Tuesday, March 22, 2011


another thing I found on the web would be the SEX PRISONER 8 track demo from 2010. as re-recorded and in one case also re-named versions of all 8 tracks appear on their totally rad debut 7", which was released by TO LIVE A LIE REC. (you should buy it right now if you don't own it already! it slays!) you might know the songs already but the demo versions are a lot rawer though. SEX PRISONER are from Tuscon / Arizona if I'm not mistaken and sound truly hostile. most people file them under POWER VIOLENCE which isn't wrong but doesn't do this awesome band really justice. I think that the angry bastard son of GEHENNA and CROSSED OUT most likely would sound very much like SEX PRISONER. download link below! password = mean.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm on a little S.E.H.C. trip since a few days and noticed that I haven't posted anything from CHAIN OF STRENGTH yet. something that needs immediate correction as CHAIN OF STRENGTH are among the cream of the crop in case of all things S.E.H.C. as far as I'm concerned. I dare say that CHAIN OF STRENGTH 7" have been one of the most powerful S.E.H.C. bands of all time. both of their 7"es totally rip but I went for the 2nd one called WHAT HOLDS US APART as I think it's the better one. 4 tracks - no fillers! by the way there's a discography 12" out there that compiles both 7"es and 1 track that was either previously unreleased or on a compilation and that 12" has a really horrible sound compared to the originals as far as I remember! click the cover to download.

Friday, March 18, 2011


... before Jack S. because he's such a fuckin' genius! his mother must be so proud that she has given birth to one of the last true scholars of our time! he should also be awarded for proofing beyond any reasonable doubt that you don't need any knowledge or a brain to publish something on the web a computer and access to the internet are totally enough!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I could finally snatch a cheap copy of the FOREVER compilation 7" on IRATE RECORDS and therefore decided to post it even though it has been posted on 1000 other blogs before. as a matter of fact this compilation is one of the exceptions to the rule that HARDCORE compilation 7"es have to suck but I only bought it to complete my CITIZENS ARREST collection though. I could never really get into BORN AGAINST but even their track on this 7" is quite good compared to their other stuff but it's still the weakest track here in my ears and while CITIZENS ARREST are totally out of their league anyway but they are no match for BURN, TURNING POINT or RORSCHACH neither. click the cover to download.


what's going on in Japan right now made me think it's a good idea to post some JAPCORE once again and as I just snatched a copy of CHARM's one-sided HITO 7" I just went for that. the 7" was released on COALITION RECORDS in 2000 and delivers 7 ripping tracks of fast as fuck THRASH on piss-yellow wax with blank orange labels. in my ears it's better than their SHIKAMI 7" from 2004. click the cover to download.

Friday, March 11, 2011


SICK-FUCKIN-O is the new band of Lecky the former vocalist of VOORHEES, WALK THE PLANK and MEATLOCKER. this is their 4 track demo which I found on somewhere on web but unfortunately I can't rememeber where. the demo has 3 tracks of their own plus a DEVO cover and if you like your HARDCORE raw you should check it out. they just released a 7" on RSR which is great too! click the last picture to d/l! password = mean.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've already posted the SIDE BY SIDE discography 12" ages ago but since I got myself another copy of their 7" some 15 years after I sold the first copy I had I thought I should post the 7" in spite of that as some people e.g. most likely haven't seen the original artwork yet and it's still one of the best S.E.H.C. records ever as far as I'm concerned. cheesy lyrics about friendship and unity plus great breakdowns, moshparts and singalong choruses - what more can you ask for? as this is a 3rd press it means there are at least 3 pressings of the SIDE BY SIDE 7" out there maybe more. click on the cover to download! password = mean.