so fond of is that the cover of G.G. ALLIN's BITE IT YOU SCUM has been replaced by a cover of D.R.I.'s YES MA'AM previously released on their O.D.R.I.E.P. 7" flexi especially since putting both tracks on the 12" wouldn't have been a problem. anyway, as good as the cover tunes may be they're no match for gems like FIRST BLOOD, BAPTIZED IN FALLOUT, THE TABLES TURN, CRUSH OPPOSITION or WIN BY ATTRITION as each of those is misantrophy turned into music! 
the version of the 12" on white vinyl came with a bonus 7" on red vinyl which is limited to 300 copies and has the tracks COVET THY CROWN and OURS TO DEVOUR as they appeared on the DEFINITELY NOT THE MAJORS compilation on side A and a cover of G.G. ALLIN's BITE IT YOU SCUM on side B. for therecord: BITE IT YOU SCUM was the perfect pick as cover song for GEHENNA! actually the song fits them so perfectly that you most likely wouldn't guess it's a cover and not a track of their own even though there's a world of difference between G.G. ALLIN's music and GEHENNA's music.