Wednesday, December 12, 2012


after I had just found out that Florida's GOD HARVEST released their vinyl debut I got a mail from one of the members that said that a review copy for me is on the way. as that was already a while ago let me apologize for not managing to review this split 7" earlier first! and here we go: as I already mentioned that GOD HARVEST's vinyl debut is a split 7" I should also tell you that the other band on it is called COGS AND SPROCKETS I guess. as you most likely know I love records with cool packaging so let's start with looking at the packaging and the artwork. the 7" is housed in a thick black/white folder and comes with a single-sided poster with the lyrics of the 3 GOD HARVEST songs on it and a sticker of guitarist Austin's record label TACK HEAD. if you look at the artwork on the GOD HARVEST cover above you'll recognize that it not only has the track list slapped on it  right in the middle which looks pretty shitty in my opinion it also has the TACK HEAD logo slapped on it to make sure it really looks like shit no matter what. as there would have been plenty of space for both on the inside it's beyond me why they put them there. as the COGS AND SPROCKETS art isn't really outstanding as well let's look at the music. I haven't heard anything from COGS AND SPROCKETS before but I knew it is a 1-man project which doesn't do anything for me to be honest. even though I do like GRINDCORE in general in this case there are way too much effects on the vocals for my taste. the GOD HARVEST side contains 3 tracks of which GENETIC DEATH was already on their great 6 track demo. their 3 tracks are no let down! furious fast music between HARDCORE and GRINDCORE that reminds me of PULLING TEETH for whatever reason here and there. they also managed to write some nice lyrics and if I'm not mistaken also are the first band to have anti-Scientology lyrics I came across. get this for GOD HARVEST alone! click the TACK HEAD sticker below to download the split 7"! pw: mean         

Thursday, November 15, 2012


let me start this with mentioning that most RUPTURE stuff doesn't do much for me. I actually think that their newer stuff is pretty weak to be honest and doesn't do anything for me but most of their older material doesn't do much more for me neither with a few exceptions including the 7 songs on this split 7" here. thinking about it as one of the tracks is NIHILISM NOT IDEALISM this split 7" even has one of my fave RUPTURE songs on it. anyway, the real reason you should give it a try is called SLAVESTATE! SLAVESTATE were a short-lived POWER VIOLENCE band from NY (which later changed their name to PNEUMATIC VALUES and then to AVULSION) that really smoked! they only did a demo, this split and another split 7" with LACK OF INTEREST plus some comp. tracks before they changed their name. they continued releasing records under the new names but nothing they released later could hold a candle to the SLAVESTATE material - sad but true! click the cover to download. password = mean

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AS GOOD AS DEAD (the 2nd)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


ok, here we go again: I know that the HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH / SIDETRACKED split 6" is sold out cause COWABUNGA's CEO Nick told me that the 2 copies I got together with the 7" test press of this split were his last 2 copies. truth be told I'm not so much into SIDETRACKED. they aren't bad and they know how to handle their instruments but it just doesn't click you know. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH on the other side are one of my favorite bands around. they are fucking awesome! 5 new hits from Boise's # 1 band! click the cover to download. password = mean  

Sunday, September 2, 2012


if you're a frequent reader of this blog you should have heard the label NORTHCORE here and there. in case you aren't familiar with the word let me tell you that NORTHCORE was a name used for a couple of bands from the north of Germany including LEBENSREFORM, LINSAY, LOXIRAN, CHISPA and others that have been around in the 90ies. most of them only did a couple of 7"es before they called it a day and without having been able to release everything they had recorded. well in case of LEBENSREFORM, LINSAY and LOXIRAN that has now changed cause their discographies are now at least available as digital downloads. click the pic to get them.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


ok, after mediafire deleted my account I opened up a new one. most of the files I've uploaded there are rips from records I released on my label, meaning stuff I own the rights to. in spite of that someone I sent a link told me that the link wouldn't work cause mediafire has blocked it due to copyright infringement. I tought that would be a mistake and e-mailed them that I own the rights of that file and it therefore would be perfectly legal for me to upload it. this is their reply: In order for a user to download a file from Mediafire, another user must first upload the file and provide this second user with the download link for the file. This is the only way for links to be made. Mediafire does not upload files to the site nor do we have links for the files. The user that uploaded the file must provide the links for download. Thank you.
When a file is removed, suspended, from a suspended account or taken down for violation, it means that the user or file was violating our terms of service and we were forced to remove the file. These files may have been removed for a number of reasons, one of which may be due to copyright infringements. These are very serious violations and the files will not be restored.

Friday, August 31, 2012


ok, I just figured out those asscandles fucked up and have deleted all the files I had upped there cause some French bastard filed some copyright violation claims against me. as the external HD with most of my music also recently died probably 95% of my rips have vanished into thin air just like that. if you now think that I'll quit you are wrong! I'll the 1st thing I'll do is to figure out which of my rips I still have on my PC, my laptop and the external HDs that are still working so I can re-up them. that buys me some time that I'll use to think about the next step. unfortunately I don't have much time for blogging these days but that clown from France, whose parents are brother and sister btw, pissed me off way too much to let him win! to proof that this ain't over yet I've already re-upped the SEA OF SHIT 7" and SICK/TIRED's THE LIFETAKER 7"! if you want anything re-upped really bad drop me a line!
edit: I re-upped some stuff I still had on my HDs or on my PC and therefore the posts on page 1 should all work again. I decided to protect my uploads with a password this time and that password will be: mean   

Sunday, July 15, 2012


you need to know that I write my posts piece by piece normally depending on a) how much time I have and b) in what mood I am while I'm writing the post. as why I post whatever I post here obviously is nearly always "cause I fucking like it" even a longer break between to pieces hasn't really been a big deal in nearly all cases till now. the original plan was to do a post about the HOAX demo, which I found online, and downloaded  cause I had ordered their debut 7" together with all 4 versions of the 1st  LOW PLACES 7" and 1 or 2 more 7"es to get the most out of the costs for shipping without having even heard their name before I placed said order. to my surprise, the assumptions I based on their demo lead me to think that the description of HOAX and how they'd sound music-wise that made me pick their 7" could really be right on the fucking money, well, life got in the way again therefore the HOAX 7" surfaced before I could finish my post about their demo and when I finally had the time to continue that post I figured out that their 7" had sold out already in the meantime. so I decided to upload the demo and the 7" but life got in the way again and it took ages till I found the time to continue this post. actually, their 1st 7" is already sold out and they've released 2 other 7"es and a split flexi I think. well, as their 7"es are posted everywhere you are most likely familiar with HOAX anyway. if not you should download their demo and their 1st 7" now and check out their primitive, angry music! click the covers to download! password = mean  

Friday, June 1, 2012


I also had a hand in releasing the SEA OF SHIT 7" therefore I'll just give you a review of the 7". the review of the SEA OF SHIT 7" below is already from December last year and actually based on the tape version if I'm not mistaken: "THEY BACK AND THEY PISSED. I've been waiting for this record to come out for quite some time. Robby just had to tease us with the tape version first and he even sent me the MP3s before that. So needless to say, I've been anticipating this slab of wax for months. It has lived up to every ounce of my expectations. This thang picks up where their split with SOCIALLY RETARDED (R.I.P.) left off, only it's ten times as pissed and even faster. I gotta say that my favorite part about this record is Robby's vokills; they're too sick."

Saturday, May 12, 2012


as I had a hand in releasing the 2nd SICK/TIRED 7" which is called THE LIFETAKER I'll just tell you that it contains 6 tracks of which WARM BEER already has appeared on their 12". that one and 4 other tracks stick to the usual  SICK/TIRED formula of vicious short, fast and loud stuff you expect from them while the title track THE LIFETAKER is cut from a different cloth showing you the sludgey side of SICK/TIRED in 4:46 min. click the cover to download.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I got PANZRAM's A NEW MENTAL DISORDER FOR YOUTH IN DISAPPROVAL 7" as freebie from from one of the members cause it took him so long to send me the copy of their RESTRAINT tape I had ordered. thanks again! in case you aren't familiar with PANZRAM yet, let me tell you that PANZRAM is a 2 men band from Ft. Myers, FL that can be described with a mathematical equasion: PANZRAM = 2/4 of MERKIT, but as both bands haven't so much in comon music-wise that doesn't say much. if the combination 2men band and serial killer band name made you think they'd be a PV/GRINDCORE band you're totally wrong! on their 31614 demo PANZRAM delivered heavy, dissonant HARDCORE trying to sounded as noisy and off-kilter, as possible. unfortunately from that sound isn't really much left on this 3 track 7"! the 5:24 min long NOISEROCK title track on the A side has some parts I'd file under GOTH or WAVE but that doesn't make it less boring in my ears. the 1st track on side B is better but even though it's not anywhere near as boring as the 1st track it's still too weird, rockish, whatever for me but at least has it's moments. the last track is a PSYCHEDELIC FURS cover and I'm not really sure yet what I should think about it honestly speaking. I'm not really into it after sitting through the other 2 tracks on the 7" but thrown in between more harder and faster music I most likely would be into it... also I'm def into the covers which are 2 color silk screened and look totally rad! click the cover to download! the password is mean.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


when I was in Berlin to meet Ivan from FUCK YOGA REC. and see IRON LUNG play @ Koma-F CANCER CLAN played there as well as you can see on the pic at the bottom.. I didn't know them before and hadn't even heard the name but Ivan said he was told that CANCER CLAN would not only be a good they'd be a really good band (Ivan doesn't like the demo though) and when I saw their drummer I was immediatley very sure that he also plays in CYNESS. when CANCER CLAN put up their gear as 2nd band on the bill I also realized that one of the dudes was not really a dude but a girl which still is such a rare thing to see sad but true. right after CANCER CLAN had finished their 1st song I told Ivan that he was right CANCER CLAN are a very, very good band! excellent drumming, nice riffs plus great vocals - what more can you ask for? they just released their 1st 7" a little while ago which you might want to check out if you like the 7 tracks from their 3" demo CD-R from 2010 which you can download if you click the cover above. the password is mean.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


hm, let me put it like this: the packaging of this 7" sucks at least as much as the music on this 7" rules! the 1st LOW PLACES 7" was released on RECESSION REC. in a ltd. edition of only 300 copies with 2 different covers and on 4 different vinyl colors - 50 on white vinyl (a.k.a. record release ed.) & 50 on hand-numbered clear vinyl with alternate cover plus 100 on mixed vinyl & 100 on black vinyl. besides all those differences all 4 versions also have something in comon, which unfortunately is the embarrassingly poor packaging! no lyrics, not even track titles - nothing! a little while ago some 7"es without covers surfaced that ended up in the hands of Dom / A389 REC. who printed his own covers with different artwork for them. click below to download! the password is mean.

the latest LOW PLACES output was a ltd. tape with just one weird track called HONOR THEE CULT. the track is 8 min something and actually sounds more like an audio collage than like a "real" track. click the pic. above to download! the password is mean.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


VEDAVU, one of my fave labels, strikes again! the HOT PURSUIT record, which is Volume III of VEDAVU's ORANGE ARCHIVE SERIES, is finally out in a ltd. edition of 21 copies. originally this should have been already released as a clear, square 8 track 7" lathe cut quite a while ago but the records have all been rejected. for the 2nd try the format was changed from an 8 track 7" to a 5 track 5" plus CD and the color was changed from clear to black. as expected from a VEDAVU release the packaging of HOT PURSUIT's 5", called D.F.F.L. which stands for DOPE FOREVER FOREVER LOADED, is top-notch once again! the 5" and the CD are both housed in a 6-sided folder and the 2 folders are held together by an obi-strip. HOT PURSUIT was a short lived band that only recorded two times: 8 tracks during the D.F.F.L. session and a demo in a session prior to that. HOT PURSUIT played fast & ugly HARDCORE. their songs were fucked up outbursts of THRASH usually around 45 seconds long that have been remastered in mono for this release. members of HOT PURSUIT moved on to play in bands like TAFKATA and SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP. as you might have guessed the 21 copies are all gone already but you are lucky cause I received an e-mail from Jeremy in which he gave me the permission to upload a rip of this little gem! so if you click the pic of the CD below and follow the link you can download a rip of the CD.
here's the inside artwork of the 2 cover folders:
the D.F.F.L. CD features the 5 tracks of the 5" plus 3 additional tracks, one of them being an alternate version of the 1st track on the 5"/CD called LOCT and their very 1st recordings as one track, which isn't listed on the insert cause those recodings have been considered lost and surfaced when the inserts had already been printed but have been included "for the hell of it" to make it complete. it also includes another insert that has the track list on one side and some more artwork on the other.

edit: in case you didn't know yet, let me tell you that there's one VEDAVU release that's still available at the moment through their Big Cartel shop. I strongly suggest that you click the pic below and buy it as long as you still have the chance!