Saturday, May 28, 2011


another christian moron trying to safe me:
blessed holy socks said...

You apparently don't know the cool Jesus. If you did, you'd have a whole lot better take on God than your worthless angst which might putya in Hell for spouting-off your wimpy rants against the Almighty. You just have an attitude, dude. Me, too, only I git people to look up rather than the whorizontal; I used to be a hardcore punkUation, too, except I saw the Light and Jesus wanna gotta save this sinfull mortal overly conformed by the world without Holy Mass. Rise-up, brudda. Overcome. We only have a short time here... and then we croak. If you don't know Jesus, you're toast. Jesus will give you every, #@!!, opportunity to know Him in your weeeee lifetimes. One of 'em is, ta-da! me. Last point: only 2 realms after death... and 1 of 'em ain't too cool. You definitely know which one THAT is, don'cha? If you don't, God bless you.

well, I don't know why you made that comment on this post as there are a lot of posts where it would have been more on point but as your comment highlights the fact that you are a moron of the highest degree I guess I shouldn't be surprised! you're right, I don't know "the cool Jesus" cause I don't need any imaginary friend like Jesus nor any god. I don't fear to be put in hell therefore I neither know what "angst" you're talking about nor do I have any idea what the "wimpy rants" should be! I'm not sure if I really get what the rest of your retarded comment should bring across but as far as I understand it you're trying to tell me that you've been HC/Punk till you saw the light? sorry, but if you're not now you never were! period! you've always just been a hardcore moron no matter what you thought! trust me, it's as simple as that!

Friday, May 20, 2011


I never ever even just thought of buying music in form of digital files to download and also would have never thought I'd ever be just tempted to do that. well, that was before CITIZENS ARREST decided after 20 years to hit the studio again, record some new tunes and release it as a digital 4 song E.P. called SOAKED IN OTHERS BLOOD on COEXTINCTION as I bought that E.P. as fast as possible cause they and GEHENNA are my 2 all-time fave bands and therefore I just had to hear their new stuff! in the meantime I listened to their 4 new tracks quite a few times and dare say: CITIZENS ARREST are back on the map! unlike a lot of other bands that reformed ages after they had disbanded CITIZENS ARREST aren't embarrassing themselves with their new recordings but deliver 4 kick ass tracks. unfortunately digital E.P. means no physical copies only m4a files to download and that totally sucks! period! as if that wouldn't be enough the packaging sucks even worse! original CITIZENS ARREST vocalist Ted Leo, who nowadays handles the part of the 2nd guitarist, posted this on their FACEBOOK site: "...Vinyl would be great, and I'm sure there'll be something in the near future, but there's a reason we didn't do it right now - we thought the whole point of what our friends at Coexctinction do is cool: no contracts, no LPs, you record fast and for free, they turn it around and get it right up online as fast as they can, and then sell it for cheap. It's a way to document something immediate - friends working with friends, for, like, literally one afternoon of fun and creativity (I realize that sounds a lot like daycare, but...) and have it out there right in the moment. Also, it's part of an ongoing series of these quick digital EPs..." although I think he wrote that to explain why they only did a digital E.P. it also points out nearly everything that, in my opinion, sucks about it. I'm sorry but when "get it right up online as fast as they can" translates to get it up so fast that you can only include 2 text files, one about copyright and the other with some info about encoding plus a 2 sided folder with (nearly) 5"es x 10"es I wouldn't exactly say that that "is cool". I also disagree on the point that COEXTINCTION "then sell it for cheap" cause in my eyes it looks more like they don't "sell it for cheap" they sell it just cheap, as cheap as by all means possible cheapening everything through that which might be the reason that the little artwork included annoys me as much as the absence of more artwork. I'm well aware that this E.P. is part "of an ongoing series of these quick digital EPs" but that's no excuse for the E.P.'s front cover where the label's name is not only displayed bigger than the E.P.'s title. the 7 that indicates the part in the series is also displayed bigger than CITIZENS ARREST's band-name combined with the fact that the black & white CITIZENS ARREST logo on the cover doesn't fit together with the red & gray illustrations on it doesn't make the cover something to write home about. anyway, let's talk about the good things as already said earlier CITIZENS ARREST don't embarrass themselves music-wise with their new recordings! the most recognizable thing is that Darryl's voice, which was something like their trademark, has changed over the years to a point that on some parts I most likely wouldn't recognize it's him if I wouldn't know it. don't get me wrong that's not a critique that's just a fact. besides that all tracks could have also appeared on their old records especially the title track SOAKED IN OTHERS BLOOD. I really hope that the vinyl version of this will have a packaging that does the excellent music more justice than the digital version!
available for $ 2,99 from COEXTINCTION

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I thought that it's about time for another post about the "Kings of Punk" a.k.a. POISON IDEA therefore here's their OFFICAL BOOTLEG double 7" (you just have to love records with typos in the title). well, the two 7"es are housed in a gatefold cover but come without any inserts and only deliver 1 song per 7" side and all of them, except PLASTIC BOMB, are only covers that also appear on other releases as well. as most of the cover songs POISON IDEA recorded during their career aren't exactly among the best shit they did honestly speaking most likely nobody really needs this one but it also doesn't hurt to have it. click the cover to download! the password is mean.
on a side note: as the labels basically all look the same and only differ through the song title on each of them I only scanned one of the 4 labels.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I frequently get e-mails from bands and labels that want me to post and review their new release on my blog. well, in case you want me to do that you'll have to send me a physical copy of your release! I can't review something I haven't seen and a picture is no substitute for the real thing! if you can't live with that don't waste our time!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


since you still can hardly watch TV without hearing the words "Japan, nuclear, etc" here's some more classic JAPCORE. a bootleg 12" that's called JAPAN ONE and compiles three 7"es from CONFUSE, LSD, GIL and KURO's WHO THE HELPLESS 8". as this is a really well done bootleg it comes with inserts that include pics of the org. labels and more. as I ripped the mp3s from a CD-R I already made a while ago the tracklist of the mp3s differs from that of the vinyl. on the vinyl side 2 starts with the 3 tracks of LSD's JAST LAST 7" which are followed by CONFUSE's SPENDING LOUD NIGHT 7" here it's the other way round: CONFUSE 1st, LSD second! as it's all classic stuff I wrote enough I think! one last thing: this 12" was bootlegged by ABSOLUTE POWER which at least did a G.I.S.M. bootleg also. does anybody know if they did more? click the cover to download!