Saturday, August 30, 2008


the ...NO LIE 7" is the 2nd release of Germany´s $KRUPEL. this 8 track rager was released on R.S.R. in 1997. if you aren´t familiar with $KRUPEL let me tell you that they´re one of Germany´s top notch POWER VIOLENCE bands! don´t get decieved by the ugly cover, it might be a rule of thumb that good German bands have to have ugly cover!

Friday, August 29, 2008


in my book SCATHA were always among the unique bands. the bands that strayed from the horde and did their own thing. on this 3 track 7" they sound a little bit more generic than on their other releases but I´d still consider this a good 7"! and they managed to put everything that´s to say about "the system" in the 4 lines of FUCK THE SYSTEM - WE DON`T WANT IT! FUCK THE SYSTEM! WE DON`T NEED IT! FUCK THE SYSTEM! WE DON`T LIKE IT! FUCK THE SYSTEM! WE DON`T WANT YOUR FUCKED UP SYSTEM! I´d say they did a good job! b.t.w. the word system comes from a Latin word. the Romans used to call their sewer the system!


DOOM´s MONARCHY ZOO 7" is another timeless gem with more than brilliant lyrics on the titletrack! if you really don´t know this - where have you been the last 15 years?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Joe wrote: "Awesome blog! It's refreshing to find one dedicated to "real" punk. Would you mind posting the DALETH (my "one man" sludge band) tracks from the BLUE SHIFT split on here? Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks in advance!" even though I couldn´t find anyone who would define "real" PUNK for me and explain to me who gave those who define it the authority to define what "real" PUNK is! since the newest discussion on Mark´s DOWN UNDERGROUND blog, which in parts was the most stupid shit I´ve seen in my blogger career till now! the deathwish e.g. before that 2 thirds of the people commenting proved over and over again that they can neither read nor write a proper sentence but the deathwish was greatest highlighting of stupidity possible and counts as evidence for the theory that we are the missing link between apes and humans! the reason that discussion comes to my mind is that DALETH is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet but also an occult term that means door and an open door symbolizes knowledge (a half open door therefore symbolizes concealed knowledge) and knowledge and/or the ability to think in general wasn´t really present at said discussion (I´m aware of the fact that there wasn´t a dialouge which is the base needed for any discussion I´m just to lazy to write display of stupidity every time!) . back to DALETH: I didn´t know them before and therefore can´t give you much more infos besides that they are on myspace, have a blog of their own where you can d/l more of their music, have some really cool artwork and from their name one could draw the conclusion that they are more on the dark side of things! and their myspace page tells you that: DALETH is the "solo project" from Joe Merrill (Rowdy Towdy, Noah's Apathy, Maniac, Esteem, City of Liars, Centaurus, etc.). Unlike his previous efforts, DALETH explores a dark, revealing cycle throughout every song. Each note, faced by doom, follows an epic adventure. In a sea of drowning talent, DALETH incorporates several unique influences into it's excursion. which sounds like horseshit to me! follows an epic adventure, in a sea of drowning talent,... are there "schools" where one learns to write such crap or is it enough to fuck up your brain with a shitload of acid? I think DALETH is ok music-wise! it´s not really my sound as I´m not into SLUDGE, but it´s nothing I would call bad but that load of horseshit promocrap is more than bad!
MARY SHELLEY OVERDRIVE asked if I´d like to post their new web-only E.P. of coversongs . well, I´m quite sure I said this before: I HATE coversong e.p.s (the only thing even worse are tribute comps.!) with very, very few exceptions! so few they are rarer than good 7" comps.! this one is far from being among the selected few exceptions but I like their artwork (more on their website), they do a cover of the Batman-theme that I like, their version of BLACK FLAG´s WASTED is so bad it somehow gets listenable through how fucked up & shitty it is and they pull of a cover of BLUE OYSTER CULT´s THIS AIN`T THE SUMMER OF LOVE that is actually really cool and the only track on the E.P. that benefits from the low-fi rehearsal room d.i.y. recording! the rest of the songs are covers of DEVO, BO DIDDLEY, THE WHITE STRIPES, ANTI-SEEN and THE VASELINES where I don´t know the originals or, in case I do know the original the coversong does as little for me as the original!

John Von Blast wrote me this: "Hello, Just wanna say thanks for the amount of quality stuff you post on your music blog. It's good to finally have mp3 versions of stuff I only have on vinyl and also the chance to get check out other things. One of my old bands recently set up a myspace account for the purpose of making our complete discography available for free via download. Check it out if you like, and if you do like it feel free to add it to your blog." well, it took me a while till I found the time to out DEADSTARE but as I really liked what I heard I decided to put it on my blog despite the fact 2 other blogs have done the same!


time for RUINATION once again! this time with their DEAD HORSE 4 song 7" that was released on NO IDEA Records! mine came in clear wax and had blank labels of which one was white and the other was black. the 1st song on this little rager is called HOLY TERROR and is one of the best RUINATION tracks ever and a great example of the strangest thing about them. as you might know the people in RUINATION live in 2 different nations with hundreds of km of distance between them. that´s why they treat their records like projects which means they meet for a weekend, write songs, rehearse them and finally record them. if you´ve just a tiny little bit of knowledge about being in a band you know that this conditions are more or less the opposite of good. now, cause of this the sound on this 7" has it´s weak moments here and there, but somehow they manage that this "weakness" flatters them! they are the only band that has a mix where the guitars have a sound that is more than thin at some points and it sound cool nevertheless!


was re-upped for you here!


this are just the 2 INTEGRITY tracks of their split 7" with PSYWARFARE (which is just another Dwid project). well actually it´s just SARIN that sounds like INTEGRITY are supposed to sound as the 2nd track is to close to what Dwid did with PSYWARFARE and/or LOCKWELD: some sort of noise that just annoys me as the name PSYWARFARE is more than just a fancy name in this case - here it´s more or less an accurate description of the purpose sounds like this are normaly used! came with a warning sticker that says: DO NOT PLAY THIS AT 78 R.P.M. TO HOUSEHOLD PETS AND EPILEPTICS! for me the remaining question is why the fuck would anybody listen to this at any speed? you don´t need to be a genius to figure out what damage can be done to the human mind/body with stuff like this! ok, way back when this was released the internet just started to pop up but today just google or take a look on the pic on PSYWARFARE´s side that might give you a hint! the 2 INTEGRITY tracks also appear on the IN CONTRAST OF EVERY SIN CD that was sold at gigs during one of their Europe tours! around the time when those split 7"es (this and the one with LOCKWELD) were released the demise of INTEGRITY began and the songs on their records that reminded of what a fucking, brilliant band they once were got fewer and fewer on every new release!


another re-up that is ready here!


the IRON COLUMNS 2 x 12'' comp. comes in a thick gatefold sleeve and a thick booklet that´s glued to the sleeve. so no scans of the artwork this time! to be honest all I read so far were the lyrics of the bands. the rest of the booklet annoys me right from the start with headlines like "DEAR ANARCHIST BROTHERS AND SISTERS" e.g.! the few things I noticed seem to deal with sexism and mind manipulation which is basically a pretty intersting topic (b.t.w. in correct English shouldn´t it be "WAR AGAINST TERRORISM" instead of "WAR ON TERROR"?) but I ´d to doubt that there is anything you can explain to someone who doesn´t have at least some basic knowledge in that matter with that little info you can provide with such limited space! but as I haven´t read that much I can´t really judge! anyway, take a look on the list of the bands that appear on this compilation if these names are no reason for you to download, probably nothing that I could add would be a reason for you to do so! cause of this I´ll just tell you that MAKHI are better known as SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and that I´ve been told that their tracks from here are included on a SEVERED HEAD OF STATE discography CD where the name MAKHI isn´t even mentioned, that the 3 KRIGSHOT tracks (one being a cover of, you guessed it, MOB 47´s KRIGSHOT) aren´t available anywhere else as far as I know and that the worst band on the comp. is Dutch BOYCOT but that was to be expected! oh, and on my copy the labels were completly messed up!


HELLNATION´s split with C.F.D.L. was re-upped! this time ripped with 320 kbits blablabla... in short: here!


if I remember correct then these tracks have been released/reissued by 3 different labels as 10" and 12" (the other 2 labels would be CRUST Rec. who did it as 12" and DOUBLE DECKER. don´t know in which format they did their pressing). mine is the German pressing on ANOMIE Rec. (b.t.w. does anyone know what happened to Uli Glotzbach the guy that did ANOMIE Rec.? rumors say that the last sign from him was that he was working in a factory that put fish in cans... the ultimate horror job!) that was on blue wax. DEVOID OF FAITH usually are described as old school HARDCORE. well, Brian from INSIDE FRONT has a better description. he said that listening to DEVOID OF FAITH feels like: "being run over by a locomotive while the guy in the drivers seat shouts profanity at you!" I think that this description fits pretty well! I´d prefer the 10 tracks here (9 tracks of their own and a cover of RAW POWER´s STATE OPPRESSION) to their stuff on the 12" they shared with U.K.´s boygroup #1 - VOORHEES. and in case you don´t know already, let me tell you that DEVOID OF FAITH´s Nate is the Nate who runs GLOOM Rec. and he is also the Nate who does the great TRUE PUNK AND METAL blog!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


the TARGETS 7" was reupped here!


it was so quiet here cause I had a little car accident! it wasn´t my fault and not really a big thing either but as I got hurt on my hip sitting in front of my computer wasn´t among the things that felt good! and before you ask: no, that´s not the my car on the pic above. that was the car of my girlfriend that she crashed earlier this year! while I was killing time at home I figured out that Count Yorga had sent me a lot of stuff that I hadn´t posted yet. that´s why I decided to do a Count Yorga mega post and here we go:

SLAVE STATE are 1st with their complete discography. someone requested this and the Count was so nice to jump in and provided you with 26 vicious, fast and furious little ragers that make your blood boil! sadly the Count just included the cover so you get no lyrics, artwork, etc.

Austria´s EXTREM are 2nd and the Count did everything to leave you jawdropped! apart from the track on Pushead´s CLEANSE THE BACTERIA compilation you pretty much get the whole discography: their demo from 1984, their 7" and the tracks from the split 12" with MICKEYMAN (I admitt the Count sent the complete split 12" my way but as I hate Reggea and MICKEYMAN are a Reggeaband I left those tracks out. cry me a river if you don´t like that decision!)! their angry HARDCORE/PUNK made them one of Austria´s best bands!

then there was a request for the DREAD MESSIAH 7" which was filled by the Count at once! if I tell you that they´re from the U.K. and that their 3 song 7", called MIND INSURRECTION was released on SKULD you should be able to have a clue how they might sound? and here´s a pic so you know how they look!

the next record on the list is the MALINHEADS / M.V.D. split 12". unfortunately the Count just has the test pressing so there is no cover, no lyrics... and not even all song titles! well, that´s life!

last but not least you get the THOUGHTS ABOUT A DEPRESSING WORLD 7" comp. that features VEITSTANZ, SCUM, SCRAPS, ALIEN LEAGUE and ZERO POSITIVES. it´s a nice little comp. you can do no wrong with checking this one out!

* DEMO 84

* SPLIT 12"

* edit - someone who used to play in EXTREM asked me to take down their releases as there is an official discography to be released in the near future! *

Friday, August 15, 2008


BITTE mach das! Ich hab Dzuma und seinen damaligen Mitbewohner Raffi schon seit Jahren nicht mehr gesehen und würd beide verdammt gern wiedersehen! Arek kenn ich auch, sag ihm bitte Grüsse von Raffis und Dzumas Kumpel aus Bayern!


I´ve re-upped HELLNATION´s AT WAR WITH EMO 5" this time ripped with 320 kbits and scans of the artwork! I´d like to dedicate this to Gabe who runs the NATION ON FIRE blog which he should call NATION OF FINKS instead as that would fit better! read the lyrics to TOO PUNK TOO DRUNK as they´re about people like you!


as TOXIC MOLAR who runs the BUDDHA KAHN blog had this one on his wantlist I decided to post it! the CHARLES BRONSON / ICE NINE split 7" was my intoduction to both bands and released on one of my all time fave record labels: BOVINE. the only negative thing one could say about this 7" is that the BOVINE logo is printed on the ICE NINE cover and that shit ruins every cover! is it so difficult to print your logo on the inside? stay tuned for the CHARLES BRONSON / UNANSWERED split 7" soon(er or later)


I´ll make this one a short post as I´ve stated my opinion that COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION were one of the best HARDCORE bands ever more than once! their one and only 7" - you need this!


I noticed that some of my 4SHARED files are down I don´t have the nerves to check out why at the moment... so here´s the BEYOND DESCRIPTION / EXCREMENT OF WAR split 7" re-upped on MEDIAFIRE!


even tough the music is great the APARMENT 213 / BENÜMB split 7" leaves a sour taste somehow. why? both bands offer 3 songs and while both bands don´t bother to print their lyrics BENÜMB don´t even care to give you the song titles! I would´ve prefered the lyrics over orange wax in on which this 7" was pressed! (as the BENÜMB tracks also appear on the SOUL OF THE MARTYR CD I know the titles and have tagged the tracks)