Saturday, July 18, 2009


as you are no stranger to THE RITES if you are a regular visitor of my blog I'll keep this post short! pissed off, angry and spiteful HARDCORE. the vocalist played drums for TEAR IT UP and other band members have been in CUT THE SHIT if I'm not mistaken. all in all a brilliant band but somehow nobody seems to care about them? click the cover to d/l!


it's early in the morning and I'm still assembling records, well actually I'm having a break at the moment which I thought I could spend doing a new post. I decided that it's finally about time I point you to another sweet New Zealand band which is called ROGERNOMIX and features 2 members of SHORTLIVED. Sarsha does what she also does in SHORTLIVED and plays bass and Sam who handles the vocals in SHORTLIVED plays guitar and handles 50% of the vocals while another woman handles the remaining 50%. dual vocals, especially if they are male/female, are always a plus in my book and therefore it's no wonder that I like their demo which was dubbed on a BACKSTREET BOYS tape in case of my copy. I got my copy from singer Sam when I met him in Vienna together with a CD that contains their new recordings (which are really sweet! way better than this demo which is quite good already!). the 8 track tape comes with a printed cover with the lyrics on it. click on the last pic to d/l! password = mean.


Dirty Girls = Eyehategod + Discharge + His Hero Is Gone I've had to re-write this review four times, goddammit, so you fuckers better appreciate it. California's Dirty Girls are the epitome of a "kick-ass-and-take-names-later" punk rock band. There are four songs on this 7", and the fucking thing is roughly five minutes long … five of the most absolutely punishing minutes I've ever experienced. While a lot of so-called "punk bands" these days are content with simply ripping off Black Flag, Tragedy, or any number of "Dis-" bands, Dirty Girls take the aggression of D-beat punk and meld it perfectly with the pain and grime of Eyehategod. The result is a release that gives a much-needed shot in the arm to a genre that should have been dead and buried 10 times over by now. Track it down. I obviously didn't have to re-write this for 4 times but I have nothing to add anyway!

edit: Chase Corum of PRIME DIRECTIVE told me that the 7" is still available and asked me to take down the link. I asked him to provide me with links where you can purchase the 7" which you should do as soon as I put up those links!

buy here, you won't regret it!

also up on i-tunes for download!


this is DEAD STARE's 7 track demo tape released on DRUGGED CONSCIENCE. well, it's not really a demo tape as the 7 tracks were supposed to be released as an E.P. that somehow never saw the light of day and therefore the tracks ended up on this (pro-dubbed) tape. fast and angry HARDCORE - 7 tracks in less than 7 minutes. the only let down is that there are no lyrics included. as DEAD STARE have just recently released a split 7" with HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH one or two readers may already be familiar with them. in case you're not familiar with DEAD STARE let me tell you that you should download this here and check them out right now.

TO RUIN AND RAPE (the 2nd)

I've re-upped the CWILL 10". click the cover.


I'm aware that RID THE WORLD's demo tape has been posted on a few blogs already but as I couldn't name a blog that not only praised the music but also the wicked packaging I decided to post it myself and take care of praising the whole thing. their demo is called A COLLECTION OF SONGS TO BEAT THE SHIT by some and that's a pretty good description. raw, fast, ugly INFEST worship from Clevo that could be a pretty neat soundtrack to a brawl. besides the great music it also has a tottaly rad packaging as I already said. the plastic tape box comes with the RID THE WORLD logo printed on it as you can see above and the tape itself also has artwork glued on it! this tape is an example of how to do a fucking brilliant job!

Friday, July 10, 2009


if you left a comment and you didn't get a reply from me yet then that's cause I'm so fucking busy that I don't know what to do first anyway. so if you left a question you'll get a reply but it may take some time if you just said thanks or something like that let me ensure you that your comment is highly appreciated no matter if I've the time to get back at you at once or not!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


fucking sick! that's how one could sum up the main aspects of IN DISGUST's REALITY CHOKE tape. 15 tracks of hard as nails GRINDCORE that sounds unbelievable brutal. if you are into GRINDCORE and haven't checked out IN DISGUST yet I recommend you stop wasting time and do so now!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I told you that NIGHTBRINGER are one of the best bands around at the moment at least once. well, now I told you twice! and even though the artwork above is from their brilliant demo this post is not about their demo - it's about their live recordings for the EQUALIZING DISTORT radioshow they did at the CIUT BASEMENT which gets frequently played at my place in spite of the fact that I hate livecuts in at least 95% of all cases. their myspace page says: "we play both kinds of rock'n'roll... fast & loud!" and I tend to agree with them. one part MOTÖRHEAD, one part BURNING SPIRIT HARDCORE, one part good old Iggy throw in a little bit of MC5 here and there and it should be pretty close to NIGHTBRINGER here. if you click on the pic on the bottom you'll get another livecut in one wav file!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I had posted NINE CURVE's 7" as a part of the 625 THRASH special a while ago (truth be told my last post here happened also a while ago) and was convinced that their 7" was all they ever released. well, I was wrong as there's this discography as you can see. this was a Japan only release (don't quote me on that) and if it wouldn't have been for a Japanese friend I might have never heard of it! as it compiles all 21 tracks they released in their career from all their releases quite a lot of them appear more than once!