Sunday, April 8, 2012


I got PANZRAM's A NEW MENTAL DISORDER FOR YOUTH IN DISAPPROVAL 7" as freebie from from one of the members cause it took him so long to send me the copy of their RESTRAINT tape I had ordered. thanks again! in case you aren't familiar with PANZRAM yet, let me tell you that PANZRAM is a 2 men band from Ft. Myers, FL that can be described with a mathematical equasion: PANZRAM = 2/4 of MERKIT, but as both bands haven't so much in comon music-wise that doesn't say much. if the combination 2men band and serial killer band name made you think they'd be a PV/GRINDCORE band you're totally wrong! on their 31614 demo PANZRAM delivered heavy, dissonant HARDCORE trying to sounded as noisy and off-kilter, as possible. unfortunately from that sound isn't really much left on this 3 track 7"! the 5:24 min long NOISEROCK title track on the A side has some parts I'd file under GOTH or WAVE but that doesn't make it less boring in my ears. the 1st track on side B is better but even though it's not anywhere near as boring as the 1st track it's still too weird, rockish, whatever for me but at least has it's moments. the last track is a PSYCHEDELIC FURS cover and I'm not really sure yet what I should think about it honestly speaking. I'm not really into it after sitting through the other 2 tracks on the 7" but thrown in between more harder and faster music I most likely would be into it... also I'm def into the covers which are 2 color silk screened and look totally rad! click the cover to download! the password is mean.