Wednesday, April 3, 2013


this is RUIDO's 1st 7" from 1997 which is special to me cause I not only like the music but it also was a present from my friend Ivan who interfered when I wanted to buy a copy of it in Amsterdam when we where on tour with SETE STAR SEPT and told me not to buy it cause I would get his copy. there are 2 versions of this 7" around. this one and one with a different cover and slightly different song-titles. CHINGA TU MADRE & CHINGA TU PAPI are called CHINGATE I & II e.g. and as RUIDO's vocalist Gen visits my blog once in a while he might feel tempted to to tell us why on his next visit. this little gem offers you 13 tracks of short, fast and pissed of HARDCORE with spanish lyrics and contains some of RUIDO's best tracks. I couldn't rip the tracks CHINGA TU MADRE & CHINGA TU PAPI in mp3 files of their own as they were too short therefore there are only 11 mp3s in the folder. click the cover to download.

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