Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I guess if IRON LUNG would smoke heavy doses of crack and do some meth on top of it they'd sound like SFN which stands for STUPID FUCKING NAME or STANDS FOR NOTHING. totally awesome fierce POWER VIOLENCE with lots of blastbeats! this is the vinyl version of their FOULED NESTS demo (that was released on 625 THRASH in a ltd. edition of 300 copies on green wax I think) and therefore the recordings are raw which really suits them well! now, as much as I like the 7" music-wise I'm annoyed by the packaging! it's a poor joke - period! just a cardboard sheet that not even gives you a track-list which is even more annoying as one song isn't mentioned anywhere. well, technically 2 titles are missing as what I tagged as outro also has a title that I just don't remember right now but as you should delete that cause it's just some noise that sucks anyway that's no drama. click the button below to d/l!


  1. Love these guys. I think there were two different pressings of this actually (1st press on black and 2nd press on green). Everyone should check out the new EP "Itching"...shit rips.