Friday, August 26, 2011


as you can see above and below Nippon's SETE STAR SEPT still need to close 2 gaps in their Europe tour. would still need a gig for September, the 19th! any help would be highly appreciated! if you think you could help us in any way please e-mail me at: am.i.mean(a)!

Sat, September 17 - Rostock (Germany)
Sun, September 18 - Hamburg (Germany)
? ? ? ? Mon, September 19
Tue, September 20 - Ghent (Belgium)
Wed, September 21 - Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Thu, September 22 - Den Haag (Netherlands)
Fri, September 23 - Köln (Germany)
Sat, September 24 - Weimar (Germany)
Sun, September 25 - Berlin (Germany)

Monday, August 8, 2011


...that even though girlfriend calls me "THE RUINATOR" I don't fuck up stuff on a regular basis! nevertheless I recently somehow managed to fuck up my 2 of my laptops within 8 days. till I get one of them fixed I'm left with just my very 1st laptop which is slow as fuck and can't even handle my scanner! without my scanner it's not possible to post stuff the way I usually do which means it will take a little while till I'm back on track. that's a real pity as whole lot of awesome records and tapes, that I'd love to post about, have been released or made it to my place in the last few weeks as you can see on the pic above. not that I would have the time to really do that but releases like GEHENNA's new 7" LAND OF SODOM II, the long awaited re-issue of GRAVEHILL's PRACTITIONERS OF FELL SORCERY demo on vinyl, the 2nd edition of DEVIL's LIVE ENTRY tape or the new 7"es from HOAX, PENETRATION PANTHERS and DAMAGES to name just a few would all deserve a post of their own though. as that's not possible by any means right now let me just tell you that what surprised me the most of all the new stuff I received in the last weeks was the new DISCONNECTED stuff Will has sent me. their split tape with UNDER ANCHOR as well as the 4 track CD-R they did for their tour with CLOUD RAT are both top notch and really worth checking out!