Wednesday, October 6, 2010


this is one of the records I got as a birthday present from me a while ago (I like getting presents from myself cause somehow it's always something I really like!) and it's also one of the records it took me ages to track down even though it isn't so rare or hard to find usually. well, one of the nice things that come with the release of any discography is that usually a short time after the discography was released one can get the original pressings of the incl. releases quite easy. when i saw the MK-ULTRA design on the right posted on Facebook by Kirk that came to mind, I did a spontaneous ebay search and finally got a copy of MK-ULTRA's 1st 7" that's also referred to as STICK-FIGURE 7" sometimes. if you've done your homework you know that the red cover means 1st press (2nd pess had a green cover) which is always nice but way nicer is the fact that my copy not only incl. the complete inlays (booklet + sticker) but hardly has been played more than 1 or 2 times if it has been played at all. as the tracks on this 7" are among the best stuff MK-ULTRA have ever released I'm more than happy that I finally scored a copy and even happier I scored a copy that's in such great shape! also incl. is a scan of the booklet that came with the 7"! the only question that still remains unanswered is who is the dude on the label? no, not King Diamond the other one?


  1. i think the other dude is Peter North, the porno guy

  2. HAHA, It is in fact Peter North. Pick your king.

  3. and in which masterpieces can one see the guy?