Wednesday, August 22, 2007


one CATHARSIS [U.S.A.] track [over 10 min. long] vs. three NEWBORN [Hungary] tracks! has been released in south-america as aCATHARSIS / NEWSPEAK split 12"! sad but true I don´t find the CATHARSIS song really exciting! somehow this time their sound doesn`t move me much that´s very sad as I love this band since before I had heard any music from them -by just reading an interview in BLOODBOOK fanzine [think it was the BLOODBOOK with the GEHENNA interview where their singer says he wants to do a split 7" with a RIVER[NO JOKE]!


  1. one of my best records ever!!! great post!

  2. to be honest: in my ears...this is the weakest CATHARSIS output together with their track on the WE SHALL FIGHT IN THE STREET 7" comp. as their recording on said comp. is close to being unlistenable [I´m not 100% sure as I haven´t played it for years.] wait till the DRINK, FIGHT & FUCK split 12" with GEHENNA is ready to DL as that is a genius piece of plastic and a live recording at the same time! and as 97% of all shit recorded live sucks...AMEN!