Tuesday, September 30, 2008


as I got a lot of records today! I haven´t had time to listen to them yet but I'll start right after I've finished this post! and as there're records like GEHENNA's LAND OF SODOM 7" and the new MASSGRAV CD among them you can expect some preaching and tagging like a mongoloid in the near future!


some anonymous idiot wrote in a comment that I should "Please stop tagging" my "files like a mongoloid." and "Also, do less preaching." as "No one cares what" I "have to say." as I don't care what anonymous idiots write I'll continue my preachings through spreading the FAITHEALER gospel! I can't remember exactly how they drew my attention but now that they got it, it does't matter anymore anyway! FAITHEALER build their songs with dark, doomy and sludgy parts thrown in their HARDCORE, backed up by dual male and female vocals. FAITHEALER offer you seven tracks on their debut full length which is called BOUND AND CHAINED. the 12" version comes in beautyful colored vinyl and was released by INKBOT in 2008. the record came without the lyrics which I personaly find annoying as I'd like to know what the band I listen to is about! after a little research I found out that FAITHEALER's members have played in HATRED SURGE, MAMMOTH GRINDER and TOTAL ABUSE which is a good explanation for the sheer brutality of their music.


I just recieved this split 7" a few says ago and it was so fucking wraped that I couldn't listen to the IRON LUNG side without weighting down the arm of my turntable! as the sound of both sides isn't brilliant cause of this I'd really appreciate if anybody could send a high quality rip of the 7" my way as IRON LUNG are again no disapointment and LORDS OF LIGHT aren't that different music-wise but not really as brilliant as IRON LUNG! but a good band nevertheless!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Toxic Molar who runs BUDDHA KAHN blog asked me if I could post DROPDEAD's 2nd 12" that was released in 1998. after it's release DROPDEAD toured nearly the whole fucking world and the exhaustion from the intensive touring lead to the hiatus that has just been interrupted by the release of a split 7" here and there but seems to be over now as there are 4 shows in Europe! 10 years ago my band toured with DROPDEAD and I´m really looking forward to see them again! they are not only very nice and sincere people but a vicious liveband as well! their singer Bob said that their show in my hometown was the worst show they ever did but even if that would've been true they were better than 90% of all other bands I've seen! the PROMOTINAL USE ONLY flyer came with every copy of the 12" sold in Europe to avoid paying taxes. as you can see on the pic the 12" was on colored vinyl but the color is so dark it looks like it´s black vinyl unless you hold it against the light! this record is also known as the "needlekiller" cause the 1st side runs from the inside to the outside and if you aren't standing by your turntable to catch the arm that holds the needle when the side is over it will crash on your turntable and fuck it up! which, according to their guitarplayer Ben was exactly what they wanted as they thought that there were to many people who refuse to think any further than the music and so they tried to force people to at least think about catching the needle when listening to DROPDEAD! nice idea!


the Count sent me a rip of INTEGRITY's split 7"es with HATEBREED and MAYDAY. While I hadn´t seen/heard the split with HATEBREED before I´ve the split with MAYDAY myself but while the Count's version of the split 7" is a re-issue (?) on GAME TWO records I got the ENDGAME pressing which has a different cover and a BLACK SABBATH rip off on INTEGRITY's label. the title of the INTEGRITY / MAYDAY split 7" LES 120 JOURNEES DE SODOME translates to 120 days of sodom which is the title of a book written by none other than the Marquise de Sade (de Sade -> sadism). if you haven´t read the book yet I´d suggest you write that on your to-do-list! it´s a story drenched in blood, sex, violence about the depths of human desire (there's a brilliant movie based on the book too!) if you´re familiar with de Sade's writtings you might understand the music of INTEGRITY and MAYDAY better. you´ll see the beauty in the violent, vicious music of both bands. on the split 7" with HATEBREED both bands offer you just one track which was, in INTEGRITY's case, also released on their IN CONTRAST OF EVERY SIN CD. I know that HATEBREED are loved by many but never managed to convince me! it´s HARDCORE with METAL guitars not bad but just not my cup of coffee!


I was in Munich last week and as you might know that was the time of the Oktoberfest a.k.a. Wiesen which translates to the invasion of the drunken idiots in Lederhosen (you may know them as Knickerbockers) just as they were locusts! they should all wear clowns´ clothings, would fit them way better! the central station is full of drunks and cops the whole day during this time! as I knew I´d have to go home by train I tried to prepare myself for that trip and during my preparation a friend gave me a CD with a rip of the re-issue of TYRANT´s RECLAIM THE FLAME full length. originally released on CD in 2007 and now re-released on vinyl by HELLS CARGO with a cover of BATHORY´s DIE IN FIRE as bonus track! those Swedes´music suited my task of preparation perfect! they are probably one of the reasons why this style of music is called BLACK METAL as their music touches the dark, black side of your personality! I wouldn´t dare to call myself an expert when it comes to BLACK METAL but I´ll dare to say that this is one of the best BLACK METAL records to ever be released. the re-issue is limited to 666 copies get one while you can! visit them at myspace.

DOGS, LUST & DEATH???????????

Count Yorga sent me a rip of this all German comp. that features DEAD BEAT, NARSAAK, SIX FEET UNDERGROUND and PROVOKE and has the strange title HUNDE, LUST & TOD (translates to: dogs, lust & death). the Count didn´t include any inlays so I can´t say much more about it besides that it´s been released on BREED REC. and it´s worth checking out!


Germany´s ZACK AHOI were among the bands that were part of what was called COASTCORE or NORTHCORE (more stupid labels no one needs) which basically meant some bands, zines and labels that were located in the north of Germany (most of the being from Hamburg) in the late 1990ies. included were bands like LEBENSREFORM, LOXIRAN, MINION, etc. and labels like LUND CASTLECORE, CUM GRANO SALIS, etc. while most of those bands were fast & furious ZACK AHOI were something like a bastard between BORN AGAINST, ROHRSCHACH and more melodic stuff. b.t.w. you might notice that ZACK AHOI have used the same pic as frontcover that POISON IDEA have used on their last record.


I´d guess that most PUNK / HARDCORE records have a printrun between 500 and 3000 on their 1st pressing, depending on the label and on the band. SICK OF IT ALL´s WE STAND ALONE 7" however was released in a limited edition of 5000 by IN-EFFECT! very limited indeed! anyway, this is a 5 track 7" that has 2 tracks from their JUST LOOK AROUND record, 2 livetracks that no one needs and a great cover of MINOR THREAT´s BETRAY. after JUST LOOK AROUND I lost the interest in them and haven´t heard most of the stuff they released since so I can´t say anything about their later works but way back then they were among N.Y.´s finest even though this wasn´t just half as fast as their earlier stuff!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I´ve re-upped the REPROACH comp. 7"! click the cover!
edit: the link is fixed!


Stewart, who does the SEEING RED blog asked me if I could write a review of his band´s demo, that was uploaded on his blog. I agreed without having downloaded / heard the demo before! when I took a look at their myspace site I found the following reviews which were done by themselves quite obviously: "I can make better music scraping my dick across a cheese grater while sitting on the toilet with a case of explosive diarrhea and deep throating the mic." * "I would rather listen to soulja boy." * "wow this band sounds exactly the same as Bre shooting her son in the face and fucking the wound." * "Sounds like the guy singing is getting a fat cock stuck up his ass" * Fuck, this Fucking sucks fucking ass, FUCK! *"The vocals sounds just like the cat I ran over the other day. Only the cat had the decency to die where you keep shitting spewing noise." * "I would suck a dick if i never had to hear it again." after downloading the demo I recognized that it was ripped with 128 kbits in mono and now I wonder if this band isn't just a lame joke! I feel somehow reminded on the HIMMEL HAST DU KEINE FLINTE comp. that a German record label released 10 years ago which was supposed to be the compilation with the worst bands around. in case of that comp. 2/3 of the bands were fairly well known bands, like EA80 e.g., under a different name and the rest of the "bands" were also just meant as jokes. as I said I'll write a review, I'll give them the credit of the doubt and treat them like I'd treat any other band which brings us straight to the 1st point that catches my attention in a negative way and that's their name! even when R.O.T. in their case stands for RETURN OF TERROR, the Brazilian ROT are an established band and as you wouldn't call your band DEAD KENNEDYS or SLAYER, you shouldn't call it ROT neither!
as Stewart has shown on his blog that he's good at doing graphics more often than once, it's no big surprise that the demo comes with a decent looking cover but not much more! as the 1st copy I downloaded is in my car I just downloaded a new one, which just has 5 tracks and not 7 like the 1st and lacks the statement that this demo is free to be uploaded on blogs, etc. that I think came with the 1st one! the lyrics are up on their myspace site and even though they're far from groundbreaking they aren't bad either. oh, and they got a line in their lyrics that says: "in humanity is what we believe" as that's diametrical opposed to my believes my impression of the lyrics might be just from a complete different point of few!
b.t.w. I'd be careful with that as that means that anybody could upload your stuff anywhere and that includes NAZIsites, N.A.M.B.L.A. sites, etc.
if you got the 7 track version of the demo it has a playing time of something like 6 min and songs between 5 sec and 2.18 min and suffer from the 128 kbits mono rip! why a band would do something like that is beyond my imagination (well, not really, but as I said I'll give them the credit of the doubt...)! ok, it's just a demo and studio time isn't cheap and I've heard recordings done with a cassette recorder that sounded quite ok but if you rip those recordings in mono and such a low quality: forget it! if you want to pull off 5 seconds long songs good sound-quality is of utmost importance as that's what decides if a listener can recognize that 5 seconds as a song or not. and as important as that is that your songs have something like a structure which I couldn't find in any of the really short songs. could have something to do with the quality...
in case this wasn't meant as a joke I feel sorry but honestly speaking I completley disagree with you on the point that "you've your shit together now" and suggest that you should spend most of your time in your rehearsal room for the next months!
I know how what I wrote sounds to someone who just started with his band. well, let me tell you this: if you've heard HELLSAW, that was the band before AGATHOCLES, you know for sure that you can't judge a band from the very beginning when the people involved haven't played in other bands before!


Belgium´s REPROACH play fast & furious THRASH and are among the best bands Europe has to offer at the moment. this livecut, which has pretty good quality, is uploaded on their website in one file but as I prefer single tracks I split the file into tracks and re-upped it! I´m not really a friend of live recordings but somehow I really like this one!



I haven´t forgotten that I promised to write a reply on the things you, Guav and Buske, wrote in the comments of EARTH CRISIS´ FIRESTORM 7" but I was busy with drinking on the weekend (others were more busy than me as you can see on the pic to the right) and busy with work after. I didn´t even manage to read everything in the links provided from both of you! as soon as I´m done with reading I´ll write a reply! promised!
and cause of the same reasons I couldn´t write a review of the R.O.T. demo as you asked me to do Stewart. I´ll try to do that tomorrow!


Dog Argentina who does the ANTI-COMMERCE blog sent me this rip and asked me to post it and explain what it´s about as he couldn´t understand cause every explanation given on the record is in German. well, this is a benefit record for people that have been imprissoned in Germany for supporting the PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan / Kurdistan Workers´Party) which fights for a sovereign Kurdistan and is seen as a terrorist organisation in Europe and the U.S.A. and besides that is accused of being a major player in the heroin trade among other things. I don´t want to go into the PKK thing to deep here cause it´s a difficult topic where others have written books about and couldn´t cover the whole thing (do a google search). I´ll just tell what you need to know so that you can understand what this record is about. in the middle of the 1990ies German Bundesinnenminister Manfred Kanther declared that Kurds if deported back to Turkey wouldn´t be tortured and/or killed anymore and cause of this they would be deported again from there on. there have been a lot of demonstrations and riots on the streets of Germany (if my memory serves me right some Kurds even burend themselves in public) and many people went to jail for taking part in the riots (it hurts to say but Germany even locked up a guy who had lost both legs from the knees downwards and most of his fingers in solitary confinement). that brings us back to this record which was released to raise money for those people (many of them were refugees / asylum seekers which normaly translates to poor) that went to jail cause of the riots and didn´t have anybody to support them while in jail! though it is true that you´ll get a laywer for free if you can´t afford one yourself, you need money if inside as all you get for free is food & tea! for everything else you´ve to pay, including stamps so you can keep in contact with friends, family and most important your laywer e.g.! the bands on the record are SLEEPER (formerly known as SERPICO but as some major label had already invested a lot of money in one of their clone bands that was also called SERPICO the major label bought the name from them for 100.000$), PANIKOS, BUT ALIVE (their song is about Margarete Schreinemarkers who had a show on German TV and as the lyrics contain the word "Quotenhure", can´t be translated but Hure means Cunt and Quote means there´s a certain amount of something you´ve to achieve or include; in this case it means that she just got the show cause there´s a certain number of women that have to be on TV and so they took her, there was a lot of fuss cause an all-male band was picking on a woman! as that´s sexist behavior even if she deserves it!), TENSION, MY LAI and KINA. the only band I´m really into is SLEEPER as John Lisa, the singer is a one of the nicest people I´ve ever met!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


requested many times... here it is: YOUTH OF METROPOLIS DROWNING ROSES´ 2nd 12". I still think this record sucks but decide for yourself!



in one of the last bags of goodies Count Yorga sent me was this split 7" which was a split release of 4 different labels one of them being 625 THRASH! and their discography says this: The CHARLES BRONSON guys always had different projects going on, and CHRISTMESS was one of the best. It was Aaron (2nd guitarist of CHARLES BRONSON) on guitar and vocals, and Mike (CHARLES BRONSON guitarist) on drums and vocals They had a couple tapes which ruled. NO COMPLY were a crazy ass drum and bass combo of thrash. All Skate inspired….they fucking were great.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


probably most of you know the DOOM / HIATUS split 7" already as it´s what you could call a CRUST classic! in case you don´t know: there´re 4 songs on DOOM´s side, one being a cover of HIATUS´ BELIEVER CONSCIOUSNESS and 3 songs on the HIATUS side one being a cover of DOOM´s RELIEF PT. 4!



Friday, September 5, 2008


Malisha of RÖCKIN NOIZ has posted this some time ago but as I had ripped it already I thought I should post it anyway cause this comp. is one of the better 7" comps. around! it features UNHINGED, SUFFER, SEEIN´ RED and ÖPSTAND which do a cover of CITIZENS ARREST´s SERVE & PROTECT.


I´ve ripped the WILBUR COBB / MY OWN LIES split 5'' again with 320 kbits, scanned the artwork and re-upped it here!


UNANSWERED have one long song on their side of the shis split 7" while CHARLES BRONSON speed through 6 new tracks in the style they got so famous for and with titles you just have to love like WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WHEN IT`S COOL TO BE YOURSELF e.g.!