Saturday, June 25, 2011


I already posted about DEVIL when the original version of LIVE ENTRY came out here. as the original version was a hand-numbered lathe cut 7" limited to only 42 copies which sold out in a day VEDAVU REC. did a 2nd edition of LIVE ENTRY in form of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes with not only just the 2 tracks from the 7" but also one previously unreleased extra track called THE INFINITY OF SATAN. the tape comes in a plastic snap-box with a 5-panel full color j-card and an obi-strip which means the packaging is top-notch just as expected by those that are familiar with VEDAVU REC. and their other releases so far! if you're not among the few people that own physical copies of previous VEDAVU REC. releases like the SUMERIAN AXE lathe cut 7" called BY THIS AXE I RULE which comes with a packaging that is beyond unreal or the TAFKATA WORKER & PARASITE lathe cut 2 x 10" you should take a look at my posts about them to see what you missed.
on a side note: click below and if you're lucky enough you're perhaps able to still snatch a copy of the 2nd press of the DEVIL tape from the VEDAVU shop.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


who would have thought that when Bavaria's secretary of the interior G. Beckstein said that our cops would "strictly follow a straight line" was literally speaking of a straight line...


I just got KUNGFU RICK's STATUES TO STONES, SOLDIERS TO BONES 8 track 7" which was released by GLOOM REC. in 2001 and rips as expected! they've put a lot of hard work in these 8 tracks just as their name, which means something like "hard working Rick" (Kung Fu = hard work), suggests. my copy of the little rager came on white vinyl but unfortunately without any inserts therefore I'd highly appreciate if anybody could e-mail me scans of the inserts! click the cover to download. password = mean.

Friday, June 17, 2011



I finally scored a copy of the SHANK / UNHOLY GRAVE split 7" which was the last missing piece of vinyl in my SHANK (vinyl) collection (now sell/trade me that tape from their Aussie tour!). let's start with Nippon's UNHOLY GRAVE: as they put 2 THE STUPIDS covers on their side they don't blow as much as they usually do but the still blow nevertheless. a band that no one needs! period! fortunately SHANK make up for that let down with their 5 tracks as expected. fast, vicious & angry songs with intelligent lyrics and nice explanations. click on either cover to download! pw = mean.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


as I got the EYE-GOUGE 7" flexi as a present from John who runs COFFIN CUT REC. I thought I should at least write a few words about it. well, let's face the facts: the cover artwork isn't exactly the most brilliant artwork the world has ever seen! besides that it screams "Skinhead", which aren't destined to become my best friends in most cases, I just don't like the primitive drawing style in which it's done but that's just me. honestly speaking what really interested me on this flexi was the sound quality especially since John said it would be of "high quality" which I doubted but I've to give him that the sound quality is really decent and way above the quality I expected plus music-wise EYE-GOUGE aren't bad either! the flexi, that's ltd. to 300 copies, offers 5 tracks of fast and pissed off HARDCORE (they also have a one-sided 7" that's called FAST, PISSED OFF & PROUD under their belt b.t.w.) of which the longest runs 51 seconds. while EYE-GOUGE rip music-wise their lyrics are again nothing to write home about! maybe it's a "Skinhead" thing I just can't understand but "we're in this together" or "I hit you you hit the floor" bore the hell out of me! the square flexi comes with a digital download code too.
getting a good scan of the flexi wasn't that easy as it's on clear vinyl!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I finally scored a copy of the 1st NATION OF FINKS 7" called FOURTEEN PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION which touches the matter of religion in some of the 14 songs and therefore is the perfect follow up to the christian moron post. I admit that this 7" isn't as good as their 2nd 7" which I've already posted but it's far from being weak though. some of the songs blend ito one another and I left it that way which is the reason that the 1st 2 tracks actually are the 1st 4 tracks on the 7". there are also only 13 tracks listed on the back even though there are 14 songs on it. as the back-cover reads that there 's a top secret bonus track guess how I tagged the untitled track? if you haven't downloaded their 2nd 7" RETURN OF THE PISSED OFF BASTARDS yet I'd strongly advise you to download both NATION OF FINKS' 7"es now and play them both loud! password = mean.