Saturday, December 31, 2011


in 1980 Gary Floyd, who later formed SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS, and 3 other guys started the 1st version of a band called THE DICKS in Austin / Texas and also released their THE DICKS HATE THE POLICE 7" in the same year. 30 years later a.k.a. today this 7" is what's called a classic. and rightfully so! the title-track, which has lyrics written from the point of view of a cop that abuses his power has some of the darkest vibes ever! period. click the cover to download. the password is mean.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


here we got a german bootleg of the infamous LAST RIGHTS CHUNKS b/w SO ENDS OUR NIGHT 7" with Choke from SLAPSHOT on vocals originally released on TAANG! RECORDS bootleged on KRANK! as you can see there was also a ltd. edition with Adolf Hitler on the cover. well, while anybody that has met Choke can tell you that he's not a rocket scientist he's not a nazi either. therefore you can file this cover under stupid, phatetic act of wanna-be provocation. music-wise LAST RIGHTS aren't really far away from, you guessed it early SLAPSHOT but have a little bit more OI influence though! click the cover to download! the password is mean.


I don't think that I've posted anything that I've released on my label IDONEUM BELLO RECORDS here till now but as mp3 rips of the two 7"es below have been posted on other blogs in embarrassingly poor quality I thought that it would be better to upload quality rips of them myself.


SHORTLIVED are another New Zealand band worth checking out. Their MINDROT 7” has 8 great tracks of raw, fast & pissed off Hardcore that is influenced by bands like DROPDEAD as well as old U.S. Punk/HC bands. 7 own tracks and a cover of ANGRY SAMOANS’ “Lights Out” as icing on the gravy!


KALI hail from Canada and this 7" contains the 8 tracks of their demo. Fierce POWER VIOLENCE with a strong anti-Christian stance! Considering the fact that the youngest member of KALI is only 16 this is more than awesome! A review said: “Short and chaotic tunes like HELLNATION, DROP DEAD, CROSSED OUT running amok on a nice and warm summer day after taking an overdose of LSD.” That is a poetic but accurate description!

archives incl. the artwork - click the covers to download!


Sunday, December 25, 2011


Toledo / Ohio spwaned this beast called DISCONNECTED which consists of (ex)memebers of bands like AS GOOD AS DEAD, PREMONITIONS OF WAR amongst others. this is the self-released 4 track CD-R they did for their tour with CLOUD RAT in a ltd. quantity of only 50 copies. while 2 of the 4 tracks, including a G.A.T.E.S. cover also appear on their split tape / CD-R with UNDER ANCHOR the 2 other tracks are unreleased. the G.A.T.E.S. cover gives you a great hint what to expect from DISCONNECTED music-wise: angry and fierce HARDCORE with a heavy JAPCORE influence.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


what would suit X-mas better than the ABORTED CHRISTIANS /POLICE LINEUP split 7" which is called DENOUNCING THE CHRIST PIG? yes, that's right: none! both bands hail from New Zealand and this split is their first vinyl appearance. it's ltd. to 200 copies which came with 2 different covers. ABORTED CHRISTIANS are GAWJ minus drummer Sean plus the drummer of WASTELAND and deliver a fierce mix of GRINDCORE, BLACK METAL and HARDCORE with a raw sound quality that really fits their sound. POLICE LINEUP is a 2 men POWER VIOLENCE outfit with Sam from SHORTLIVED, METH DRINKER and ROGERNOMIX on guitar and vox. not really as good as SHORTLIVED or ROGERNOMIX but still solid though. click the last pic to download. the password is mean.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


the TOWN OF HARDCORE comp. 7" was on my wantlist for ages before I was finally able to track down a copy. it features exclusive tracks by FUCKED UP, HAYMAKER, KNIFE FIGHT, MENTAL, PUNCH IN THE FACE, RNR, SO BE IT, THINK I CARE and VIOLENT MINDS but I mainly wanted it for the HAYMAKER and KNIFE FIGHT tracks cause they totally slay and make worth owning this comp. alone. plus besides a lyric sheet it also includes a sticker and a poster which makes the packaging above average too. the password is mean.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I hate to say this but EXTORTION's last 5" called GET FUCKED is as close to a total let down as by any means possible! just 2 songs of which one is a boring sludgey 2 min something instrumental (in case you don't know yet let me tell you that instrumental is just another word for boring in most cases anyway) and the other is mediocre at best in spite of the fact that it has some nice drumming that brings old D.R.I. to mind. while I don't know why the 5" is hand-numbered and ltd. to 300 copies although there were 500 copies of the 5" pressed. as my source is Sandro from R.S.R. himself I got this straight from the horses mouth so too say but all I remember is that he said he did 500 cause the price for 300 copies is nearly the same as the price for 500 copies though. well, the same is also true for covers so that's not really an explanation either. thinking about it... perhaps he just released the 5" as a favor for someone even though he thought he wouldn't be able to sell more than 300 copies of it? hmmm.... click the cover if you don't believe me! password = mean

Friday, October 7, 2011


my scanner is finally running again and I've already ripped the stuff you can see on the pic above. so expect some new postings as soon as I find the time to scan the artwork!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


there's this guy from New Zealand called Sam who seems to play the guitar or sings in at least half the HC/PUNK bands that are located there. he was/is in SHORTLIVED, SCAB, ROGERNOMIX, METH DRINKER, POLICE LINEUP and most likely some others but as that's not enough to keep him busy he also runs a record-label that's called ALWAYS NEVER FUN on which he has released SHORTLIVED's debut 12" amongst other stuff. he's also released the 6 track debut 7" of his new band ROGERNOMIX in a ltd. edition of just 150 copies which sold out quick. while Sam only handled the vocals in SHORTLIVED he sings and plays guitar in ROGERNOMIX at the same time. ROGERNOMIX is a 4 piece that features Sarsha, SHORTLIVED's bassist on, you guessed it, bass, a drummer and another woman as 2nd vocalist. the dual male/female vox make ROGERNOMIX sound quite "crusty" but that suits them really well! check out ROGERNOMIX if you like your HARDCORE fast & pissed off! click the cover to download! the password is mean.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm back home again! more about the tour and some new music posts soon(er or later)!

Friday, August 26, 2011


as you can see above and below Nippon's SETE STAR SEPT still need to close 2 gaps in their Europe tour. would still need a gig for September, the 19th! any help would be highly appreciated! if you think you could help us in any way please e-mail me at: am.i.mean(a)!

Sat, September 17 - Rostock (Germany)
Sun, September 18 - Hamburg (Germany)
? ? ? ? Mon, September 19
Tue, September 20 - Ghent (Belgium)
Wed, September 21 - Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Thu, September 22 - Den Haag (Netherlands)
Fri, September 23 - Köln (Germany)
Sat, September 24 - Weimar (Germany)
Sun, September 25 - Berlin (Germany)

Monday, August 8, 2011


...that even though girlfriend calls me "THE RUINATOR" I don't fuck up stuff on a regular basis! nevertheless I recently somehow managed to fuck up my 2 of my laptops within 8 days. till I get one of them fixed I'm left with just my very 1st laptop which is slow as fuck and can't even handle my scanner! without my scanner it's not possible to post stuff the way I usually do which means it will take a little while till I'm back on track. that's a real pity as whole lot of awesome records and tapes, that I'd love to post about, have been released or made it to my place in the last few weeks as you can see on the pic above. not that I would have the time to really do that but releases like GEHENNA's new 7" LAND OF SODOM II, the long awaited re-issue of GRAVEHILL's PRACTITIONERS OF FELL SORCERY demo on vinyl, the 2nd edition of DEVIL's LIVE ENTRY tape or the new 7"es from HOAX, PENETRATION PANTHERS and DAMAGES to name just a few would all deserve a post of their own though. as that's not possible by any means right now let me just tell you that what surprised me the most of all the new stuff I received in the last weeks was the new DISCONNECTED stuff Will has sent me. their split tape with UNDER ANCHOR as well as the 4 track CD-R they did for their tour with CLOUD RAT are both top notch and really worth checking out!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I got GOD HARVEST's 2009 demo tape from their guitar player Austin to review it here a while ago but work & life didn't leave me enough time to do that till now. anyway, I'm really glad Austin has sent me their tape cause since the tape surfaced here it's on heavy rotation. the pro-dubbed and imprinted 6 track tape also comes with a printed j-card and a lyric sheet. music-wise GOD HARVEST play really ripping GRINDCORE that brought PULLING TEETH to my mind when I gave their demo a 1st listen for whatever reason even though they don't really sound like them. the 3 songs on side A are all around 1:30 min long while the 3 tracks on side B are all longer than 2 min which is the only thing I find a little bit strange as cause of that running order side A is only about 4:30 min long while side B is about 7 min long and you therefore have to rewind if you want to play the tape once again which could have been avoided. not really a biggie but still a little bit annoying once in a while. as GOD HARVEST have a blog where you can download the digital version of the tape I'd strongly recommend that you click on the cover above and visit their blog to at least check out the digital version of the demo!

Friday, July 1, 2011


if you'd be out on a quest to find that out Sapporo wouldn't be the dumbest place to start your search thanks to SLANG. I've to admit that their HARDCORE LIVES 4 track 7" isn't exactly the best record they released so far but it's still already a raging record. the 4 tracks also include a nice cover of RIPCORD's SINGLE TICKET TO HELL. I really like SLANG but what I find a little bit annoying about them is that you'll find (a) song(s) that already appeared on (an)other release(s) before on nearly everything they put out. click the cover to download! password = mean.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I already posted about DEVIL when the original version of LIVE ENTRY came out here. as the original version was a hand-numbered lathe cut 7" limited to only 42 copies which sold out in a day VEDAVU REC. did a 2nd edition of LIVE ENTRY in form of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes with not only just the 2 tracks from the 7" but also one previously unreleased extra track called THE INFINITY OF SATAN. the tape comes in a plastic snap-box with a 5-panel full color j-card and an obi-strip which means the packaging is top-notch just as expected by those that are familiar with VEDAVU REC. and their other releases so far! if you're not among the few people that own physical copies of previous VEDAVU REC. releases like the SUMERIAN AXE lathe cut 7" called BY THIS AXE I RULE which comes with a packaging that is beyond unreal or the TAFKATA WORKER & PARASITE lathe cut 2 x 10" you should take a look at my posts about them to see what you missed.
on a side note: click below and if you're lucky enough you're perhaps able to still snatch a copy of the 2nd press of the DEVIL tape from the VEDAVU shop.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


who would have thought that when Bavaria's secretary of the interior G. Beckstein said that our cops would "strictly follow a straight line" was literally speaking of a straight line...


I just got KUNGFU RICK's STATUES TO STONES, SOLDIERS TO BONES 8 track 7" which was released by GLOOM REC. in 2001 and rips as expected! they've put a lot of hard work in these 8 tracks just as their name, which means something like "hard working Rick" (Kung Fu = hard work), suggests. my copy of the little rager came on white vinyl but unfortunately without any inserts therefore I'd highly appreciate if anybody could e-mail me scans of the inserts! click the cover to download. password = mean.