Wednesday, December 31, 2008


ladies & gentlemen while I'm typing this I'm listening to IBR 002, which has arrived at my home today and is a one-sided 10" of the infamous GEHENNA featuring the 3 songs from their 1994 demotape as they appeared on the tape! it's limited to 9 copies and isn't a vinyl pressing but an acetone cut! I could add that it will come in a screenprinted fold-out cover but as you can't buy it....

Monday, December 29, 2008


I don't know much about DOPPELGÄNGER or DOPPELGANGER as most people from the states, I guess cause of lacking the Ä, spell them. they are from California and members played in ROSENBOMBS and PUNCH and their demo comes has 17 songs that have a playing time of around 10 minutes! I found this one on the web so sorry for no cover, etc. but I don't have all that! I think they are not as awesome as PUNCH or ROSENBOMBS but that does not hinder them to be a really great band!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


the reason for this post is a rather sad one. on 09/10/2008 Steve Hansford a.k.a. Slayer Hippie was arrested and charged with robbing a pharmacy in Portland / Or. in case he's found guilty he'll face a 7 - 15 years sentence. when he wasn't robbing banks he was a brilliant drummer as you can hear on the 6 songs on this brilliant POISON IDEA 12". 6 hits - that's all I'll say!


another one-sided record - RHINO CHARGE's 6 song 7" which was released on TO LIVE A LIE Rec.! coming in dark brown vinyl this slab of plastic is a total rager! pissed off and furious POWER VIOLENCE with sludgey parts thrown in once in a while for diversity's sake. not just cause they are also a 3-piece (vocals,drums and guitar) they remind me of New Zealand's DRUG PROBLEM (I expect STIG(NZ) to confirm this) which is cool as I really like DRUG PROBLEM and so I like RHINO CHARGE too!


when I listened to THEY LIVE's BLURRED 7" for the 1st time I recognized a cover on it. to my shame my 1st thought was CHAIN OF STRENGTH before I figured out it was TURNING POINT. after hearing the cover I pulled out the original and listened to TURNING POINT for the 1st time in years. big mistake! their 7" on HI-IMPACT REC. is one of the most powerful S.E. records ever released! I sold/traded most of my S.E. classics years ago and I really glad I kept this one cause it's a really brilliant record. 6 powerful songs to sing along!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


what have Nippon's SYPHILITIC VAGINAS with mmh let's say Belgium's NATIONS ON FIRE in common? I'll tell you: you either love them or hate them in case of the Japanese cause of their 110% ZOUO rip off in case if the later cause of the vocals! it's either you love SYPHILITC VAGINAS or you think they're utter crap! I tend to do the 1st what do you say?!


since I got into blogging! even when HAYMAKER's 3rd 7" looks really cool with a big hole!

and the limited cover of the TOTAL ABUSE 12" is way cooler than the ordinary cover!

but my BRUTAL KNIGHTS´ LIVING BY YOURSELF 12" doesn't sound a just little bit different just cause it's on golden vinyl!

the same is true for TEAR IT UP's I JUST CAN'T STAND IT 12" on blue vinyl

or the VIOLENT MINDS 7" on red vinyl but fuck it!


is a 7" comp. which features AUTORITÄR, GOMORRHA, COMATOSE, SHANK, CALLOUSED, PINK FLAMINGOS, IRRITATE and S.C.D.. SHANK have a real worse sound on this comp. here which is a big let-down in my eyes and the rest is pretty solid! except COMATOSE they were the 2nd band of the WILBUR COBB drummer and are fucking rad!


some days ago I received this e-mail: "Hey, My name's Ian and I sing for Korova, a hardcore band from Birmingham, AL. We recorded a full length recently and we're trying to get the word out. I'm contacting some blogs I read/download from regularly and hoping maybe some of you guys would be into putting the record up on your site as a download. I've included the mediafire link to the album below. Thanks a ton for listening, let me know what you think!" after I had downloaded ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER I recognized that there was no artwork and no lyrics included. so I did a little search on KOROVA's myspace page but couldn't find any lyrics there again! so I wrote Ian an e-mail and told him if he wants me to post their stuff he'd have to send me artwork and lyrics! which he did - more or less! he sent me the artwork and told me that he'll "put up a new MySpace blog with all the lyrics in it!" their lyrics are kind of strange (covering a lot of topics from drinking to serial killers) but never dumb! besides their 80ies U.S. styles HARDCORE they got some spoken word stuff going on here too. really a band worth checking out! if you click on the cover above you'll get the music click the pic below and you'll get to their myspace site!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


cause X-mas sucks big time here's the ULTRA-SUPER-MEGA-SATANIC X-MAS POST! as I believe most of the stuff below to be still in print I'll take down the link after X-mas!

edit: as X-mas is over I took down the d/l-link! go buy the records!

what could be better to start with than a record called CHRIST KILLER? if your answer was nothing you're right! ORDER OF THE VULTURE play a great mix of HARDCORE and BLACK METAL! fast and furious, great vocals! a really great band! came in white wax, with a sticker and a poster!

next are Canada's LEGION DCLXVI a.k.a. LEGION 666 with the 2 songs (one is a CRUDE S.S. cover) from their split 7" with BOMBSTRIKE which is called TEMPLE OF BLASPHEMY and fits here in very well. as that doesn't count for BOMBSTRIKE I've left out their songs! LEGION DCLXVI play a great mix of HARDCORE and BLACK METAL too. one of the best bands around at the moment!

I guess VENOM need no introduction?

edit: the ORDER OF THE VULTURE tracks are now edited! please download again if your archive didn't contain the HARM'S WAY 7"!

as this years X-mas sucks dick like not many before here's the ULTRA-SUPER-MEGA-SATANIC X-MAS POST # 2

brilliant! plain simple! and the only band that was already posted! so click their cover to get some more information on SATANIC THREAT and download link!

the HARM'S WAY 7" is here just for their intros!



till now I paid most of the bills for the 1st new release which means it should be out in the 1st week of January 2009.
the 2nd release will be the 1st 7" of New Zealand's JAPCORE thrashers # 1 GAWJ. they'll record the tracks in early January and the 7" should then be released in late February 2009. as soon as I've figured out the costs for the GAWJ 7" you'll be able to do pre-orders which will get you limited colored vinyl, etc.!
and I decided I'm going to start a series of split 7"es shared by bands that haven't released anything on vinyl yet! the 1st pressing of each split in that series will be 500! so the release # 3 and 4 will be splits from that series (I'm still looking for bands for that series and I'm looking for a name!).
what's planned as release # 5 is still shrouded in secrecy!
before you contact me you should read this!

Monday, December 22, 2008


as some of the guys that play(ed) in BURNED UP BLED DRY played in BG after they decided to give BURNED UP BLED DRY a little hiatus and now are playing shows with BURNED UP BLED DRY again and even have put out a new split 7" with DEADBIRD I decided to re-up their 2 own 7"es too! music-wise both bands aren't so much different BG is somewhat a little bit more grind and a little bit of sludge here and there but besides that...