Wednesday, June 5, 2013


a compilation, actually 2 split 7"es, that features IRON LUNG, MIND ERASER, HATRED SURGE and SCAPEGOAT has to be good I guess but the BRUTAL SUPREMACY comp. is not just a good one it's a great one! IRON LUNG go first unleashing 3 tracks of the 2-men inferno they are known for which are all called BRUTAL SUPREMACY. MIND ERASER are next with 4 tracks of fucked up HC/POWER VIOLENCE that sound so mean enough to make up for the vocalist's affiliation with the Hare Krishna bullshit. then it's time for HATRED SURGE and their brand of punishing GRINDCORE. 3 new tracks that are all top notch! last but not least there are SCAPEGOAT which deliver 7 tracks of insane POWER VIOLENCE. totally pissed off and vicious tunes!

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