Friday, October 31, 2008


after arriving at Hamburg mainstation I went to the world's probably most famous red-light district: Hamburg's very own Reeperbahn. when you leave the subway you'll find pretty neat signs like the one below. as Germany has pretty restrictive gun-laws I can't help myself but I find that sign very entertaining!
DROPDEAD played at the VoKü which is in the basement of one of the world famous formerly squatted houses in the Hafenstrasse. it's a pretty small place (they don't even have a stage) and so DROPDEAD played 2 shows that evening so that everybody could see them! thanks to the bastard of a cabdriver who's responsible that I missed the train I wanted to take I just arrived 20 min before DROPDEAD started their 2nd show! I missed RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA as I prefered to talk to MOSH EISLEY's Robi Wan outside the VoKü. again the place was really crowded (a little bit to crowded for my taste) and it didn't take long to figure out that there were a lot of idiots in the crowd! as soon as DROPDEAD started with their 1st song those idiots started to hit people while pretending to mosh (one of them was behind me at the entrance and was arguing with the people cause he didn't want to pay)! when Bob said they would stop playing the situation calmed down a little bit but it didn't make them idiot's stop completely! the sound wasn't that good either. it was thin and Bob's mic refused to do it's job properly! one could see that DROPDEAD were really annoyed by the idiots in the crowd! in spite of the idiots and the shitty sound they blasted themselves through a solid set spanning their complete career that was great to watch! ask Rob how the 1st show was!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


nearly exact 10 years ago my old band toured with DROPDEAD in Germany, France and the Netherlands. it was our 1st tour and to do it with DROPDEAD was more than anyone of us ever expected and truth be told it was just pure luck in the 1st place that helped us to end up on that tour. we didn't have the intention to go on tour all I did was offering Ralph and Bernd from SCORCHERED EARTH POLICY / STACK to help them out with the tour by putting up 2 shows for DROPDEAD and it ended in they asking us if we wouldn't like to go on tour with DROPDEAD. I guess we were all very excited! hahaha! and as Devon, Bob, Brian and Ben turned out to be some of the coolest people I'd ever meet in the whole HARDCORE scene it wasn't really a question if I'd go and see them now! the 1st show was 29/10/2008 at the famous Köpi in Berlin. we started our trip a around 4 in the afternoon and arrived in Berlin 5 hours later. on the way we bought some EROTIK BEER and really what better start in a cool evening could there be? after meeting some friends we went to Köpi which was pretty crowded. I catched DROPDEAD while they were eating and they all started to laugh when they saw me as they had just talked about me a short time before cause of some shit that happened in Amsterdam 10 years ago. we talked alittle bit and Brian told me that some of his drumgear didn't come with them cause the airline had decided to send it elsewhere and that Vienna's RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA which would bring the bassbox with them, were late cause they had been pulled over by the cops which decided to search their van while on the way to Berlin! yeah, welcome to Bavaria! finaly the Austrians arrived and entered the stage at once! cause of that the sound was a little bit thin during the first songs but got better during their set. in case you don't know yet: 2 of them are from South America and so their CRUDOS-styled HARDCORE comes with spanish lyrics, done by a woman, alsio! they played a good set and if you haven't heard their split 12" with SOLID DECLINE yet I suggest you give it a try!

here are some pics of RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA from the Köpi show! fast, furious and pissed as hell! in my ears they're at the moment Austria's best band!
and here're some DROPDEAD pics taken at, you guessed it, Köpi! after all this years they didn't loose just a little bit of their anger! it seems like they're more enraged now then ever before! as they couldn't do a proper soundcheck they also had a thin sound during their first songs and Bob had problems with his mic (fucking feedback) during their whole set. when they were here in 1998 they couldn't more than 2 songs that were from the 1st 7" and the split 5" with CROSSED OUT cause Devon was new on bass and didn't know more. this time they played songs from all their releases and some new songs that didn't make it on vinyl yet! an awesome show that would have been brilliant without the sound-problems!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Friday, October 24, 2008


klick on the cover to get to S.D.S.´re-upped AMEBER CD and their PAST AND FUTURE TWIN 2 x CD!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


here's the promised re-up of the 3rd NO FATE compilation 2 x CD! klick on the cover to download!


another goodie the Count contributed is BRICK's one-sided THOU SHALL NOT KILL 7"! he did a great job on this one scanning the complete artwork and including it! 7 tracks on a one-sided 7" may give you a hint what to expect music-wise if you aren't familiar with BRICK!


I've re-upped the HAMMERHEAD comp. tracks as requested but as their other stuff has been re-released I'll take the links to their 12"es and the 10" down soon and won't re-up them again! klick the HAMMERHEAD logo to download!


I had posted UNKNOWN H.C. DRUNKERS VOL. 1 a while ago now here's the follow up with the 2nd part. the bands featured on this one are: BAD TASTE, BEYOND DESCRIPTION, C.O.S.A., HEIDEGGER, HELLCHILD, NOISE DISTRACTION, OUCH, OVER DOSE, STRESS, THE SEMETARY and one more that has it's name just printed in Japanese kanjis. maybe someone can tell me what their name means in English? if I understood the idea behind this comps. then the idea was to give bands that haven't released more than a demo the posibility to get heard. so that should be the 1st vinyl apperance of all that bands. while HELLCHILD already bore me in the begining the stand-outs are HEIDEGGER and THE SEMETARY!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


my girlfriend hates (most) of the music I love and she'd prefer I wouldn't waste my time on blogging but she probably loves Rob and Chris and their MOSH EISLEY blog! why? cause when Chris wrote me that NEGATIVE APPROACH weren't that amazing live I decided I wouldn't go and see them and instead spend the evening with her. and since she saw Rob's post on renovating his flat guess whom she uses as an example that renovating is PUNK AS FUCK? I don't need to tell you that the fact that Rob own's the flat he's renovated and I just rented mine doesn't count? to make a long story short I've been finally "persuaded" to renovate my flat a little bit as if I wouldn't have enough to do at work, etc... b.t.w. you may laugh now but that also means the re-ups may take a little longer and that I can't get to all my zines at the moment! (@ Chris: I haven't found INSIDE FRONT # 10 yet, but I'll continue looking for it!)
above you see a pic of my little "helper" Chabo, who enjoys my attempts probably even more than my girlfriend!
one thing I did in spite of all the shit I should've done was driving to Munich yesterday where STAGNATION'S END played a re-union show on Oise's birthday party as you can see on the pics! even though the party was a little bit depressing I enjoyed watching STAGNATION'S END once again after years! I also videotaped a part of the show, which might end up on my other blog when I'm done with working!

I should add that all the boys were running around in suit and tie and all the girls were running around in fancy dresses except the STAGNATION'S END singer (ACME windbreaker jacket) and me (camouflage trousers) as we didn't notice that there was a dresscode!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I stumbled over SATANIC THREAT's IN TO HELL 7" at Stig's MAD BLASTS OF CHAOS blog and loved it as soon as I saw the cover and even more after I heard the music! Stig described it as "satanic MINOR THREAT worship by members of NUNSLAUGHTER and MIDNIGHT." and he said that "basically it's straight up 80's HARDCORE with satanic lyrics." take a look at the song titles they might give you a hint that Stig is perfectly right with his description. anyway, as this 7" is so fucking brilliant and it's sold now as far as I know, I decided to post it again! it was one of the most expensive 7"es I bought new as it features sheer incredible artwork which I've scanned for you!


it's time for another Nippon posting, this time it's GARLIC BOYS´ turn! this 7" delivers 4 tracks of dirty JAPPUNK. all I can tell you about them is that Mark has posted more of their stuff on his DOWN UNDERGROUND blog but besides that I've no infos about them! so in case you like them go visit Mark's blog!


thanks to the world wide web buying a record of a band I don't know and / or haven't heard before is a rare thing (truth be told it spoils the fun of buying records once in a while). one of those rare records was RUNNING FOR COVER's DARK WELL 12". I bought that record cause when their guitarist left a comment here someone pointed out that he used to play in SLAVESTATE before. now if that doesn't make you curious your interest in POWER VIOLENCE / GRINDCORE is just a farce! this 12" offers you 20 tracks in about 20 minutes and each single one of this 20 tracks is a real rager! good sound quality as well! I don't know the last time a band I haven't heard anything before blew me away as much as RUNNING FOR COVER! sad but true they've already split up before the record was released so I'd suggest you buy this record as long as you can (it might be considered a classic soon)!


that requested a re-up or whatever: I'll finally get a new notebook on monday and it might take me another 2 - 3 days to get all the programms I use for running this blog installed. after that I'll start to upload your requests or rip the stuff again if I've lost the files cause of the HD crash and some new stuff!

*the COUNTER CULTURE comp. link should be fixed! tell me if it works!*


another new gift from the Count is $KRUPEL's IMAGE OF GOD WITH GASMASK 12track demo which I really like a lot! the recording quality is good and the music is what you'd expect from a band which has named it's 1st 12" DAS POWER VIOLENCE. $KRUPEL are fast, they're vicious and they're furious! one of the best demos I've ever heard! includes the lyrics!

*EDIT: as Mr. Batguano of FUGITIVE EQUILIBRIUM pointed out $KRUPEL's 12" isn't called DAS POWERVIOLENCE it's called GYROSCAN T5-11 (and has a song that's called I'M A POPE b.t.w.) don't know why that title poped up in my brain! Mr Batguano had a $KRUPEL post with that title but I'm not really convinced I got it from his blog - at least I can't remember that I've seen it there (which at the moment doesn't say anything as I did all the last posts being so tired from work that I could hardly remember my own name!*


cause I mentioned ROT in the review of the R.O.T. demo Count Yorga delivered some new goods with ROT's PRISONER OF MY FEAR 12 track demo from 1991 among them! ROT from Brazil are among South-America's best GRINDCORE / CRUST bands (with heavy DEATH METAL influences as well) which you couldn't tell from this demotape as the quality isn't really brilliant and cause of this the songs lack the brutality needed for that kind of sound! give it a try and decide for yourself!

Monday, October 6, 2008


everybody who's heard VOORHEES 2nd 12" called 13 will agree that it is terrible! I never thought about posting it but as I found rips of the re-issues of 13 and SPILLING BLOOD WITHOUT REASON that had some bonustracks I changed my mind! these are not my rips! I just re-upped the rips I found! download this for the bonustracks!


some days ago Mr. BLEND 77 the man behind the great ZEN AND THE ART OF FACE PUNCHING blog did a SWARM a.k.a. KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD post and by a coincident I just scored this comp. for 2 bucks some days before and had it already ripped! besides the Canadians you get END 32 and SLANG from Indonesia and DEMON SYSTEM 13 from Sweden.unlike most other HARDCORE 7" comps. this one is among those that don't suck! nowadays there are quite some bands from South-East-Asia that release records on European or U.S. record labels and bands from here have toured over there but when this was released South-East-Asia was just famous for food and Silat and not really for it's HARDCORE-scene.


however I managed to leave out 1 song on each of those records it should now be fixed! as it may not fit in with the rest I'll rip both records again when I got more time! for this shall do it's job!