Friday, January 28, 2011


after waiting for ages the GEHENNA / VEGAS split 7" on VEDAVU REC. that is ltd. to 100 copies finally surfaced here. now, before we go on let me tell you that you have no idea how curious I was on this record or on it's packaging to be more precise. in case that you now think that being more curious on the packaging of a record than on the music sounds a little bit retarded let me also tell you that A) I already have the music on my laptop since months and B) it was released by Jeremy on VEDAVU (if you don't know what that means I suggest you do a blog search) which means the artwork, the packaging and the music fit together and make this a real piece of art! the 7" comes with an obi-strip and the cover is a folder that opens in the middle which is sealed by a thick cardboard obi-strip. if you remove the obi to take a look at the cover you should pay attention to the fact that unlike most folders that open in the middle both sides exactly fit together if closed! the 7" comes with an extra insert for each band which have been messed up by the printer so that the back of the GEHENNA insert has the lyrics of the VEGAS track and vice versa. the split came together with a GEHENNA shirt as you can see on the last pic. as you can also see on the last pic is that mine came with an extra VEDAVU shirt that according to Jeremy is not for sale but "only for the homeboys" - thanks for that sir! about the music: the split has one track of each band per side. the GEHENNA track is called WITHIN THE PEYOTE CULT and sounds as spiteful and sick as you expect GEHENNA to sound. the VEGAS track on the flipside called THE ORIGINAL SIN brings old INTEGRITY to mind especially when it comes down to the vocals which is totally fine with me as I really like the old INTEGRITY stuff. on a side note: VEDAVU has announced upcoming releases of HOT PURSUIT, GOD'S IRON TOOTH, DEVIL, VERMAPYRE, THE ARM AND SWORD OF A BASTARD GOD, PIGS and SLEEPWALKER so you better watch out!
on another side note: during the last weeks various people have asked me for GEHENNA mp3s via e-mail. in case you are playing around with the thought to ask me if I could upload GEHENNA's fill-in-record-title for you let me safe you some time: NO! Mike Apocalypse a.k.a. Mike Cheese doesn't want GEHENNA's music to be available on blogs for download and I respect that therefore no one will get any mp3s from me! period! I somehow also doubt that all people that promised they'd not share the mp3s with anybody else in their e-mails would keep their promise!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


ULTIMATE BLOWUP will tour in Europe in February. the pic on the right shows the design of the t-shirts they'll have with them. black screen print on (most likely) red, white and sand colored t-shirts.

the dates so far:

1st Feb - Liege, Belgium
2nd Feb - Köln
3rd Feb - Bielefeld

4th Feb - Brussels, Belgium
5th Feb - Amsterdam, NL

6th Feb - Tilburg, NL
7th Feb - Mainz

8th Feb - Tübingen

9th Feb - Munich NEED HELP!

10th Feb - Linz, Austria

11th Feb - Leipzig

12th Feb - Berlin

Monday, January 3, 2011


here you get KNIFE FIGHT's 2nd 7" from 2004 that's called BURNING BRIDGES and delivers 4 tracks of raw old-school HARDCORE. this 7" doesn't sound as NEGATIVE APPROACH influenced as there later stuff but is one step ahead in that direction. what I really dig about KNIFE FIGHT is that if you play all their 7"es in a row you can clearly hear the development and progress from one 7" to the next. they started as a good band and developed into a raging hurricane! password = mean.


welcome to the 1st post on this blog in 2011! it's a JAPCORE comp. 12" called SIX WEEKS OMNIBUS VOL. II and features SOUL CRAFT, GOUKA, CIVIL RIGHTS, FLAME, S.C.U.M. & EXHALE. I bought this comp. mainly cause of GOUKA as they totally slay but the other bands are also no let down especially EXHALE. 23 tracks of raging Nippon styled HARDCORE a.k.a. JAPCORE altogether that make a great follow up to the 1st part which was an 8" flexi if I'm not mistaken. click the cover to d/l! pw = mean.